Top Reviewed Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements of 2020

Whilst there’s no magic wand for weight loss, and you can’t just click your fingers and expect changes instantly, there are thankfully some pretty great products on the market right now that can give you measurable results. In this post I have studied hundreds of reviews and looked in-depth into product ingredients and side effects to find the top reviewed best natural weight loss supplements of 2020 for you.

During this research, I was in awe of some of the natural products that are available right now, and believe that along with the right diet and exercise plan they can help boost your weight loss efforts and do some of the hard slog for you.

Benefits of Weight Loss

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Although looking good is often the main reason people wish to lose weight (as having a slim and sexy body will naturally make you feel good about yourself) there are also many other benefits to weight loss that have nothing to do with aesthetics. Being within a healthy BMI slashes your risk of obesity related death and disease – a problem that is now at an all time high and one of the leading causes of death in the Western world.

This is a very sad and dangerous situation to be in and just goes to show how badly that, not only the advertising of junk foods, but also the hidden sugars and unhealthy fats in our food have affected the nation. I say hidden, but it’s more a case of education as most food labels by law have to disclose everything in their products so you can see at a glance what their food contains. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to understand nutritional value labels and learn what they mean.

Yes, food addiction (or rather the addiction to the high of eating junk foods) is a real thing, and there’s scientific evidence showing that sugar lights up all the pleasure and reward centers in the brain which makes it notoriously hard to give it up. It’s just fortunate we have access to all the information we need about the problems associated with obesity through access to the internet, so ignorance is no excuse anymore.

What should my BMI be?

Here’s a general guide as to what your BMI range should be in. You can usually either get this tested at your doctors surgery, in the gym, or sometimes you will see BMI testing machines in pharmacies or chemists, so you can probably access one somewhere near to you. Just Google BMI testing + your area and you should find what you’re looking for.


Benefits of being within a Healthy BMI Range

There is a long list of potential health benefits to staying inside a healthy BMI range, and reading them will help give you the incentive you need to push yourself into action. These include:-

  1. CONFIDENCE – Now I’m not saying that people who are overweight aren’t confident, not at all; however, many aren’t (myself included), and low self esteem can destroy your quality of life and even your relationships. This is just one reason how feeling good about your body can completely change your life experience.
  2. FITNESS You will usually find that being within your ideal BMI weight range will also make you feel naturally fitter, and you will be able to run for the bus and climb the stairs without all the huffing and puffing.
  3. DECREASED RISK OF DIABETES – Excess belly fat along with eating junk foods may vastly increase your risks of type 2 diabetes, which is now one of the top 5 major diseases of our time.
  4. LESS JOINT PAIN – Losing weight may help clear up all those niggly pains in joints that come from having the pressure of too much pressure on them, especially your poor knees!
  5. DECREASED RISK OF HEART DISEASE – All that extra weight, or even a little extra weight (especially if it’s around the middle) will put a huge strain on your heart. Which is really quite scary when you think about it and one of the main health reasons to keep within a healthy BMI.

Having heard all the great reasons to lose excess fat it’s time to put a plan into action. Yes, certainly taking one or some of these fat burning supplements can help and compliment your fat busting mission, but more importantly you must make changes for LIFE if you want long term results. You can’t rely on supplements forever (they’re expensive for a start, and also not designed to be taken long-term), but they may have their place in initial weight loss if used correctly.

Please read here my awesome guide to healthy living and find out the other tactics you need to employ to help you remain fit and healthy for life. These other strategies will also compliment your dietary changes and/or any supplements you may use.

Eating for Weight Loss

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Some people believe that dieting is all about deprivation and starving yourself, but you really need to get that kind of thinking out of your head before you start otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure. You don’t EVER need to go hungry if you learn how to eat a low GI diet, and also learn to combine your foods properly. This means complex carbohydrates, proteins, and a little healthy fat at every main meal to help keep your blood sugar stable and cravings at bay.

Eating LOTS of antioxidant rich foods such, as colourful fruits and vegetables, will ensure that your body is getting all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it needs to keep your energy levels high, plus help stop those food cravings. Did you know that if you eat too much junk and not enough nutrient rich foods your body can literally be ‘starving’, even though in reality you may actually be overweight? Yes, your body can be starving for actual nutrients which can then causes you to eat MORE!

The Role of Protein

A high protein, low carb diet will help keep your body in fat burning mode, and more importantly keep your muscle mass high. All the diet pills under the sun won’t be able to do that for you as much as your actual diet can, but they can potentially help accelerate fat burning and metabolism in a healthy person.

When you actively diet your body is inclined to start burning lean muscle mass for fuel rather that fat (unfair I know), which is obviously bad because you need as much of your lean muscle mass as possible to help you burn those calories. It’s a catch 22.

