Natural Health and Beauty – 8 Steps to Perfect Skin

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When it comes to natural health and beauty, the best anti aging products are simple, inexpensive and easy to use. If you wish your skin to literally shine with radiance from the inside out, then keeping things as simple as possible really is the best way to go.

We are talking about everything you put on to everything you put in. And, applying these 8 steps to perfect skin that will get you glowing fast.

How to get glowing skin

In this post I we will show you some of the natural beauty products I have used for years that have kept my skin glowing and beautiful, and I know they WORK!

I have used these simple strategies since my twenties and they have always seemed to give me that edge in the skin stakes. But, you can start a natural organic skin regime at any age you like and still see the amazing effects because the skin is renewing and regenerating itself all the time.

Having said all that, it is also vital you give your body the right food to nourish itself if you wish it to keep it regenerating and not degenerating.

Commercial cosmetics are crammed full of chemicals!


First off, it’s important to understand that most commercially available products such as cleansers, toners, moisturisers, body lotions, sun creams, shampoos, conditioners and make up are often crammed full of harsh (and ultimately aging) synthetic chemicals, parabens and toxins.

Arghh right!?

Everything you put onto your skin is absorbed. Therefore, you can just imagine how many of these nasty chemicals end up on the inside of your precious body, especially when you use these products on a daily basis. Yuck!

And, that’s just what we put on our skin. That’s not even touching on what we put in through food, the air we breath, and the water we drink.

Toxic overload

Your body is designed to detoxify your system, and is highly efficient at doing so. But, in this highly toxic modern environment we find ourselves in, many of us are suffering from what has been termed toxic overload.

Adding certain detoxification foods into your diet as much as possible will help to keep your body detoxifying efficiently, and ultimately, YOU younger!

Keep It Natural & Organic!

It’s important to keep everything as natural and as organic as possible if you really wish to avoid this toxic build-up and keep yourself looking younger for longer.

If you can’t afford to change all of your beauty products at once, then simply change things as you run out of them. This in itself will still go a long way to getting you on the road to natural beauty for life.

Anti aging Products

woman with face cream

It is worth considering that there are also many other natural products that can promote anti aging and great skin from the inside. These will not only contain the nutrients to help boost skin from the inside, but also reduce the aging of the whole body from a biological perspective. That is what really counts at the end of the day.

The list below are some of the most effective and inexpensive ways to convert to natural beauty that I have discovered over the years. Don’t be fooled into thinking expensive branded products are better, as this is most certainly not the case. Some of the most expensive brands can contain the worst kind of chemicals.

However, there are some products here that will be more expensive than the cheaper chemical versions. But, you will find they go a lot further as you often don’t need as much to get the same results. And balanced out with the cheaper natural products, you will find it will work out pretty evenly over time.

7 Steps to Natural Beauty


For your hair, you should use an organic shampoo and conditioner. This really is a must, as synthetic versions are much more drying in the long term.

For a wonderfully deep condition, massage coconut oil into the hair and scalp and leave for as long as possible (I always recommend at least an hour, so do this on days you have more time).

The massaging action on the scalp will promote faster hair growth (this really works) as it stimulates the hair follicles and gives it a growth spurt. Adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil will also boost this stimulating effect if you really want to give your hair a fast growth spurt.

How to remove coconut oil from your hair

You will find you may need about 3 shampoos to remove the oily residue of coconut oil. However, you won’t need a conditioner afterwards as your hair will already feel super soft and silky.

This simple coconut oil treatment is the best I have tried, and at a fraction of the cost of other deep conditioning treatments.

In fact, coconut oil features heavily in my life as it is just fantastic for so many things. Not only is it a great moisturiser for your skin, but it also tastes fantastic in baking or cooking in place of your normal fats.


In the day time ALWAYS use an SPF of at least 20. Try to make sure it is in an organic cream as a lot of SPF creams can be full of chemicals.

