Top 8 Easy Weight Loss And Metabolism Boosting Drinks


We’d all want to enjoy our favourite foods whilst still staying in shape, and luckily with these easy weight loss and metabolism boosting drinks keeping your body in fat burning mode can be just just a few dietary tweaks away. This is great as it means you can indulge in the occasional treat and still keep your body burning fat.

It’s often hard when trying to obtain the body you desire to actually do what it takes, which means cutting out those comfort foods that aren’t always great for the waistline. Not only is it hard, but it can make your life an absolute misery what with the constant calorie and fat counting – life’s just too short for this, and besides there are much easier ways.


Finding that ‘happy medium’:-

lemon water

Now I’m not saying you should just gorge on everything you like; or do no exercise and expect to not gain weight – of course not. But once you can get the balance right with healthy eating, exercise, plus still enjoying your life AND food then you will be happy and contented… and slim!

As well as the fat burning drinks on this list you should also incorporate into your diet specific fat burning foods that will  help keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders,  and your body in negative calorie equity.

Many of these drinks can be made really inexpensively and easily out of some of your food cupboard staples, which is great as no shopping is required! Always remember to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluids a day; more during the summer, OR during intense exercise.

Proper hydration in itself can help keep you full, stop sugar cravings, and ultimately keep your weight stable.

Top 8 Easy Weight Loss And Metabolism Boosting Drinks:


coffee beans

Yep, coffee, be it good or bad is actually a fantastic and proven energy drink AND metabolism booster in one, and a couple of cups of coffee before a gym workout (or any other kind of exercise for that matter) can give you the stamina to go at it for harder and longer periods.

A study conducted by the ‘Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness’ discovered that after a couple of cups of black coffee weight trainers could do nearly 20% more repetitions on the leg press machine than without it.


Don’t go overboard on caffeine, especially if you suffer anxiety:-

If you can tolerate caffeine then being able to do longer and harder periods of exercise will mean extra weight loss. But I would only recommend having this much caffeine if you are actually going to burn it off immediately otherwise you may end up with  possible negative effects such as palpitations and anxiety.

Remember to take the coffee black and without sugar, or at least use a healthier sweetener alternative if you can. The fat and proteins in milk before a workout will not be beneficial to your training and may counteract what you are trying to achieve.



cup of green teaFantastic for fat burning and ultimately weight loss:- green tea contains catechins and antioxidants that can help increase metabolism by up to 4% over a 24-hour period. This may not seem like much, but think of how it will add up over time if you decide to swap your regular tea for the potent green stuff.

In fact, 4 cups a day can help you to burn up to 70 CALORIES extra a day, which works out 490 a week, and 1,960 every month. That’s a whole days worth of food! And we’re talking the loss of stomach fat specifically here, which is the dangerous kind that significantly up’s your chances of type 2 diabetes, heat disease, and metabolic syndrome.



glass of iced water

Sounds too good to be true I know, but true it is! Cold drinks push the body into burning more calories in a bid to maintain its core temperature of 98.6 degrees. Having just 3 glasses a day can boost your body into burning an extra 100 CALORIES a day. That’s 700 a week and 2,800 a month…you get the idea.

But even though your body will react this way to all cold beverages, it really is best to stick to just water here. Obviously if you decide to have a coke with ice then the benefits will be lost because of the high amounts of sugar and calories.

Same goes for anything else you may add, especially don’t try to swap to 3 glasses of diet drinks as all those nasty chemical sweeteners have been shown to promote weight gain in the long term.



glass of apple cider vinegar

The compound acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can help increase energy expenditure and suppress body fat mass. At 1-2 tablespoons a day it can boost feelings of fullness, lower blood sugar AND suppress appetite.

Amazingly, 30ml of apple cider vinegar before a high carbohydrate meal can make you feel highly satiated due to the fact that it lowers the GI (glycemic index) of your meal. This has been shown in studies to cause you to consume between 200-275 calories LESS over the rest of the day.

Find out more about the weight loss  and other awesome benefits of apple cider vinegar in this post ‘The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet’.

Adding lemon is also cleansing for the liver, which in turn also helps with the detoxification process: and raw honey is believed to have the ability to mobilise stored fat, which can then be burnt off as energy.



runny honey

As lemon is just so cleansing for the liver it will  also boost detoxification – and keeping the body detoxified is highly effective for weight management and can be a big part of the weight loss process. Couple this with a little raw honey with its fat mobilising effects and you have a great weight loss drink.

Having your warm lemon and honey drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will  get it straight into your system, thus getting you going and glowing for the day.



fresh white tea

White tea is a source of powerful antioxidants and contains up to 3 times more polyphenols than green tea. A study conducted by ‘Nutrition and Metabolism’ discovered that white tea can boost the breakdown of fat and actually block the formation of fat cells.

