Is it time to take charge of your own health so you can live life to your full potential?

We have laid the path to that success out for you!


Tired of trying to figure out what you can eat on a daily basis to keep healthy on your plant based diet?

Or, figuring out which foods you can mix and match to make a complete and satisfying meal?

Then why not try our FAST & EASY, Plant Based and Vegan Weekly Meal Plans for BUSY People and take the stress out of meal times once and for all.


Are you a busy person who doesn't have time to think about continually making new and exciting meals?

Or, maybe you've got into the habit of making the same old recipes week in, week out, because you simply don't know what else to cook?

Meal times can often leave you scratching your head over which dish you are going to come up with for you and your family to enjoy.


This common problem need no longer be an issue for you if you sign up to our BUSY People, Weekly Meal Plans complete with your time saving shopping lists. 

Yes, you will only need to do ONE shop a week with our already 'done for you' grocery lists because they have everything you need to buy for the week ahead.

Not only will we take the hard work out of plant based for you, but we will make sure that it's EASY and fits in with your busy life. This leaves you with plenty of time to relax, enjoy yourself, and not have to continually think about food on a daily basis.


Your Plant Based Recipe Creator


Meet Dr. Vincent Esposito, the creator of the healthy and delicious plant based recipes on your Weekly Meal Plans for BUSY People


 "Our meal plans are 100% plant based, full of whole foods with no junk, no gunk, just a nutritional bomb of goodness in every bite to keep you and your family healthy. And, with new and exciting recipes every week"


Here's what our Subscription Plans can offer you!

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'Real' Food Nutrition

Our meal plans are nutritionally complete. You will not miss out on any key nutrients or macronutrients on this plan because we have all that boring stuff covered for you.

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Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly meal plans + shopping lists sent to your inbox every Friday, leaving you time to do your shopping and simple meal prep ready for the week ahead. This is a great time saver that you'll love!

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Life-Changing Benefits

Benefits of a plant based diet may include: more energy, less aches and pains, glowing skin, higher clarity, better mood, a healthier body in general, WEIGHT LOSS, and a more positive outlook on life.

Family Friendly Recipes

“If only I'd come across these easy meal plans when I first attempted to go completely plant based and I probably wouldn't have failed. The recipes are easy and all my family enjoyed them, especially the high protein granola, OMG delicious! That's a staple in our house now. Even have the hubby on board (sometimes even the kids)... and we've both lost weight (mostly excess tummy fat)  Thanks so much ZestForever” — Matt & Lisa Davenport

What The Plant Based Experts Say About This Lifestyle


After many years of combined knowledge and studies, plant based Doctors, Nutritionists and other experts such as Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Professor T. Colin Campbell, John McDougall MD and Dr. Vincent Esposito (the creator of your meal plans) consistently conclude the same possible benefits of the whole foods, plant based lifestyle.

These findings include:-

Lower Risk of Disease in General
Stronger Immunity
Less Brain Fog & More Clarity
More Energy & Higher Fitness Levels
Excess Weight Loss
Fewer Aches & Pains in General due to Less Chronic Inflammation
Clearer & Brighter Skin due to High Levels of Antioxidants
Better Stress Coping Mechanism    

"Eat To Live, Or Eat To Die"

-Dr. Sebi


Benefits Of Our Subscription

WEEKLY NUTRITIOUS MEAL PLANS - designed by our Nutritionist and sent straight to your inbox weekly.
COST EFFECTIVENESS - you will SAVE money on your shopping bill when you use our system, thus off-setting any cost from the subscription. Our digital meal plans comes in at under $2.50 per week and is billed on a monthly cycle of $9.49 (Around £6.99).
SIMPLE SHOPPING LISTS - we will send you your new week's shopping list on a Saturday ready for the week ahead. You will be given a list of store cupboard staples at the start of your subscription, meaning only fresh goods need to be purchased weekly. 
TIME SAVING - You will save an enormous amount of time with our weekly meal plans, due to batch cooking, 1 x weekly shop only, plus super easy recipes that are prepared in minimal time.
BEGINNER'S BONUSES - When you sign up to our risk fee meal plans, you will receive our 4 FREE bonus books to make your life easier going forward on your plant based diet. These books are exclusive to meal plan subscribers only.   They include: 100% HEALTHY SNACKS BOOK, DELICIOUS GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPES, 10 EASY TO SOURCE, BUDGET FRIENDLY SUPERFOODS and 20 EVERYDAY, FAST FAT BURNING FOODS.    

Eating For Fuel!

"As a Cycle Courier I need LOTS of energy and good fuel to keep me going for 50 miles a day. The simple and healthy recipes on this meal plan are perfect for me because they are filling, energising, and best of all, are time-saving - all of which are crucial to my busy life on the streets" - Sam Warr  


How Do I Stay Inspired And Keep On Track, Even When The Going Gets Tough?

This is a common question that comes up time and time again.

The simple answer is though keeping your meals exciting and varied. And, from never letting your taste buds get bored, instead keeping them tantalised with new flavours and new ideas continually.

Our Nutritionist will teach you new ways to prepare and cook your meals that will stay with your forever. You're not just getting a meal plan here, you're getting a course in how to cook and eat healthily for the rest of your life, and that's priceless.

But, What About Protein? Will I Get Enough Just From Plant Foods?

We promise you protein will not be an issue on our nutritionally complete meal plans.

There are an abundance of amino acids in plant foods. More than you have been conditioned to realise. For instance, did you know that gram for gram, dried pulses contain just as much protein as beefsteak?

Or, that there are many high protein vegetables, such as kale, broccoli, asparagus and even sprouts?

Yes, you will find ample protein everywhere you look in the plant world. 

Will I Obtain All The Nutrients I need On A Plant Based Diet?

The short answer to this is YES!

There are WAY more nutrients in plant foods such as pulses, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables than there are in any animal products.

For instance, you can get your iron from leafy green veg and certain pulses; your calcium from figs, soy, nuts, seeds, greens, butternut squash, oranges and sweet potato, and your B-Vitamins from wholegrains and many other nut, seeds and fruits.

No, you will NEVER miss out on nutrition if you eat a whole food plant based diet!

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In our thriving group you will find the creator of your nutritionally complete meal plans Dr. Vincent Esposito on hand. He, along with the other knowledgeable group Admins, will guide you and help you with any questions you may have regarding your plant based and vegan meal plans, your recipes, and anything else you would like to ask about.

We want for you to be able to transition to the plant based diet as safely and easily as possible, and with all the information on hand that you could possibly need. Our uber friendly group can offer you that should you need it, so don't be shy and come join us today.

Some of the mouth-watering meals you'll be eating on our subscription plan