For night time creams and oils you should  mix things up a bit to make sure you get a full range of skin nutrients.

Sometimes you could just use that good old trusty coconut oil, then maybe alternate with jojoba, almond or wheatgerm oils. These are the most nourishing and nutrient dense oils for the skin, and the skin just LOVES nutrients.

Be aware that not all oil are suitable for all skin types. Do your research based on your own skin type and experiences. If you use the wrong thing then you may have a breakout, so be sure to get something that suits you.

Coconut oil does not suit all skin and can be clogging, so be aware.

It’s worth mentioning here that coconut oil triples up as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer all in one for face and body. This is great if money is tight, as you only ever need to buy this one magical product to cover so many of your natural beauty needs.

How To Use Essential Oils

selection of essential oils

A good tip is to add your own essential oils into your base oil. The best for skin regeneration are lavender, rose and frankincense (they also make the oil smell amazing, and the lavender and frankincense are good for relaxation at night).

You will probably need about 10 drops per 50ml of essential oil, depending on the strength. Always follow instructions on packaging.

If you prefer a cream, you could buy a large pot of organic base cream and just add your own oils.

Experiment and find out what works best for your skin type. Buying these may add up a bit (moneywise) at first, but they will last you such a long time and will be very cost efficient long-term.

There are a huge range of oils and essential oils you can use. I have just given you the tried and tested kind that are used for skin specifically.


Instead of using conventional shower gels and soaps (which will only dry your skin out in the long run), use an organic body wash. Or, even just a simple but natural soap such as Olivia.

I find that these don’t dry my skin out (not even my face). Not when used in conjunction with all the other aforementioned natural oils and creams.


Once or twice a week give your skin a good exfoliation. A great one in the Natura Siberica range is their exfoliator for face and body.

Homemade avocado face mask

  1. First exfoliate, but do this while the skin is still warm and in absorption mode like just after a shower.
  2. Then apply a very soft mashed avocado with a squeeze of lemon juice as a facial mask.
  3. Leave for 10 minutes to really hydrate and nourish that fresh skin.
  4. Remove your avocado mask with some tissue and a splash of warm water.
  5. Apply and immediately massage some of your nutritious homemade cream or oil, then just let it soak in. These 3 steps alone will get you glowing beautifully.


On your body (and again, immediately after a shower on damp skin for maximum absorption), just use plain old coconut oil.

Apply this 2-3 times a week for best results. Put a blob in your hands and rub together to melt, then apply all over, massaging as you go.

Massage quite vigorously on cellulited areas such as your bottom and back of the legs. This will get the lymph drainage going, which in turn helps to break down that unsightly cellulite. 

Exfoliation Makes Your Skin LITERALLY Glow!

exfoliating body

Once a week, give your body an all over exfoliation with a good exfoliating mitt or scrub. Use this along with your organic soap or shower gel for best results. Afterwards, slather on coconut oil to feed the skin, keeping it soft, supple and hydrated all day.

It is important to use only the very best raw, organic coconut oil you can source as it really makes such a difference to the results. D

on’t forget, you can eat this also by adding it to your baking, stir-fries, or pretty much anything else you would usually use oil for.

This brings me on to my next point about diet and skin.


This is probably the most important thing of all. If you put rubbish into your body, then it will 100% show on the outside (unless you have extreme youth on your side).

And, NO amount of make up or fancy creams can put that special twinkle in your eye that is only obtained from eating healthy living foods, and also raw green superfood shots.

The Plant Based Diet

One of the BIGGEST things you will probably notice when you start a healthy plant based diet is that your skin will become so radiant. You may even find you won’t need to cover it with heaps of make-up anymore.

All those extra nutrients you will receive from filling your body with plant foods will really shine through into your skin.

Green Superfood Powders are a game changer in the skin stakes

green superfood powder

One of the best available superfoods out there is Dr. Schulzes green Superfood. It’s a blend of wonderful living green foods, such as spirulina, barley grass and blue green algaes. All of which feed your skin and give it the kind of glow that can only come from an inside job. 

