What is Hemp Protein? A Superior Muscle Building Food

What is Hemp Protein?

What is hemp protein? Hemp is a superior muscle building food that is fast gaining popularity in the health and fitness industry as a plant based protein superstar. This post will explain just why it comes out on top as one of the best muscle building supplements compared to other popular proteins such as pea, soy, and rice, and why you should consider its addition into your diet whether you are in training or not.


Amino Acids:-

Hemp truly is a gift from nature: containing 20 amino acids (including 9 essential amino acids) hemp is considered a complete protein. Essential amino acids need to be added into the diet mainly for the reason that the body cannot produce its own, and all these are abundant in hemp. 

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Amino acids are the compounds that combine together to make protein, and both of these are the building blocks of the entire body. This explains why protein plays such a crucial role in human health, and also why it is such a buzz word in the fitness industry where it is used for tissue growth and repair as a result of vigorous exercise.

However, getting enough protein is also vital to us all whatever our age and whether we are active or not, as not getting enough can lead to muscle wastage. This is a very bad thing in terms of your health as muscle mass not only helps regulate hormones, but is also vital to keep your body stable and your organs and bones protected.



Muscle is the engine of the fat burning process. Muscle, gram for gram, burns more calories than fat even when at rest, all day, every day, and so it makes sense to build a good framework of muscle on your body for this reason alone.

You can do this more efficiently with certain weight bearing exercises such as resistance training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), power walking, dancing, kettle bell training, or basically anything that uses controlled movements. These will all cause resistance in the muscles, thus making them stronger and more powerful over time.

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Learning how to burn fat and build muscle will not only help to keep you fit and healthy for life, but will also reduce your risk of almost every modern day illness and disease – and of course you will look and feel amazing to boot! Yes, all of these great benefits will be yours if you put in a little extra effort to keep that muscle mass up.

Please note that you don’t need to use heavy weights, or even any weights at, all to build muscle. There are a lot of exercises that use your own body weight as resistance, such as power walking, dancing, and most HIIT exercises.


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Building more muscle will give you much stronger joints and ligaments and bones that are less likely to break in any situation, such as accidents or sports injuries. This will be especially beneficial as you age when bone density naturally decreases and the recovery time after a break or a fall increases.


The more muscle mass you have on your body, the less likely you are to injure or break bones. Think about it like this, having plenty of muscle around your stomach or back will help protect your internal organs and spine from injury in certain situations such as being hit by a car, falling off a ladder, or even minor accidents such as tripping on a paving slab.


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As your body adapts to the higher demands put upon it through strength training it builds up a reserve of energy, which then makes ALL other smaller tasks seem like a piece of cake. Have you ever noticed how energetic you feel after a run, or any other exercise that gets your heart rate up? All of a sudden you’re bursting with energy and ready to go, that’s how awesome exercise is for your body.

I have noticed this major benefit in myself since I started regularly doing resistance training and building up my muscle mass, plus eating a highly plant based diet. I always feel like I’m ready to do anything, and never have that ‘can’t be bothered’ or ‘I’m too tired’ feeling that I used to get whilst trying to psyche myself up for physical activity. So there you go, being physically fit really does give you more energy and zest for life in general.


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Having more muscle mass on your frame makes it easier for your muscles to absorb sugars directly from the bloodstream. This is good news as it means those excess sugars rather than being stored as fat, will be stored as glycogen in the muscles ready to be used directly as energy. Especially a good thing in terms of diabetes which is an inability for the body to clear excess sugars from the blood efficiently.


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Strength training not only is the best drug free option to lower high blood pressure, but it also strengthens your heart (which in itself is a muscle) making it easier for it to do its job of pumping blood around the body.

Exercise also lowers blood pressure naturally, which in turn decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack – and all without taking nasty drugs. Even 5 minutes of running up and down the stairs 3 x daily will get your blood pressure down, so there’s no excuses on this one – just get moving as much as possible.


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I am 100% sure that weight bearing exercise, along with a low GI diet, played a huge role in helping me cure my depression. These two things combined can be like a miracle cure for this kind of mental illness. This is because a cascade of feel good hormones and endorphins are released when you exercise, which literally blasts the blues right out of your system. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of how this works – I just know it does, and I’m talking even severe depression like I had. You just need to be patient and don’t expect miracles instantly as the path to healing is a journey that takes patience and time.

Exercise is way more effective with depression when combined with a low GI diet, high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, and a good B vitamin complex. Low GI eating keeps your blood sugar much more stable, and this in itself will help defuse anxiety and depression. It cannot be stressed enough that all these things work in harmony and should be done together to feel the greatest benefits, and in fact, you probably won’t get very good results at all without all of them.