It doesn’t however contain the the catechin EGCG, which is an antioxidant that is unique only to green tea and is said to have many healthful benefits, including being anti inflammatory, anti cancer, and good for cardiovascular health.

You could alternate between green and white tea to reap the benefits of both, but remember that both of these teas contain caffeine (though not as much as regular tea and coffee) so are probably not ideal before bedtime.



hot turmeric milk

As a powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant turmeric has many health benefits, and helping to lower the inflammation associated with obesity is one of them. Its active anti inflammatory compound called curcumin is responsible for this, and can help curb insulin resistance, lower blood sugar, lower high cholesterol, and help with the other metabolic conditions resulting from obesity.

Making a warm turmeric milk before bed will also help you sleep and is a delicious and comforting way to end the day.


Warm turmeric milk method:

Warm some sugar free nut milk either in the microwave or on the stove (coconut seems to taste the best, but any will work just as well), add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and maybe a small amount of raw honey as a sweetener and your’e good to go.

This drink tastes delicious with both cinnamon and ginger powder added too (both of which are also fat burners).


Homemade Turmeric Paste:

Turmeric is known to have  many health benefits, weight loss being just a small part of the story. Its powerful anti inflammatory properties make it fantastic for arthritic pain, anti aging, skin problems, degenerative brain disease, and immunity.

If you would like to find out more and get this fantastic and easy to prepare recipe then please visit this page ‘Homemade Turmeric Paste’.

I have my whole family on this stuff now and it has helped my Mum and Dad with their memory, my sister with her back pain, and my brother with his stomach issues.



green superfood shot

Green super food powders are great metabolism boosting foods for weight loss, and they are also my personal favorite as they do SO MUCH MORE than just that. They are an easy, drinkable way to up your quota of those green vegetables we should all be eating every day but don’t always have time to.

Super food powders also contain very high amounts of free radical scavenging antioxidants. These mop up a lot of the damage caused by toxins from junk foods, chemicals, alcohol, sun, cigarette smoke and pollution, and are anti aging for both your body and mind.


Keeping your body detoxified is crucial for weight loss!

dried green superfood

Keeping your body detoxifying well is the key to a slim body; this is because many harmful toxins are actually stored away in your fat cells, supposedly to keep them from doing harm in the body. But they do contribute to obesity as those cells have to keep swelling to accommodate these toxins, and the more they swell the bigger you get.

This is why it is so very important to keep the body in high detoxification mode by eating a healthy diet of at least 7-10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. For best results this should include lots of green foods and other specific detoxifcation foods.


Green super food powders are also high in fiber, and another reason they boost weight loss. Your body need lots of fiber to keep your metabolism fired up and working hard to break it down.

Plus super food has the added side effect of giving you energy and some serious anti aging benefits. Your skin and you will literally be glowing from the inside out when you start using concentrated super food powders every day.


Choosing the right super food powder:

fresh wheatgrass

There are many to choose from, such as wheatgrass, barleygrass, spirulina, moringa, chlorella, blue green algae’s, and it is much better to choose a blend so you get the best of all worlds. Some good brands are ‘Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens’, OR my favorite by far, especially for glowing skin, is ‘Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Powder’. (With this one you don’t need the high amounts it says on the jar, unless you’re sick – I just take 2 teaspoons a day and it works perfectly well).



ceylon cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon has long been used for its ability to control blood sugar (especially in diabetics). But keeping blood sugar stable is vital to keep weight down; and cinnamon helps to keep off belly fat specifically!

That is why it is also important to eat low GI foods to avoid the sugar crashes that promote weight gain. Low GI foods that boost metabolism come in the form of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, proteins and healthy fats.

To make a hot drink you can use cinnamon sticks (make sure they are the flaky variety and NOT the hard rolls – see pic) as this type is much healthier. You can infuse them in hot water with some raw honey, lemon juice, cloves, and ginger slices. All of these work together to boost metabolism – plus it tastes delicious. You can reuse the cinnamon sticks a couple of times to save wastage.


If you know of any other weight loss tips or drinks that you have already had success with then I would love to add them to this list. Please feel free to share below. Thanks for reading!


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Stefanie Taylor

I have studied nutrition for many years, and have since discovered that a plant based diet has been the most beneficial to my health and body. I have more energy and zest for life than I have ever had and this website is dedicated to helping others who wish to know more, and start out on this lifestyle.


Frasier · 08/05/2018 at 10:51 am

This is a really useful list for me to save.

Thank you for taking the time to write out this. I was surprised by the water with ice trick!

Keep up the amazing work!