Chronic inflammation and skin

Chronic inflammation is now a huge health issue that is mostly down to unhealthy sugar laden diets, trans fats, stress, and a million other 21st century lifestyle factors.

This out of control chronic inflammation is highly aging, which is why it is vital to eat lots of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

You will also need to keep your sugar, trans fats, alcohol and smoking down to a minimum if you want your skin to stay youthful and plump for as long as possible.


Green smoothies are an excellent way of drinking your greens. 

They are a great way of obtaining all that lovely plant nutrition your body needs in order to give you your best skin ever. Plus, they are low calorie and help boost weight loss too!

Please check out some great recipes here


Our skin’s collagen declines by 1% every year after we hit 21! By the time you’re 40, you’ve lost 20%!

This can be an unsettling thought for many of us, but there are ways to combat this. You don’t have to be a statistic and you very much CAN negate this collagen loss.

You can eat lots of plant based collagen rich foods that include:-

  • Flaxseeds
  • Walnuts
  • Chia seeds
  • Cashew nuts
  • Peanuts or 100% peanut butter
  • Other whole nut butters
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pistachios
  • Brightly coloured bell peppers
  • Tropical fruits
  • Citrus fruits
  • Berries
  • Dark , leafy greens
  • Pulses
  • Soy products

You should also follow these other effective tips, along with adding these foods to your diet.

plant based meal plans


Great skin ultimately comes from within. But, what you put on does also play a big role in keeping you glowing and youthful for a lifetime.

As you can see, glowing skin also does not have to cost the earth. Trust us, you do not need gold flecks in your moisturiser to look like a superstar. Far from it!

A few natural skin products and a healthy diet is the BEST way to look after your skin long term.

Thank you for reading this post from ZestForever today. We hope you have enjoyed it, and we hope you achieve the glowing skin you desire.

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19 thoughts on “Natural Health and Beauty – 8 Steps to Perfect Skin”

  1. awesome article indeed. I have a background in Shampoo manufacturing and I can tell you there are many harsh chemicals in shampoos. I agree with you concerning using an organic shampoo, free from the harsh sulfates, parabins and preservatives. I also agree with the use of coconut oil. Awesome to use.

  2. I enjoyed reading your article. It’s packed with very helpful information. I like the idea of using all natural organic products. Your right about all the toxins out there.

    I’ve heard of coconut oil being a superfood but I had no idea of it’s many uses.

    What do you recommend for men who are interested in having younger looking skin? Thanks for sharing the article with us.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I’m very glad you enjoyed my article. All I can say is I would recommend exactly the same products for both men and women as they are all natural and usually unperfumed. Or for most ranges of organic skin care, if it is not already unisex then they usually have a specific mens range.

      If in doubt just slather on the coconut oil at night as it really is a great all rounder and will definitely keep you looking young.

      But you make a good point to me there as I want my advice to be tailored to both men and women so I shall make some changes to it to reflect that.

      Thank you

  3. Great article. A friend once told me that whatever you cannot eat should not be used on your skin or hair. This is one of the reasons why Olive oil, Coconut oil which you wonderfully mentioned is so good for us.
    nature also provided us a natural shampoo although it may be more expensive than mass produced shampoo.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for that and you are so right about only putting on our skin what we would be happy eating…and it’s so much cheaper so you have more money to spend on the more expensive natural items like the shampoos etc. 

  4. I really love how informative this blog is! It gives specific examples and uses. I am definitely going to try quite a few. And there is no worry about using anything that could cause damaging affects. As a vegan myself I am grateful for your information.

  5. You bring up a valid point about how most beauty products contain chemicals! I used to use a moisturizer that was filled with various chemicals that I could hardly identify! In fact, the virgin coconut oil has been a blessing once I incorporated it into my daily beauty routine! It’s great for moisturizing the skin naturally, and it smells great!

