What is the Best Exercise for Belly Fat? – Hula Hoop Review

Best Exercise for Belly Fat

Has anyone ever tried in earnest to lose weight with a simple hula hoop?

In this hula hoop review I will tell you exactly why it is one of the best exercise for belly fat blasting EVER! In fact, it has blown my mind how quickly I not only gained a toned and flatter stomach, but have also gone down a couple of dress sizes AND lost around half a stone in weight in just 8 weeks of use.

weighted hula hoop

And for good reason, as I’ve discovered hula hooping engages the whole body and can burn over 600 CALORIES AN HOUR! That’s more calories and fat burnt than any other abdominal exercise and is due to the fact it elevates your heart rate up to 84%, which is high enough for your body to trigger its fat burning process.

The fantastic thing about the hula hoop is not only is it a whole body workout that tones every muscle, but it also vastly improves balance and joint flexibility, is a great stress burner, and is also great fun to boot. However, to gain the success that I did, you will need to commit at least 5 days a week if you want these results so quickly.


female toned stomach

I started out the first week by doing 10-15 minutes a day, then I built up to 30 minutes 5 times a week. I did get a little bruising at first simply due to the fact that I wasn’t used to it, and because the hula hoop is weighted which makes it harder (FYI – a weighted hula hoop is crucial for the best fat burning effects), but I persevered and it was so worth it. The bruising went after a couple of days and didn’t come back, so I presumed my body had become accustomed to it.

I started doing hula hooping instead of my usual more time consuming workouts of swimming and the gym, and found it was so much easier. I did this because I wanted to gauge the true results and didn’t want the lines to be blurred by doing other things.

The best thing about hula hooping is you can do it in front of the TV, or listening to music and in the comfort of your own home come rain or shine – so there is NEVER an excuse not to do it.

Keep your ‘CORE’ engaged

weight loss

The key to this exercise, especially when it comes to belly fat loss specifically, is to make sure you keep your stomach pulled in and your core muscles engaged at all times whilst keeping the hoop spinning above your hips as much as possible (this will also help refine your motor skills). The pulling in tightly of your tummy is the part that you must concentrate on as this is what will give you those tight abs your looking for, the more you can do this the better.

A weighted hula hoop is best for the results I know you want!

You will need to make sure you are using a weighted hula hoop specifically designed for adults as the kids ones just won’t work as well for the results you want. It takes a bit of practice, but once you’ve mastered it you will start to love it.

I’ve begun to really look forward to my hula hooping sessions as my stomach feels more toned immediately afterwards, and that is a MASSIVE reward and incentive to keep going. Also great when I need to fit into something for a night out!


With your right foot forward and standing inside the hoop, press it against your lower back, bend your knees a little, and give your hula hoop a spin around the waist to get it level. This may take practice, but once you get the hoop moving you need to shift your weight back and forth between your back and front legs. If the hoop starts to drop then stand straight and push your hip harder into the hoop as it spins around to the front.

After you’ve got the hoop going it is best to stand with your feet apart wider than shoulder width, and keeping your head held high really pull your waist in as much as possible whilst spinning the hoop and working those tummy muscles.

Check out this video if you have any problems as you may find a visual interpretation easier to understand.


To get the best results from your hula hoop belly fat torching process you really should be eating a healthy diet full of wholegrains, proteins, fruits and vegetables, and cut out as much as possible, sugar and junk foods.

Did you know there are specific fat burning foods that can help you to blast fat faster than any other foods? Well amazingly there are, and if you eat these in conjunction with physical exercise you, will see a bigger difference much more quickly.

The plant based diet:-

colourful vegetables

It’s worth mentioning at this point that since eating a mostly low GI plant based dietin the past year my body has turned into a fat burning machine. This is 100% down to me filling myself up on fruits, vegetables, low GI whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds, and most importantly cutting down in ALL refined ‘free’ sugars as much as possible.

Feel amazing eating plants!

Not only will these types of foods help you shed unwanted fat, but you will also LOOK AMAZING, your skin will be just fabulous, and you will have endless energy to do all the things you want to do in life. It really is well worth the effort in making some gradual changes towards this way of eating.

Try something different every day, even if it’s a fruit or vegetable you’ve never eaten before; this way you will soon be creating new neural pathways in your brain, and forming healthier habits.

If you would like more tips and advice on how I did this, and how I changed my health and life around with eating a plant based diet then please read Eating Cleans in 10 Easy Steps.

What is the best exercise for belly fat? – Hula hoop review

After much researching and the reading of many reviews to find the right hula hoop for the job, I finally decided upon a mid range, medium weighted foam hula hoop for maximum comfort (they come in different weights, so you can start lower if you are a complete novice to exercise). It is soft, making it easier on the stomach, and it splits into 6 pieces for easy storage, which is great as these things can be awkward to store.

NOTHING, and I Say NOTHING, has given me results for belly fat burning like a weighted hula hoop!!

mans abdominal musclesAnd believe me, I have tried every new fitness fad under the sun over the years. and have had much success, but I can honestly say that the hula hoop has given me the most noticeable belly fat reducing results in the fastest time, and for the LEAST amount of cost and effort.

It also has the added advantage of being easy to use in your own home either in front of the TV, or listening to music, and is so much less time consuming than other workouts. And don’t think the hula hoop is just for girls – it’s is a hard core workout that will tone a guys abs to perfection too!

Other Exercises:-

Whilst hula hooping is great for a short term fat blast around the middle it is recommended that you mix your exercise regime up and always rotate or do a coupe of different types of workouts. Your body soon adapts to something that you do continually – and quickly. This is why you need to keep it second guessing by doing a range of different exercises.

