RAW Smoothie & Slushie Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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Did you know that eating lots of raw fruits and veggies is the perfect way to kickstart a healthy eating regime to get your body burning fat like never before?

And, the easiest way to get the amount of fruits and veggies into you to sustain you is by blending them. Blending means you are breaking down the food, taking the hard work out of chewing and saving time.

So, why not try our 10 smoothie and slushie ideas for easy weight loss and discover how you can boost your metabolism and get the Summer body of your dreams.

Can Smoothies Help me lose Weight?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! We have a great example for you from a Man who lost 212 lbs doing just that. Go check out the story of Marcus Plant man if you need proof, then come back and get started on these fat burning smoothies and slushies today.

The benefits of making smoothies, slushies and ice-cream bowls is the fact that you can get way more nutrition into your body more quickly than if you were to try and eat the fruit or vegetable as it is.

This may sound slightly off, as many people say you should always eat fruits and veggies as they are. But, we have found that it’s so much HARDER to eat raw, fibrous greens; and the fact is, you probably won’t. You definitely won’t eat them in negligible amounts for the most benefits at least.

Check out this image of just how many greens we like to put into our smoothies and you will see what we mean. The only way to get this nutrition in is to blend it.

How the nutrition of these smoothies and slushies aids weight loss

Getting a LOT of greens into your diet is the key to weight loss because they are such intense powerhouses of micronutrients. Micronutrients fill you up and satiate you. Your body will not be hungry until your next meal for very few calories. You will literally have zero cravings when you follow this diet plan. ZERO!

The Aid Of Watermelon On Smoothie Diet

Every one of your smoothies and slushies will require a watermelon base. Watermelon is a super hydrating fruit that will push fluids into your cells and hydrate you on a level than water alone cannot do. When you’re properly hydrated it will also kill hunger pangs and kick start detoxification – all of which aid weight loss.

We always promote using seeded watermelon where possible because those seeds are full of healthy, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, minerals and protein. Blend your seeds in with the smoothie or slushie and you will not notice they’re there one bit.

Won’t So Much Fruit Make Me Gain Weight?

No, the fruits on this smoothie and slushie diet plan are WHOLE fruits in their whole form. There is no juicing here, just whole fruits with all their fibres intact. Even when you blend these fruits they will still contain all their fibre and that is what fills you up and drages toxins from your digestive tract and colon.

Clearing out the digestive tract and colon in and off itself will kick start weight loss and clear your system out.

The fibre in all the whole fruits and veggies will also fill you up. It’s a win, win situation when you do smoothies.

fridge contents


How Much Do I Need To Drink Daily Of Smoothies & Slushies?

This diet plan can be done in a 3 different ways, depending on what suits you and your lifestyle.

You can pick and choose which way you want to do this, but feel free to mix it up however you feel and like. You cannot go wrong with any of this as long as you stay at least 2/3rds raw.

It’s good to remember that you should try and make this way of life permanent, therefore you need to find a way to make it sustainable for you.

Just Smoothies FULLY RAW Plan

If you wish to just drink smoothies and slushies and be completely raw, then you should stick with drinking around 32-62 fluid oz of smoothie/slushie 3x daily. This will also depend on your size and exercise regime.

For instance,  145 lb person may get by on the lower end and a bigger person needs to go higher. If you’re doing hard exercise you will also need to go higher.

The point is you should never be hungry on this smoothie plan and you should always drink more than you think at any meal to keep you full. These are low calorie foods and it’s vital you do get enough calories to sustain you.

You will never be adding water to these smoothies and slushies. All the fluids will be coming from your watermelon base and other fruits.

Fully Raw Plan With Ice-Cream

If you wish to stay fully raw continually but don’t want to just drink smoothies and slushies, then this option is for you.

You will need to do your two smoothie/slushies for breakfast and lunch, then make yourself a delicious and raw, ice-cream bowl for dinner. This will break up the monotony of just smoothies and will add a different texture. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to eat ice-cream for dinner!

2/3rds RAW, 1/3rd COOKED Plan

Another way you can do this smoothie and slushie plan is to eat them for breakfast and lunch then eat a NO ADDED SALT, NO OIL cooked meal at night like the ones on our ZestForever Meal Plans. This also must be a plant based meal as animal products will not be conducive to weight loss, general health or detoxification.

It’s vital in terms of weight loss that you do not add any salts or oils to your meals because this will undo all your good work with your daytime smoothies. Keeping ALL OILS, REFINED SUGARS and added SALT out of your diet is imperative to this plan working for you.

Naturally occuring salts, sugars and fats in foods are okay, we’re talking about the refined and processed stuff. Even seal salt and Himalayan pink salt are out because they are all just sodium. Fact is, the body does not need these added things and can thrive much better without them.

You can make lots of delicious, plant based meals by using lots of herbs and spices to make them tasty. These are the only seasonings you need use and you will get used to not having the rest.

Check out our fat free, whole foods plant based soups as part of this plan for weight loss. Try our Hippocrates cabbage soup or cauliflower-curry soup for a hit of intense flavours for very low calories.

Can I Still Drink Caffeinated Beverages?


coffee cups

We most definitely recommend that you do not drink caffeine on this plan because it is a neurotoxin that can raise blood pressure, stress out the vital organs and cause dehydration. All of which are not optimal for weight loss or general health.