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 8:59 pm

    Hi Frazier, yes the iced water trick is a revelation isn’t it? But it does make sense that it would work as our bodies would need to burn extra calories to bring our core temperature back up again. This is one thing I am going to definitely going to try and test for myself. All these calories add up!

Pamela · 08/05/2018 at 11:00 am

Incredible information, its shame doctors don’t recognize people like you who have taken time to research and bring a healthy diet for our bodies. Wishing you all the best.

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 8:55 pm

    Hi Pamela, your’e right, many doctors still aren’t on board with the whole healthy eating thing but I do believe it is getting better. I guess they are just trained in a different way and more towards pharmaceutical drugs. Still, times they are a changing and it’s fantastic that we all have the internet now so we can do our own research to decide what is best for our bodies.

Jan · 08/05/2018 at 11:25 am

Hi, Stefanie!

I drink a lot coffee but I know I’m drinking too little water so I will try find a way to drink more. Do you know a good way to remember to drink water on a daily basis?

I got a a lot of inspiration by reading your post, and the warm lemon and honey in the morning seems like a winner.

Take care!


    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 8:50 pm

    Hi Jan, I think the trick with getting enough water is to simply make sure you always have a bottle of it with you at all times, especially if you know your’e going to be going somewhere were it may be hard to get drinks. Just always have some in your car/bag/workplace etc. You could always spruce it up with some lemon or lime juice if you find plain water boring.

    And yes, it’s great to start your day with warm lemon and honey as it’s a great mini detox to clear your system out. Even better if you can add a little apple cider vinegar also.

Courteney Gilbert · 08/05/2018 at 12:25 pm

What a beautiful website with informative content. I will be following you and taking your advice from now on!

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 8:40 pm

    Aww thank you Courtney that’s a really lovely thing to say. I’m so glad that you like it and will be following some of my advice. I hope it helps you.

Roxanne · 08/05/2018 at 12:25 pm

Great post and very informative!

Thanks for sharing!

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 6:09 pm

    Hi Roxanne, thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked the post!

Taianne · 08/05/2018 at 12:34 pm

Hi Stefanie, Nice article with very useful information. I learned something new and it is good to know all you can regarding your health, especially options and alternatives to living a healthier lifestyle. Thank you!

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 6:01 pm

    Hey there, thanks and I’m happy you have learnt something new. It’s always good to incorporate a few easy tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle into your life. Sometimes they can just be simple things that all make a difference over the long term. That’s the philosophy I tend to live by these days and it seems to work. Everything in moderation, and always loads of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables along with metabolism boosting drinks like the ones in the post.

Melinda · 08/05/2018 at 12:42 pm

This is so interesting. Somewhere along the line, I read that water was the best beverage and I’ve simply stuck with that. I don’t drink cold water though. Room temperature seems to work well for me.

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Melinda, glad to hear your’e keeping it simple with the water. I tend to stick to green and herbal teas myself but I guess that’s more because I live in a colder county (well it seems like it is most of the year at least ha ha), plus I just find warmer drinks more comforting. Since researching for this post though I am going to try the cold water thing to see if it helps me to burn more calories – it’s worth a shot!

stefano · 08/05/2018 at 1:08 pm

Awesome easy ways to boost your metabolism, I love especially the part about coffee! ahah
thank you for your tips!

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 5:51 pm

    Ahh I see you must be a dedicated coffee drinker then? ha ha. Glad you enjoyed the post and I hope the coffee works for you!

Nadja · 08/05/2018 at 2:44 pm

Great post. Very informative. I have tried different methods but the success level was close to 0. The recommendations posted look very normal and practical. I think I should try some cinnamon. Thank you for sharing information.

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 5:07 pm

    Hi Nadja, I’m sorry you have had little success with other weight loss diets. I know how hard it can be myself, hence why I dedicate my website to helping others to achieve health and fitness. There are so many myths about weight loss out there that it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

    I guess there is actually no ‘quick fix’ (if only), it really is a matter of changing your food habits for life, and sometimes small changes like adding some of these drinks with specific weight loss ingredients can keep you at a certain level, or keep your metabolism ticking over once you have already achieved the weight you would like to be. But yes, please do try the cinnamon and let me know how you get on. Thanks

Steve · 08/05/2018 at 4:32 pm

Thank you for sharing this post Stephanie. I have heard so much about turmeric lately, is this just the latest trendy “superfood’? I understand it has a lot of awesome benefits, but I am trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my diet. So, I can try this drink with almond milk? Do you recommend any particular powder or are they all the same? Sorry for all the questions, but you really piqued my interest here.

    Stefanie Taylor · 08/05/2018 at 5:02 pm

    Hi Steve, thanks for reading and don’t worry I love questions ha ha. Yes, turmeric is definitely one of the best super foods around and one of the ones that has now been ‘officially’ tested and found to be beneficial to health. It is a powerful anti inflammatory, and as most of us have chronic inflammation due to bad diets, toxins, pollutants etc then everybody could benefit from it as chronic inflammation is thought to be the root cause of many modern day diseases.