There are also other tips and methods on easing depression naturally which should be applied for even better results; it is a multi-faceted issue that needs lots of different variables to come into place to be treated effectively.


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Stress is actually the root cause of most illness and disease (including the above two) and is the BIGGEST KILLER of modern times. When you are stressed your body believes there to be a potential threat, which then throws it into fight or flight mode. This triggers the release of the hormone cortisol into your system, which in essence is a big hit of sugar to the bloodstream which gives you the energy to run away or fight (hence the term fight or flight) the real, or usually imagined, threat.

This over reaction is a throwback from our caveman DNA, but because of the continual stressors of modern life is something that is being triggered, for many of us, all day every day. This gives you some concept of how easy it is to mess your whole body up over time and not even know it’s happening.

Burning excess sugar off:-

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The reality of the situation is usually there is no actual threat that you need that you would need this extreme burst of adrenaline for; therefore you never do burn off those extra sugars from the bloodstream like your system was designed to do. This unfortunately causes them to be laid down as fat, and were talking specifically dangerous belly fat here, which is the worst kind.

Not only does exercise help burn off these sugars before they turn into fat, but it also releases opiates into your system. These are the body’s own natural painkillers that act as powerful anti stress messengers to make you feel relaxed and chilled.


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Finally, and probably one of the best side effects: resistance training will get you buff (as if you needed any more reasons), and there’s NOTHING more satisfying than looking in the mirror and seeing a fit healthy body. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but because you know that in having a lean body and well defined muscles you are helping to protect yourself from many diseases and adding quality years to your life in the process.


What is Hemp Protein? A Superior Muscle Building Food

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Hemp protein is good for everyone whether you are in training of some kind, or just being a couch potato. This is more true for those following plant based and vegan diets where meeting protein needs can be more difficult. We all need protein, just some more than others, and usually a person who does no exercise and eats animal products will be getting more than their daily requirements and therefore there will be no need to supplement.

If you are in recovery from an operation or illness then your requirements may be greater; or if you eat lots of junk food then a low GI protein powder like hemp may help stabilise your blood sugars, plus fill you up and stop you snacking.


  • Hemp protein provides the perfect 3:1 ratio of the fatty acids omega 3 and 6, and also contains the healthful GLA (Glamma Linolenic Acid) which is very hard to find in other plant products. GLA is known to be helpful for many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, skin problems, ADHD, high blood pressure, MS, obesity and PMS.
  • It contains NO sugar or saturated fats.
  • Hemp helps to ‘cleanse the colon’ due to its high amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber. These will help push toxins out of your body, and would be more effective still when combined with other foods that help to detoxify the body.
  • Hemp protein is highly nutritious and contains high amounts of fiber, antioxidants, chlorophyl, and minerals.
  • Hemp protein can also help regulate blood sugar, making it perfect for diabetics or anybody who may suffer with sugar/carbohydrate cravings (that will be most of us then) due to it being high fiber with a low GI value. Low GI foods regulate blood sugar levels to help keep them stable, and you full. Find out more here about low GI foods.
  • Immune system boost – hemp protein contains the globular proteins albumin and edestin; both of which help with anti-body formation, making them vital for a healthy immune system.
  • Hemp being a plant protein, is superior to animal as it does not contribute to inflammation in the body like many animal products do – in fact it lowers inflammation!
  • Hemp protein is a perfect addition for those on a plant based or vegan diet plan.
  • Chronic inflammation is also caused by stress, and this stress induced type of inflammation is another root cause of disease. This is why I recommend veering towards a more plant based way of eating altogether for increased protection.



Hemp protein powder, in my opinion, tastes better than some of the other plant protein powders out there but you will probably want to whiz it up with some nut milk and a banana (or some other sweetener) to not only make it a lot tastier, but add extra nutrients and make it more filling. As it might take some getting used to, you can build up the dosage incrementally to see what your gut tolerance to it is like.

How Much Hemp Protein Do I Need?

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The average person needs about 1-2 grams of protein per kg of body weight per day, but this may also be dependent on individual needs. It’s important to remember that the body can only assimilate about 30 grams of protein at a time and consuming more than this may very well be useless, and could even go down as fat instead if not burnt off! Leave at least 2 hour periods in between high protein powder supplements and other meals.

If you feel you need some extra protein in your life then hemp would be a great choice. I would advise to always buy organic for superior quality, and also to cut your chances of  the over consumption of any pesticides and fertilizers that may be lurking in there.

PROTEIN BLENDS (These are awesome!)