    1. Hi Jillian thanks for reading, and yes coconut oil is just such a wonderful thing, I literally use if for everything. I cook with it, use it as a moisturiser for skin and face, use it as a deep conditioning hair treatment and it’s also  great for whitening teeth.

  6. Hi Stephanie! I liked reading your post on natures way for health and beauty as this is something new to me. My skin care products are all the commercially made ones, and I have never used coconut oil before. I have learned a lot about coconut oil from reading your post.

    I have a question though, does coconut oil have a distinct smell? Doesn’t the odor stay in your hair or on your skin? I don’t like the thought of going around smelling like a coconut. And isn’t it greasy? I might just try it one of these days as I saw it is available at Amazon. Thanks for sharing your beauty care treatment. Very informative.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I’m glad you enjoyed my article. As you can tell I am a massive advocate of coconut oil! Ok, so as for the smell, you van buy fragrance free coconut oil as some people do not like the smell of it, but me personally I love it. It really doesn’t smell strong, in fact it smells sweet and lovely, so if you like coconut I would say use it as much as you like all over. It soon sinks in. Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Stephanie!

    I was looking for a special gift for that special someone in my life and I thought a natural hair or skincare product would be an awesome idea since she is also a vegetarian and keeps her life as close to nature as possible. I’m really leaning toward coconut oil as it has so many uses. Great article!!


    1. Hi Steve, yep you cannot go wrong with coconut oil as it just has so many uses and I’m sure your friend will be very pleased with it. If all else fails at least she can make some chocolate with it ha ha, What more could a girl want?

  8. Awesome awesome article I’ve learned so much about diet and coconut oil. Lavender and many more ideas.I am planning on trying out the coconut oil and going to be much more organic minded and more vegetable based diet minded. Thank so much for all the research you’ve done; now I and many can be if it from it. And loved the video at the end that had professional spokespersons to back up all you have said. Thanks you.

    1. Thanks Scarlett, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, you will love coconut oil as it really is such a great all rounder; people laugh when I tell them that I use coconut oil for pretty much everything haha. And lavender essential oil you will love as it is so nice and gentle on the skin, and it relaxes you too!

  9. Hi Stefanie! I love love LOVE seeing more and more people promoting any all natural and/or organic alternatives to the commercial junk that most people have become accustomed to. I worked in the natural food industry for 6 years and learned a lot about this kind of thing, so you have lots of great valid information here. Thank you for being such a wonderful advocate to the all natural world.

    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for that! I bet your job has taught you so much, and I bet you watch everything you put in your body now you know. I’m the same, but most people don’t have a clue, they think that if something has a good brand name on it then it must be fine to use, and it’s some of the supposedly “high quality” branded products that are among the worst offenders.

      I love being an advocate for all natural products; I use them myself and have seen amazing results so I know they work!

  10. I learned so much from your article. I try and follow a plant based diet as much as I can. It’s just the healthy way to go and best for your body.
    I don’t like the harsh chemicals in the shampoos either. I like when my skin feels and looks good.
    I use coconut oil on my hands and a coconut oil shampoo too. I also love the essential oils. I use frankincense oil on my feet for numbness.
    Is there one essential oil that is better than the others to use?

    1. Hi Rob, it really is great you are following a plant based diet. Makes you feel so much better doesn’t it?
      Yes harsh shampoos and soap really mess with your skin’s Ph and dry it out. Nasty stuff! Especially you need to look out for anything that starts with the letters PEG as these are the worst kind of chemicals to put on your body and can disrupt hormones.

      I’m glad you have discovered essential oils too, I use them a lot, especially in my job at the herbal apothecary, but we use them more medicinally. It’s just amazing what they can do and how powerful they are. For anti aging purposes we use Frankinsense; we put it in most of our creams so that is probably my favorite.

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