In fact, the more muscle mass you can keep hold of, and ideally build through exercise, the better it is for a faster metabolism. Muscle (which is metabolic) is in itself is a fat burner as it gobbles up calories just to maintain itself even when you’re resting. Fat on the other hand, doesn’t need any calories as it just sits there and doesn’t need energy for movement like your muscle does.

Eating adequate amounts of protein will not only help you to keep hold of this precious muscle, but will also encourage your body to BURN FAT as its source of fuel, which is obviously the ideal situation for healthy weight loss and muscle tone.

How Much Protein Should I Eat?

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If you’re eating a highly whole food plant based diet (which I recommend you do as you may feel better from it and lose weight naturally anyway) then you may need an actual protein supplement; especially if you are trying to lose weight OR are exercising a lot. As a plant based eater myself (who also does a lot of exercise) I know I need a protein smoothie every day, as this helps me to keep my muscle mass up whilst keeping fat down.

You can eat between 1-2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight on a weight loss diet; and it’s a good idea to get 30g of protein powder down you first thing in the morning. And I mean just protein powder with NO carbs. This will fire up your metabolism and help your body to burn fat ALL DAY (It’s been suggested that this works so well it may help you to burn an extra 400 calories a day just using this simple trick, and this PubMed study supports this theory).

You can still have breakfast afterwards, but I find that if I blend my protein powder with half an avocado and some sugar free nut milk then it is a meal in itself, and I never even feel peckish for at least 4 hours after this (which is a record for me). I learnt this brilliant tip from a body building girl I know who said it was a game changer for her in the fat loss stakes.

Go for Plant Protein

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Always use a good quality vegan protein powder for this job as it’s just cleaner and less acid forming than whey, and it also works perfectly as well if you choose one with high bio-availabily and a good amino acid profile.

Whilst we’re on the subject of protein powders, it’s worth mentioning that there are some awesome products on the market these days. Some are specifically designed for weight loss and can be used as actual meal replacements (check them out through the link above). And many also have added nutrients, enzymes, fruits, and even awesome green superfoods, making them SO much healthier than the sugar laden diet shakes available.

Which Supplements are Good for Weight Loss?

Not all weight loss supplements are suitable for everybody, therefore you must be sure to read all the relevant information that I have given you with each one carefully to find something that is suitable for you so you.

Below are some of the best supplements I can find that are based on reading hundreds of reviews – but do remember also that what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. For instance, we can’t all tolerate caffeine (me included) and many diet pills do contain this stimulant (some in high amounts) simply because it’s a known metabolism booster. However, caffeine still counts as a ‘natural’ supplement, but if you can’t take it there are alternatives to this as you will see.

Bear in mind diet pills are very big business, and there are hundreds, if not thousands on the market all claiming to have the latest magical ingredient to make you thin over night. It never works like this!

Make sure you use ONLY natural supplements

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Most of the hyped up marketing on supplements is of course not always true, but manufacturers know exactly what to say to hit those buttons inside your brain to make you believe that you absolutely need “their” product to lose weight. We often buy into this flannel out of desperation, and often end up wasting lots of money on something that could potentially be harmful, even downright dangerous in some cases.

This is why you will find my list of diet supplements pretty short as I don’t want to be responsible for anybody’s ill health. I also don’t wish for you to waste your money, therefore I have found the best ones (according to reviews from real people) that actually can work when taken correctly and according to instrutions.

How do weight loss supplements work?

There are mostly only 3 ways that a weight loss supplement will work: through either boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, or fat binding. Some may even do a combination of these things, but these are the basic products you will find.

Metabolism boosters

These work best alongside a good workout or exercise regime, as they will allow the calories from your food to be burnt up more quickly than usual. They don’t work as fast as some of the others, but they do help by suppressing appetite too, which means if snacking is your downfall then these could be a good choice for you.

Don’t be put off by things not working really fast, as sometimes losing weight more slowly over a period of time will give you a higher chance of keeping it off for good – think long term goals here.

Appetite Suppressants

These help to stop cravings before they even try to rear their ugly head, and will also help you feel fuller for longer when you do eat. Appetite suppressants are good if you can’t (or won’t) do any exercise; though I thoroughly recommend that you do if you want the best results out of any of these products.

Fat binders

inflamed bowel and stomach pain

These products use ingredients to naturally bind the fats in your digestive system together, thus stopping their absorption into your body – instead they pass straight through your system and out again. You do however need to stick within the recommendations of how much fat you can eat per day whilst taking these – too much and you could be in for digestive trouble such as gas, bloating and diarrhea.