Instead, try drinking herbal teas or organic, decaffeinated drinks. Be sure all decaffeinated drinks are organic or they will have gone through a heavy chemical process in the caffeine extraction.

Benefits You Will Notice On This Smoothie & Slushie Detox Meal Plan

The benefits you will notice on this way of eating will be astounding. Some of these benefits you will notice pretty much immediately (more energy for instance) and other will just keep coming over time.

  • MORE ENERGY – You will notice this benefit after your first drink on the very first day. The increased energy will come immediately and you will easily be able to power yourself through your day.
  • EFFORTLESS WEIGHT LOSS – This amazing diet will have the beneficial side effect of causing natural, healthful and effortless weight loss WITHOUT every being hungry or starving yourself.
  • IMPROVED MOOD – You will find yourself with a much better mood and possibly reduction in depression and anxiety due to so many antioxidants, vitamins, health building phytochemicals and minerals in your new diet.
  • STABILISE BLOOD SUGAR NATURALLY – Due to the high fibre, low GI content of these foods.
  • REDUCE CONSTIPATION – The high fibre and water content in fruits and greens will keep you regular, effortlessly and naturally.
  • ENDURANCE – This diet will give you tremendous endurance to get you through you work day and daily exercise sessions.
  • RECOVERY – Due to the vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s in the greens and watermelon seeds you will recover faster than ever from any aches or pains.
  • POTENTIALLY REDUCES CHRONIC PAIN – The foods on this diet are highly anti inflammatory and help reduce chronic pain from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  • REDUCES MUSCLE CRAMPS – You will see a drastic decrease in post exercise cramping eating all these fruits and greens due to high electrolyte and water content of these foods.
  • GLOWING SKIN – This diet will make you look YOUNGER, more healthy and GLOWING within weeks. Trust us, these smoothies and slushies will make you GLOW.
  • HIGHER IMMUNITY – All these nutrient rich foods will help build your immune system naturally to help you stave off seasonal colds and flus.
  • STRONGER SENSES – Fruits and greens electrify your entire being and awaken your senses such as sight, taste and smell. This is itself can vastly improve your quality of life.
  • CHARISMATIC – The raw foods diet affects your mood so profoundly that you can’t help but see it from the outside. When you feel good it shines through in your personality, making you charismatic and magnetic.











blueberry ice-cream


turmeric ice-cream


mango ice-cream


blueberry ice-cream



Tips for blending:-

  • Be careful not to burn your blender out by not allowing it to smoke or spin too long when you can see that nothing is moving inside. Once you have a full spin going then you should blend for 20-30 seconds for smoothness of slushies and ice-creams.
  • If using a Vitamix blender, then you don’t necessarily need to get a full spin going for your ice-creams as this blender makes them smooth anyway. Most other blenders you will need to use enough watermelon/fluids to get a spin. The Vitamix is the best blender for making these smoothies and ice-creams.
  • When using frozen banana, always be sure to chop it before you freeze so you don’t damage your blender.
  • The key to a delicious smoothie is to have it ice-cold. The colder it is, the better it will taste. If you need your smoothies colder, then freeze all fruits before blending, but not until fully frozen.
  • Use more lemons to mask the taste of the greens if you do not like then.
  • You can make these smoothies for as many people as you like, just up your ratios. However, you will have to be mindful of the room in your particular blender and make them in batches.


  1. THE PLANT MAN DETOX – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part frozen berries, 1 part greens (such as microgreen, green sprouts, spinach, kale or collard greens), 1 inch round of fresh pineapple, 1 lemon (designed for 1 person with these values).
  2. BLUEBERRY BEAUTY – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part frozen blueberries, 1 part frozen banana.
  3. ORANGE FLUSH – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part oranges.
  4. CHERRY LEMONADE – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part frozen cherries, plus 1 lemon.
  5. MORNING SUNSHINE – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part strawberry, 1 part pineapple.
  6. CANDIED MANGO PUDDING – 2 parts frozen banana, 1 part frozen mango, small amount of dried mango, chopped small.
  7. TROPICAL BREEZE – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part mango, 1 part pineapple, plus 1 banana.
  8. BERRY BLAST – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part frozen, mixed berries, 1 lemon.
  9. ORANGE DREAM – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part oranges, plus 1 frozen, chopped banana.
  10. STRAWBERRY CRAZY – 2 parts watermelon, 1 part frozen strawberry, plus 1 banana


  1. CHERRY-CHOCOLATE BOMB – 1 part watermelon, 2 parts frozen banana, 1 part frozen cherries, 1 tablespoon carob powder.
  2. BLUEBERRY DREAM – 1 part watermelon, 2 parts frozen banana, 1 part frozen blueberry.
  3. STRAWBERRY CREAM – 2 parts frozen banana, 1 part frozen strawberry, 1-2 inches, homemade oat milk (make oat milk by blending 1 part oats to 5 parts water until super smooth and creamy).
  4. SNICKERDOODLE – 2 parts frozen banana, 2-3 dates, 2 tbsp carob powder (cacao powder can be substituted), 1-2 inches, oat milk, dash of vanilla essence. Full recipe here.
  5. RADIANCE – 2 parts frozen banana, 1 part frozen mango, 1 tsp turmeric powder.
  6. FOREVER YOUNG – 2 parts frozen banana, 1 part frozen mango, 1 part frozen banana.

For some great whole foods plant based dinner ideas to compliment your smoothie and slushie plan, please check out our delicious meal plans.

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