    If you are going to buy turmeric then you must be really vigilant with what you buy as so many supermarket versions are filled with artificial colours and sometimes fillers and other things that shouldn’t be in there. It’s pretty notorious for that, so make sure you only ever buy reputable brand organic to be sure you are getting a high grade product that will have all the benefits you are looking for.

    Yes, you can drink this with almond milk as I’m sure it would be delicious, probably needs something to sweeten it though. You can also add turmeric to lots of spicy dishes like curries, chilli’s, soups, and even roasted veggies…pretty much anything. But, I would say if you want a beneficial dose then I would take the time to make up the turmeric paste which I make and have all my family on (I’m determined they are going to live forever!).

    The thing about the paste is it has all the other ingredients to help your body absorb it really well, such as fats and black pepper, and it is easy just to store in your fridge and take a teaspoon of it as and when. Here is the link again to the post with the recipe, also you can read up properly about the awesome benefits.

sarah · 10/05/2018 at 6:31 pm

This is a really useful post full of herbal health tips rather than medicines. These drinks are great for every busy person who doesn’t get time for themselves and they look yummy too. Thank you Stefanie for sharing these amazing posts with all of us. Maintaining a healthy weight is so so important and this post has made our job far far easier.

    Stefanie Taylor · 10/05/2018 at 8:34 pm

    That’s no problem Sarah, yes I always like to keep things as close to nature as possible as it always gives the best results. Fortunately these drinks are just so easy to make for anybody no matter how busy, and they are made out of inexpensive every day ingredients. Just be sure to incorporate at least 3 metabolism boosting drinks a day for maximum benefits, and try to vary them.

Fred · 11/05/2018 at 9:36 pm

Thank you, Stefanie, for this good post. As you point out caffeine helps our metabolism work better so I do have a cup, sometimes two a day. With the honey and apple cider vinegar it’s like a miracle drink, it does work well but the trick here is to keep it up as one-time won’t help much. One more thing, honey makes a great sweetener.

    Stefanie Taylor · 12/05/2018 at 4:07 pm

    Hi Fred, I’m glad you agree on the apple cider vinegar, it is fantastic isn’t it? I do now every day have it in the morning with lemon juice and sometimes some raw honey and I just feel amazing all day. It is indeed a miracle drink it, cannot be denied.

Patsy · 12/05/2018 at 2:24 pm

Hi Stefanie,

I enjoy coming back to your website since the first time, for your excellent and helpful posts.

This one I really needed to read. My metabolism is off since I hurt myself and can’t be as active. It has affected my heart for cholesterol and I have a ‘fatty’ liver.

I took note of all the information for the drinks and food. I do drink Apple Cider vinegar with honey but with Grapefruit jc squeezed in it as well. I also watched your video.

Thanks again for another useful and informative article!


    Stefanie Taylor · 12/05/2018 at 4:14 pm

    Hi Patsy, I’m really glad you have have come back to check out the new posts on my website, it makes me happy that I have produced helpful and informative content that people actually want to return to.

    I can only imagine that that taking apple cider vinegar daily, and with grapefruit juice, will not only keep your metabolism fired up, but will also help your fatty lover problem. I drink this too every day and it really does act like a detoxifyer for the body, and also a detox for the liver which would be exactly what you need.

    Plus I find it really boosts my energy levels for the whole day, but then I do a whole host of other healthful things too, such as green superfood drinks and loads of fruits and vegetables so it is probably a mixture of all these things that keeps me in a state of good health, and not just any one thing.

    Thanks for reading, and please do return again!

Stefan · 19/05/2018 at 4:32 am

Oh, I love these drinks.
I recently stopped drinking iced water, I thought it wasn’t that healthy.
Usually, we drink a whole lot of pure water every day but now we stooped adding ice.
I’ll change this practice again for me 🙂
Luckily we have moringa growing in our garden and this power food we use quite often.
Not only for drinks but also as a food supplement, the leaves, and sticks.
Thank’s for the information, I’ll mark this article for the future 🙂

    Stefanie Taylor · 19/05/2018 at 11:17 am

    Oh Wow, that’s just awesome you have losing a growing in your garden, but then you do live in Thailand which is just full of wonderful tropical plants. It must be amazing!

    The thing with iced water is some people say it can be bad for your stomach, but I have personally never had a problem with it. You have to remember that it is only on this list as a weight loss drink as the body burns extra calories in an attempt to bring the body back up to its rightful temperature. So should probably only be used if you are trying to keep weight down, and even then you should see how it affects you specifically. Hope that makes sense.

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