I haven’t put any fat binder products on this list here as I’m not comfortable with their potential side effects. I have also tried them myself in the past and they made me feel pretty ill (stomachache and nausea – that kind of thing) so I’m certainly not going to recommend them to anybody else. Plus, there is evidence that they simply do not work effectively enough to be sold as a legit weight loss supplement.

Important safety advice to read before you use ANY diet supplements

Do not use any of these supplements until you are sure that they are safe for you personally to use. Even though they are natural, some contain stimulants and other substances that are not suitable for everybody.

  1. Always read labels VERY carefully.
  2. Never use diet supplements (apart from the protein and green superfood powders) if pregnant, lactating, have heart problems or any other illnesses, unless approved by you doctor first.
  3. Consult with your doctor if you’re not sure if they are suitable for you.
  4. If you do have any adverse reactions then stop use immediately.
  5. Some diet supplements may contain high amounts of stimulants such as caffeine. so if you’re sensitive then they may not be suitable for you. Or, you may need to take a lower dose.
  6. Test your supplements by building up slowly to see how you get on with them.
  7. Caffeine containing supplements may keep you awake when taken after 4pm. You will probably already know if you are one of those people.
  8. NEVER, ever take more than the recommended dose. You will not speed up weight loss by doing this, and it could be dangerous.


1. Hydroxycut

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As hydroxycut weight loss products have been around for well over 10 years I thought I would review them. Most diet supplements never make the ten year mark unless they actually work – and let’s face it most of them don’t, so I reckon this brand must have something good to offer.

Before I go into Hydroxycut, I do need to stress that this product in the past has had bad reviews due to a powerful stimulating herb it once contained called ephedra, which although natural, was found to potentially cause serious side effects such as liver damage. Ephedra was in many diet pills at the time, until it was banned, and has now been removed from ALL Hydroxycut products and replaced with much safer stimulants.

Caffeine and Weight Loss Pills

Stimulants such as caffeine are often used in diet supplements and are usually one of the main ingredients used to aid weight loss. But if you’re sensitive then you should avoid all caffeine based supplements and instead go for something completely different. It’s also a good idea to start off with a small dose to see what your tolerance level is, and build up as you go. Don’t forget we are all different in this respect, and some of us can tolerate a lot more caffeine than others.

woman sunbathing on a yacht

Despite the name (which I feel makes it sound like some sort of chemical), Hydroxycut is actually a natural product and on closer inspection of its ingredients list, including looking into the many customer reviews online, I have been given reason to believe that this supplement does work for the majority of people who use it.

Choose from gummies, pills or shakes

This company uses various natural products in the form of capsules, gummies, pills, and even shakes; many of which have the same active ingredients of caffeine, lady’s mantle extract, olive leaf extract, cumin extract and wild mint. But they do vary in terms of caffeine amounts.

Some of their products contain other known weight loss herbs such as blue skullcap, coleus, ginger, red sage, yohimbe and green coffee bean. Below I have reviewed what I believe is their best product, but if that one isn’t suitable for your needs then you can check out some of the other Hydroxycut reviews and products on Amazon.

Caffeine and Weight Loss

Hydroxycut’s most potent ingredient is its caffeine, which works very well alongside it’s other active herbs to boost weight loss. Caffeine has been proven time and time again in studies to have weight loss effects for those who can tolerate it well. However, as with many other caffeine related diet products this only really works well in the short term until your body becomes tolerant to it.

Boost your Incentive

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In my own experience of using diet supplements, this short term weight loss boost can be just what is needed to get you started on your weight loss diet. Seeing results in those first weeks and months gives you the incentive to carry on, especially as you will start looking and feeling so good about yourself.

As your body starts to become more and more tolerant to caffeine you’ll find that it it won’t have the same effects as it used to.Or, you could alternate this product with another caffeine free product whist your body resets its caffeine tolerance. Therefore, you may wish to do a month on and month off with this supplement to give your body a chance to reset itself again. This will definitely be the best way forward if you have a lot of weight to lose and need help long term.

Hydroxycut studies and reviews – does it work? 

Interestingly, even though you would think caffeine to be the most potent ingredient in this product, scientific tests have actually been conducted on some of its other active ingredients WITHOUT the caffeine. The results from this study were based on the olive leaf, lady’s mantle, cumin and mint leaf extracts alone, and surprisingly the results where still pretty impressive.

In the study, 34 obese people were given either the herbal extract or placebo, which was to be taken half an hour before meals. They did not change their diet or exercise regimes in any other way apart from being told not to over-eat or snack. Astonishingly, after 12 weeks the herbal blend group had lost 21 lbs (9.5 kg), and the placebo group only 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg).