For instance, it’s good to do a mix of cardio such as running, cycling, swimming, along with weight bearing exercises such as gym work, body building, and HITT training. These along with a good session of a stretching type exercise such as yoga once a week will help to keep you supple and flexible.

Keeping muscle mass high:-

The importance of regular weight bearing exercise CANNOT be stressed enough. It simple has so many benefits that go way beyond aesthetics, such as:-

  • STRONGER BONES – Means less risk of breakages and osteoporosis, especially as you age.
  • FLEXIBLE JOINTS – Exercise increases your production of synovial fluid, which is something that keeps your joints well lubricated, therefore you will stay a lot more supple.
  • INSULIN SENSITIVITY – Your muscle’s primary functions are the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream to be stored for fuel, which means the more you have the more sugar is extracted form your bloodstream. This helps to protect us from insulin resistance, and ultimately diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and a myriad of other problems.
  • YOU WILL STAY SLIM – Muscle burns up more calories than fat just to keep itself maintained, so in layman’s terms  that means a free calorie burn for nothing.
  • LESS CHANCE OF INJURIES – Muscle around your joints and vital organs (especially your middle) will really offer some great protection should you become involved in any kind of accident.
  • DECREASED RISK OF STRESS RELATED ILLNESS – Weight bearing exercise burns up excess stress, and improves mood, depression, and anxiety.
  • YOU WILL LIVE LONGER – It’s been proven in studies that people with more muscle mass live longer – it’s as simple as that!
  • STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM – Our muscles store certain amino acids that are vital to our immune response. Therefore the more muscle mass you have, the more of these vital amino acids can be stored.
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14 thoughts on “What is the Best Exercise for Belly Fat? – Hula Hoop Review”

  1. I love this exercise since I do Hula hoop a lot when I was kid. I would spend hours on doing it and trying not to let it fall off my body and the result after that is my belly gets pretty itchy haha. I like the technique you mentioned above that one should do 5 to 10 mins a day then increase the time to 30 mins a day. That would be a proper practice for this exercise.

    Feel free to let me know what you think so that we can discuss new ideas!


    • Yes hula hooping is DEFINITELY one of the best ways I have come across to lose belly fat but you must stick to it every day to see results and I suppose it can get a little boring for some. But it’s great to do in front of the TV, that way you can kill two birds with one stone ha ha.

      I read your article and made a comment on it and yes it was very interesting and yes, would love to discuss new ideas. I am always researching in this field, probably as you are and I really like to try things out for myself to find what works best etc… will look forward to speaking to you soon. Stefanie

  2. Oh wow, this is the article we all need, especially busy mum’s who don’t get enough time to go to gym – amazing exercise and food ideas. This post is worth a share with everyone, and I am going to share it on my twitter right now. I love the video demonstration and find it really useful. We can now lose weight without spending money and time. Thank you.

    • Thanks for reading and sharing Sarah, I really appreciate it! Yes this sort of exercise really is great for those who don’t have lots of time or money to pay for expensive gym memberships and classes. It’s great to know that you can get a great body just in your own front room with a simple and cheap device such as a hula hoop.

  3. Wow, I haven’t used a hula hoop since I was a kid. I never thought it could be used to trim belly fat. But it make sense because that’s the target area you’re exercising, right?
    So Stefanie let me ask you this? You say to use it everyday. Once you’re at the point that you want to be, should you still use it daily and for how long?

    • Hi Rob, yes most people underestimate the humble hula hoop and presume it just for kids, but the weighted ones are a totally different story which is why you find them in most gyms. They really can be a hardcore exercise for fat burning.

      I would say that once you have achieved the body you desire you will always need to maintain it, however you could probably cut it down to a couple of times per week. You should not use this one exercise alone to keep yourself slim and fit, you should always do a range of exercise, especially weight bearing. As I explained in the post, this is most important for keeping muscle mass up and bones strong, and it is especially important for diabetics to have good amounts of muscle on their body as it uptakes sugar from the bloodstream and stores it as glycogen. So the more you have, the more can be stored and out of harms way. This would ultimately mean better insulin sensitivity.

  4. Hi Stephanie!

    I love hooping! I actually got into it originally for a new physical activity to do, but then started teaching myself tricks. It really does work out your core because like you stated, it keeps your core engaged just to do the motion. I never thought to pick up a weighted hoop though.
    I just had a baby about 16 months ago and I’ve been trying to shed the belly fat I picked up from the pregnancy. If I started hooping to help lose weight, is there a particular speed I should be hooping at to burn 600 calories in an hour?

    • Hi Tina, congrats on having a baby, you must be very happy. And as you already know how to hula hoop then it should be a piece of cake for you to start up again, even with a weighted one. My advice is to just make sure you keep going as fast as is comfortable for the half hour every day. You want to break yourself in slowly otherwise you may get some bruising. It’s the weighted hula hoops that make all the difference if you really want to get a toned belly fast.

  5. I think this is not only something I can do but something I would enjoy doing. I prefer in-home exercises over having to to to a gym. Thanks!

    • Hi Rick, yeah it’s a great idea hey? And very inexpensive and not too time consuming, plus you really do get great results. I love it! People often dismiss hula hooping as something that’s for kids but it can have huge benefits when done daily by adults.

  6. Thats such a fun way to loose fat! I had no idea! Thanks for the great info on it, I am excited to start this new hobbie haha though I am very uncoordinated so we will see how long this lasts.
    I am also on a plant-based diet and absolutely love it! I am so glad you are spreading this message.

    • Hi Danielle, that’s great you are on a plant based diet, it just makes you feel so much healthier doesn’t it? As for your co-ordination, I’m sure you will be fine once you get into it. In fact, it would probably help your co-ordination skills no end as it’s good to use parts of the brain that we are not used to using. Good luck!

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