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"I know nothing else in medicine that can come close to what a plant-based diet can do. In theory, if everyone were to adopt this, I really think we can cut health care costs by seventy to eighty percent. And it all comes from understanding nutrition, applying nutrition, and just watching the results."

T. Colin Campbell - Biochemist

What The Plant Based Experts Say About This Lifestyle

After many years of combined knowledge and studies, plant-based Doctors, Nutritionists and other experts such as Dr Joel Fuhrman, Professor T. Colin Campbell, John McDougall MD and Dr Vincent Esposito (the creator of your meal plans) consistently conclude the same possible benefits of the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.

These findings include:

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    Lower Risk of Disease in General

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    Stronger Immunity

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    Less Brain Fog & More Clarity

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    More Energy & Higher Fitness Levels

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    Fewer Aches & Pains in General due to Less Chronic Inflammation

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    Clearer & Brighter Skin due to High Levels of Antioxidants

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    Better Stress Coping Mechanism

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