The reason the placebo group lost any weight at all was because they were simply told not to snack, as were the other group. These results show that the herbs in Hydroxycut do work even without the caffeine, but I’m presuming the effects could potentially be greater with the caffeine.

2. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Generation Weight Loss by Muscle Tech: 180 Capsules

This product has been two decades in the making and delivers a never seen before combination of herbs for both fat loss and a sensory experience. It’s specialised robusta coffee bean extract has been found in studies to help overweight individuals to lose 10.9 lbs in 60 days. This should, however, be used alongside a healthy diet and moderate exercise for maximum results.

This particular product also:-

  • IS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR ENHANCED MENTAL FOCUS – Making it a great supplement if you are prone to lethargy, tiredness or general fatigue. Would also be good if you are studying or need to concentrate, as well as lose weight.
  • MAXIMUM INTENSITY TRAINING AFTER JUST 1 DOSE – A good supplement if you would like to really push yourself whilst exercising to torch as much fat as possible.
  • CAFFEINE PROMOTES THERMOGENESIS – This is the process of heat production, which fires up your metabolism and aids in the fat burning process.

Hydroxycut Customer Review Snippets

  • Great energy booster for workouts.
  • Can make you jittery and wired if you take too much, or can’t tolerate caffeine.
  • Everybody has different tolerance levels (be wary of this one).
  • Best fat loss supplement I have tried so far.
  • Needs to be used alongside a calorie controlled diet for best results.
  • Helps control appetite.


3. Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powder – Chocolate Flavour



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A high protein diet in general will not only cause satiety, but will also leave less room for those unhealthy carbohydrates, in turn helping to keep your blood sugar more stable. All of these things combined will result in fat loss, specifically that troublesome belly fat that is actually the most dangerous kind of fat.

You can use a protein supplement such as this Sun Warrior one as a complete meal replacement, especially when combined with some healthy fats such as half an avocado; plus half a banana for some carbohydrate. Makes a great pre or post workout snack too! One serving is only 100 calories, and even when combined with your avocado, banana, and some nut milk you’re still only looking at a 250 calories meal. Boom!

The reason I chose this protein powder specifically is because not only is it my all time favorite trusted brand, but it’s also perfect as a meal replacement on a weight loss plan. Why? Because it’s high in the kind of fiber that keeps you full, AND it has a full spectrum of amino acids for super nutrition – Perfect! Oh, and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake if you add chopped up frozen banana, and maybe some extra cacao (another fat burner by the way).

Using protein powder as a meal replacement

You could use this powder as a meal replacement for 1 to 2 of your meals a day, then make sure to have a healthy dinner along with a couple of low GI snacks in between if you feel you need it. Low GI foods are very important on a fat loss diet as they can help keep your insulin levels more stable, which in turn helps to stop your body from laying down fat. Check out these lowest GI foods for inspiration on the foods you should be eating more of.

Protein also keeps your muscle mass high, in turn keeping your metabolism stoked – translation: more calories burned over-all. This works best with certain kinds of exercises such as HIIT or resistance training, both of which actually help to build that much sought after muscle in the first place.

Other benefits of this awesome powder include:-

  • SUGAR FREE – Sweetened only by natural steviol, therefore, will help you get off the adequately termed “sugar train”.
  • EFFA’S – This powder contains chia and quinoa protein; both of which naturally contain essential omega 3 fatty acids. These are vital for many systems of the body including your heart, brain and skin. Also needed when in training or doing lots of exercise, as they are anti inflammatory and help to keep muscle soreness to a minimum.
  • HIGH FIBER – Needed to fill you up, keep blood sugar stable, and stop you snacking.
  • GREAT FOR VEGANS – Due to high levels of lysine and leucine; both of which can be in short supply if you’re a vegan or pant based eater.

4. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract is now one of the world’s leading and best weight loss pills because it’s natural and its side effects are minimal.

Green coffee beans are simply the raw, unroasted versions of your normal roasted coffee beans, but due to their lack of heat treatment still have their compound chlorogenic acid in tact. This is both their active compound and the ‘magic’ substance that is said to have the weight loss effects.

How does Green Coffee Bean Extract work?

Green coffee beans work on a couple of different levels: firstly, they contain caffeine, which in itself can help to boost your metabolism by 3-11% (great news for you coffee addicts), but its main and more potent ingredient chlorogenic acid is what really gives it that fat burning edge.

Human studies conducted on this substance show that it can reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed from the food you eat straight from your digestive tract itself. In layman’s terms this means that whilst you are taking green coffee bean extract your body will act as though it is on a lower carb diet, thus boosting your weight loss.

The proof in the studies

raw green coffee beans

Other studies in animals have shown that chlorogenic acid not only helps to reduce the amount of fats absorbed from food, but also reduces fat stored in the liver AND boosts your adiponectin levels. Adiponectin is a fat burning hormone that helps with your fatty acid breakdown and glucose levels.

All this seems pretty damn good so far, but animals we are not; so let’s take a look at how the evidence from actual human studies stack up when it comes to the green coffee bean’s weight loss prowess. So far there have been several trials conducted on humans using green coffee bean extract, and these studies have been randomised control trials which are well known for being the gold standard in human scientific experiments, and this alone gives it that tick of approval to start with.

Clinical Trials

Here’s how one of these successful trials was conducted: 30 over weight adults were split into 2 groups of 15. Over a 12 week period one group consumed regular instant coffee, and the other group the same regular instant coffee but with 200 mg of green coffee bean extract added. It has to be stressed that no other dietary or exercise habits were changed during the period of the trial.

At the end of the 12 weeks, the group who had consumed the green coffee bean extract lost 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg) and their body fat had been reduced by 3.6%. The other group who consumed regular coffee alone lost 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg) and had a 0.7% body fat reduction.

The promising results of green coffee bean extract

slim waist

These seem like pretty good results – losing almost a stone of unwanted fat in 12 weeks WITHOUT changing anything else. Just think of the potential of this if you were to consciously diet and exercise too! This could actually be a great supplement to a properly conducted weight loss plan, as well as still being pretty effective if you do nothing else on top.

I do not however, recommend dieting without exercising as you need to keep your body from burning muscle for fuel, and exercise along with a high protein diet is simply the best way to do this. As physical exercise is just so vital to health I would always push exercise and a healthy diet first and foremost alongside any diet supplements, even though the trials were conducted without these variables.

Several other trials have been conducted in this manner which have reported similar findings, proving that if you can tolerate caffeine then this could be an effective diet supplement.

Other green coffee bean health benefits include:-

  1. BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL – As green coffee bean reduces carbohydrate (glucose) absorption, it may also play a role in the management of blood sugar problems, alongside a low GI diet in general of course.
  2. HEART HEALTH – Green coffee bean has been shown to lower blood pressure, and may also have a positive effect on your blood vessels – both of which are MAJOR players in heart health.
  3. ANTIOXIDANTS – Coffee in itself is a great source of antioxidants, but the green coffee bean extract is even higher in them. Antioxidants help neutralise the free radical damage done to your body by environmental toxins, and play a major role in the anti aging of the whole body on both the inside and out; so to say antioxidant rich foods are vital to health is an understatement.
  4. ANTI INFLAMMATORY – The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans have been found to be highly anti inflammatory. Keeping chronic inflammation to a minimum through eating an antioxidant rich diet and exercising is crucial to a healthier life in general.

5. Green Tea Extract

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Green tea extract is basically just the concentrated form of regular green tea leaves. One dose usually contains the equivalent antioxidants and active ingredients as one cup of the actual tea.

The main and unique catechin in green tea specifically (and also one that is not found anywhere else in nature) is its EGCG (short for epigallocatechin gallate). This special and powerful antioxidant is what gives it its superior health benefits over other teas.

Potentially burn an extra 5,000 calories per month!

Green tea also contains caffeine, giving it yet another fat burning edge as caffeine in itself is a metabolism booster. Combine this with its antioxidants and you get a great fat burning supplement.

It can also boosts your weight loss efforts through thermogenesis, which is a process that happens to your body as it digests food and produces heat. Green tea extract can help to boost this process further; and the faster this thermogenesis process happens, the more calories you burn.


It has been shown in studies that green tea extract can help you to burn an extra 183 calories per day on average. That’s 1,281 per week, and over 5,000 per month (which is around 3 days worth of food). So, you can see the potential for weight loss with this product, especially over time and when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Other green tea extract benefits include:-

  • BRAIN POWER – The antioxidant EGCG has been shown to help prevent oxidative stress on your grey matter. This is very important because, over time and with the build up of toxins, oxidative stress can lead to brain damage, which can then lead to health problems including cognitive decline, Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, and dementia.
  • MEMORY – EGCG can increase your memory power, brain function and performance by enhancing the connections between one part of your brain to another. All of this is vital when it comes to your brain sending messages to your body to perform every day tasks.
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS – Green tea extract is rammed to the rafters with those wonderful anti-aging antioxidants that we all need so much. All of which help slow down the aging process (thumbs up to that), and may also act to protect you to an extent against the myriad of health issues that can be caused by oxidative stress in general.
  • GLOWING SKIN – Yes, this great supplement can sure help your skin by making it look more youthful in general. It can also help with all sorts of other problems such as inflammation, rosacea, dermatitis, warts, skin aging and acne. You can apply this topically in the forms of creams; or orally, depending on the nature of the problem, but I’d probably do both if you have really problematic skin.
  • HEART HEALTH – Due again to the high levels of antioxidants found in green tea extract, it may be a great heart friendly supplement alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan. Oxidative stress promotes the build up of fats in your blood, which ultimately can lead to high blood pressure and the slippery slope of cardiovascular disease. Green tea’s antioxidants can help to decrease this inflammation to help lower your blood pressure. Don’t rely on this solely though; and use supplements ONLY as added insurance after you have consulted your doctor first.
  • MAY HELP LIVER FUNCTION – These awesome green tea catechins may also help reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • EXERCISE PERFORMANCE – A great supplement for you exercisers out there, especially those in weight training. Green tea extract (due to it being a powerful anti inflammatory) can help to drastically cut down aches and pains from over exertion, allowing you to recover and be ready for action again in less time. This effect is also vastly amplified by eating a naturally anti inflammatory plant based diet. I can personally vouch for this as I have followed the whole food, plant based lifestyle for over two years and feel great for it, and I am definitely fitter than ever.
  • BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE – As ECGC has been shown in studies to help lower blood sugar levels it stands to reason that this could be a good supplement for diabetics or those with blood sugar problems. Also, keeping blood sugar stable is the best way to lose fat (specifically dangerous fat around your middle) and is yet another reason why green tea is good for torching fat, and also why it’s used as a weight loss ingredient so much.


Green tea extract usually comes in the form of a powder, liquid or pills, and MUST be taken with or after meals. This part is very important, as taking too much or without food can cause liver damage. Always read labels and buy from reputable brands. If you also drink green tea as a beverage then you should probably go for a lower dose so you’re not getting too much.

AMAZING 4.5 STAR* PRODUCT =>Vintage Burn – Fat Burner<=

Clickable Image


It was only after searching and reviewing hundreds of product I came across this amazing product that actually has a 4.5 STAR RATING out of OVER 8,000 CUSTOMERS! That’s the largest amount of reviews and ratings I have come across on Amazon in the diet supplements section. Wowzers!

I haven’t tried this supplement for myself yet (I’m not sure it’s available in the UK where I am currently), but examples of what customers have to say about it are as follows:-

  • I have been a bikini body competitor for 3.5 years and this product has given me the best results so far.
  • I lost 17lbs in 6 weeks, along with my usual work out.
  • My first bottle gave me a 6 pack in my first month (again, I’m guessing the guy worked out too).
  • Vintage burn helped me get rid of stubborn fat on my legs and arms.
  • Vintage burn gave me energy without any nasty caffeine type side effects, and helped me to lose 12lb with only moderate dietary changes.
  • This product has helped me to lose a steady 2-3lb a week with no jittery side effects like you can get in other weight loss pills.

I struggled to find any negative reviews about Vintage Burn judging from Amazon reviewers, and am amazed I have never heard of it before. But. it’s blown me away. Check out these reviews for yourself here.

What is Vintage Burn?

This thermogenic weight loss supplement is a ketogenic diet friendly, appetite suppressant sold by Old School Labs. It’s great for man and women, and each 120 capsule tub contains a 60 day supply, making it great value for such a worthy product (it’s $49.99). It was also featured in Los Angeles Confidential Magazine as a great weight loss product.

One of its great features is that it burns fat whilst PRESERVING your precious muscle mass (extremely important for a sexy, toned body). It also improves your mental focus, boosts mood and gives you plenty of energy for your work outs. In fact, many reviewers commented on this – MORE energy without caffeine type side effects.

Its ingredient list includes many known fat burning products such as:-

  • Green tea leaf extract – Boosts weight loss efforts through thermogenesis
  • Green coffee bean extract – which contains chlorogenic acid, a compound that can help reduce the amount of carbs absorbed into your body from the foods foods you eat.
  • Raspberry ketones – Shown in studies to help improve obesity and fatty liver in those eating high fat diets.
  • Olive leaf extract – Another natural herb proven to help prevent high fat diet induced obesity.
  • Caffeine – A metabolism booster and fat burner (though your body can quickly become accustomed to caffeine).
  • Bacopa leaf extract- Bacopa is super high in antioxidants, which are anti inflammatory so therefore can contribute to weight loss.
  • Garcinia root extract – This fruit contains high amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been shown in some studies to have weight loss properties, however, more need to be done for more conclusive evidence.
  • Chrysin – is a flavone found in honey and propolis and is said to have weight loss properties, though I can only find limited literature about this online.
  • Forskohlii root extract – A supplement derived from a plant in the mint family, forskhlii root extract is gaining popularity in the diet supplement world. It is said to be able to create enzymes that help free fatty acids from the cells of your body, thus allowing them to be burnt as fuel for energy. This particular method only works alongside a calories deficit diet and exercise.

As you can see, all of these food products are associated with weight loss and fat burning, and have been crammed into this product. They are all natural, but if you are caffeine intolerant then you will need to stay away from this even though many reviewers reported much less caffeine related side effects with Vintage Burn.

5. Green Superfood Powders

Green superfood powders are totally natural, and can also be a powerful weight loss tool. Not only are they choc full of phytonutrients, antioxidants and chlorophyl, but they can help your body detoxify from the bombardment of pollutants it needs to deal with daily

Detoxification and Weight Loss

Toxins are often stored for safe keeping in your fat cells, which is your body’s way of keeping them out of harms way and away from the brain where they could potentially cause damage. The problem is, if you are not detoxifying efficiently then these fat cells will have to keep swelling and swelling to accommodate the load, and you can guess where this leads – to weight gain! So moral of the story: toxins can sometimes be a contributor to obesity and weight gain.

Eating lots of detoxifying and highly alkaline foods (ESPECIALLY green superfood powders) will help to combat inflammation and remove toxins from your system. You can find a good assortment of organic superfoods on Amazon, which will include the following:-


shot of superfood powder

You can buy all of these in their single forms; or more preferably in a blend (these have a mix of many to make sure you get a well rounded array of nutrients and antioxidants). You can mix these with juices or smoothies – or simply take them as a shot if you don’t like the taste. Remember, these are shots of pure nutrition, and although they may not taste great they are 100% for sure worth the effort of getting them into your diet if you want to glow with health, youthfulness and vitality.

Other benefits of green superfood powders:-

  • ANTI INFLAMMATORY – Green superfood powders are alkaline, giving them powerful anti inflammatory properties. Chronic long term inflammation may cause certain diseases if kept unchecked, so keeping it to a minimum may help negate this.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS – As a source of lots of wonderful antioxidants, green superfoods will help neutralise those aging free radicals to help keep you young and glowing in both body, mind and soul. You should also be eating lots of antioxidant rich foods along with the reassurance of a good quality green powder. This will make doubly sure you are getting enough for the best benefits.
  • MAY HELP LOWER BAD CHOLESTEROL –  This is due to high amounts of phytochemicals and antioxidants that can help your hormonal system, cells and nerves.
  • GOOD FOR CHILDREN – A great immune booster for the kids if you can ‘sneak’ it into their food and drinks (they probably won’t like the taste of it on its own).


Thank you for reading these natural diet supplement reviews. Always consult with your doctor before taking any of these supplements, especially if you have other ongoing medical conditions. I’m very happy to help answer any questions in the comment thread below. I wish you luck on your weight loss journey!

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This website is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical diseases or illnesses. It's merely meant to show you ways of potentially boosting your health through the eating of more nutritious plant foods in place of junk foods.

16 thoughts on “Top Reviewed Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements of 2020”

  1. I am going on a cruise in two months. I just went to the store and got food that is diet friendly….you know fruits and veggies. I have heard of hydroxycut and it has so many great reviews. Do you think this would help speed up my weight loss? Or which supplement is going to work for me the best short term?

    • Hi Leahrae, that’s great your going on a cruise. I bet you get pots of great holiday deals in your job! Anyway, if you want to lose a bit of weight in the next couple of months for your holiday then I think you should give the Hydroxycut a try as I did read lots of good things about it. It seems to work for most people but I totally recommend you take it alongside a diet and exercise plan. It is very high in caffeine so exercising will not only help burn it off (especially if you take it before a workout), but will also boost your metabolism during exercise. In fact, I read quite a lot of reviews from people who said that with exercise the product works even better.

      However, please don’t take it if you can’t tolerate caffeine, and if you do, start out slowly so you build a tolerance to it to be on the safe side otherwise you might get the side effects of jitteriness.

  2. Thank you for a fantastic, comprehensive article Stefanie! As a sports coach and participant all my adult life, I have a serious interest in nutrition for performance athletes and whilst fat-loss is not always high on the radar (other than for me as I approach my twilight years), the info you have provided is very valuable. A note on the “sugar train” as you call it that might be helpful for your readers – I find that if I make a concerted effort to reduce sugar, it usually only takes about 2 days for my body to adjust and then I just don’t feel like sugar anymore – is this common?

    • Hi Danny, that’s great you’re a sports coach! And yes, I think you are right about it only taking a few days to get off the sugar train, but boy can it be hard for some people. I have been on and off it all my life, and find the problem is that it’s just as easy to get back on it again, if not easier, especially if you like sweet things. It’s a constant battle for me even though I know so much about nutrition. Still, I march on and am much more in control of it now I’m older.

  3. Another fantastic article Stefanie. I have been thinking so much about at the age of 50 that it’s time to really kick it in high gear and start really taking care of my body. After reading your part you shared on bmi I really started to realize if i don’t, then those ailments I don’t have now will definitely creep up on me like diabetes. I’m going to add more of the antioxidants as you spoke of. I have started a more protein based diet as you talked about in previous articles and that has helped a lot. As always thank you for the great article and helping me lead a healthier life style.

    • Hi David, I’m really chuffed that you are taking my advice about your diet, it’s what makes it all worth it for me knowing that I’m helping others to become more healthy. Yes, 50 is an age where you probably do need to start being extra vigilant with what you put into your body. Unfortunately everything seems to slow down as we get older, I feel it a bit at 43 even though I’m a complete health freak haha.

      Anyway, good luck with it all, and please feel free to message me any time you need any advice.

  4. There is so much great information here!

    Thank you for your thoroughness on this article and has definitely given me a lot to think about. I have experimented with some diet pills but nothing has seemed to work for me yet. One even made me very moody once I stopped taking it.

    As far as my knowledge goes with diet pills is that I used to take raspberry keytones regularly. I will definitely look into hydroxycut as you really sold it for me.

    Thank you for all of the great information.


    • Hi Kahlua, I’m glad my article has given you food for thought. I learnt quite a bit myself whilst researching for it. To be honest I have always presumed that all diet pills where bad as they seem to get such a bad press but some actually aren’t, especially if you use them properly along with diet and exercise.

      I am going to try the Hydroxycut for myself too as so many others said that it works for them, however, I need to take a low caffeine version otherwise I my eyeballs we be popping out of my head haha. If you do try it I would be really interested to know how you get on.

  5. Hi Dave, thanks for taking the time to check out my website, and I’m glad you have found it helpful. Yes, weight loss is indeed a very important subject, especially with the obesity crisis being at its worst ever. Just glad I can help people.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful information. I learned a lot and need to find some protein supplements.

    • Hi John, yes protein is definitely handy if you are exercising a lot or are a vegan as it’s hard to meet requirements otherwise. If you already eat lots of meat and dairy then you may not need it as those things are already high. You never need more than 1-2 grams per kilo of body weight so it’s worth working out how much you have first. But a high protein/low carb diet will help you to lose weight if that’s what your after. Hope that helps.

  7. This is an excellent article! You’ve done a great research and shared a lot of valuable information. I agree some people still believe that dieting means deprivation and starving and that’s what actually prevents them from losing their weight. I like how you emphasize the importance of low GI diet and proper combination of foods. I prefer green tea extract because there are so many benefits from it, but Sun warrior vegan protein powder also looks great as it is high in fiber and contains omega 3 fatty acids. Thanks for the great read!

    • Hi Blanka, thanks, and I’m glad you found the article interesting. Yes, a low GI diet is definitely the most important part of weight loss and keeping weight down for good. I did try to stress to people that you cannot just take supplements alone and stay slim, and especially not in the long term.

      I take the Sun Warrior protein myself and it’s my favorite brand as it has such a great amino acid profile, which is why I recommend it so much.

  8. I have a question regarding Superfood powder.

    With the Superfood powder, what kind of toxins will be in our body when we are trying to lose weight? I’m sure it’s based on what you eat, but how would these toxins affect us from losing weight though?

    • Hi Garen, that’s a good question. Detoxifying, or boosting your detoxification system when dieting (or ideally just all the time) helps with weight loss due to the fact that toxins ie, those that we either put into our bodies ourselves from junk foods, chemical additives, smoking, and alcohol, or that come in environmentally from exhaust smoke, household chemicals, or heavy industry, ALL need to be detoxified by the body. Some can be neutralised and escorted out through peeing and sweating; but some can’t so easily (especially the heavy metals from pollution) so the body stores them away in fat cells for safe keeping.

      These fat cells need to keep swelling if your body has reached toxic overload due to the fact that it needs more space for toxin storage – this means you get fatter – or find it harder to lose weight. So as you can see, keeping your body’s detoxification systems firing on all cylinders will helps reduce weight.

      This is why green superfood powders are so great for this job as they are highly concentrated forms of chlorophyl and other antioxidants that boost detoxification; plus it is easy to add a shot of it into your diet every day without too much effort. In fact, I advise everyone to do this as not only does it help detoxification, but you get all the other amazing side effects of of these super green powders such as clear skin, increased energy, they are anti cancer too!

      I take them every day myself and I notice the difference if I miss a day; also we sell superfood powders at work and I get positive feedback literally 100% of the time when people have tried them.

      You would also be helping detoxification by eating lots of these:-


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