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Another great option that you could go for is a plant based protein blend, because it’s always good to shake things up and not stick to the same protein sources all the time. Doing this will be sure to give you an array of ALL the amino acids and nutrients vital to health. Blends are usually specially formulated to incorporate different protein sources in their perfect ratios for a complete amino acid profile, which is why I love and recommend them so much.

Some of the products available on the market right now are just mind-blowing, and will help you create a super strong and healthy body if you use them right. Many have added green superfood powders, along with digestive enzymes, nutrients, probiotics, and so many other healthful goodies all in one nutritious hit.

I have avidly researched and devised a full list (with reviews) of the most nutrient dense plant based protein powders, so go ahead and take a look.

I’d love to know how you get on with your protein powders; how well they work for you, and also what your favorites are. It’s all great for my research and helps me to deliver the best information to my readers. Your comments, or any questions you may have, are always very appreciated and will be answered personally by me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, now go get muscle building!

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Stefanie Taylor
Plant based eating is set to EXPLODE in 2019; not just for health reasons, but also to help keep our beautiful planet thriving. Having lived this healthful lifestyle for over 2 years, I can honestly say I feel pretty awesome for it and now feel the need to share the path to ultimate health with others.

That's why zestforever was born, to share my experiences, trials and errors, how I overcame them, and how to turn to this lifestyle in such a way that you will thrive too!

Good nutrition has helped me throughout my life, and in fact, got me through some pretty rough times. I have lived, breathed, studied, and tried and tested healthy foods, superfoods and diets for as long I can remember, but nothing has come close to giving me the health buzz that plant based eating has.

To expand my knowledge I have also studied and worked as a Sports Nutritional Advisor, and have also done courses in Nutritional Therapy and Clinical Weight Loss - all of which can tie in with the plant based diet. I am an avid exerciser and understand the plant based nutritional needs required for sports.

This website is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical diseases or illnesses. It's merely meant as a way of showing you how to boost your health through the eating of more nutritious plant foods in place of junk foods.

I am grateful for your support, and I hope that the tips and guides you find here will help to guide you on your own plant based journey.

18 thoughts on “What is Hemp Protein? A Superior Muscle Building Food”

  1. I have not come across this term yet. Good to know about hemp protein. As a vegetarian, I am always looking for better ways to keep up. This is helpful

    • Hi Sudhadeep, thanks for reading and I’m glad you have learnt something new :). Always happy to help if you have any questions on plant based eating.

  2. Wonderful article, enjoyed reading it through and learning things I did not know before about plant based eating. Hopefully I can find ways to work this into my own life. It’s always great to stay healthy.

  3. I have used hemp protein a few times, but never knew the benefits, thanks for the detailed information I will continue to purchase the product thanks.

  4. I actually wanted to find a vegan protein source which has high amounts of fiber because I simply can’t consume my daily requirement and after reading this, I am sure that hemp protein can help.

    • Hi Furkan, yes hemp would definitely be a good choice for you then. You may also want to mix it with a little pea, rice or some other protein powders (not soy for a guy unless you want lots of estrogen messing with your hormones) to get different nutrients and amino acid profiles, but this would be more for people doing high amounts of protein every day such as weight lifters. Hemp is actually good on its own anyway.

  5. This sounds like a much better choice for someone like me, since I have a thyroid disorder and have to avoid soy. Hemp seeds are tasty, I’ve had them in salads, but never as powder. Thanks for the great suggestions and info!

    • Hi Penelope, yes too much soy can be bad for anybody, especially if you take it in an isolated form as in a soy protein powder. And I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for men as it is estrogenic. I can’t have it either as it throws my hormones out of wack, so as you can imagine, as a vegan, it is hard to find food choices as most vegan foods are substituted with soy protein. I just have to stick to lots of nuts, seeds and pulses.

      Yes, I love hemp seeds too! They tasted totally different to the powder, but that is because the powder has had its protein isolated and most of the fats taken out in order to get a much higher protein content.

  6. Wow, what a superb information, very very helpful. Many people are unaware of plant proteins and think that proteins can only be consumed from meat which is wrong. Superb information and I am going to forward this to many people I know. I am a big fan of your writing and the type of information you share in your articles, thank you.

    • Thanks Sara, I’m happy you are a fan of my articles, as I am yours. Yes, most people believe that protein must come from animal products. I have had many people ask me where I get my protein from on my plant based diet so I always have a list ready in my head to tel them. Ha ha. The truth is there are just an abundance of plant based proteins, and personally I feel (as do many vegans) that they are better than animal proteins as in they are lighter and cleaner and not so acid forming (as in they cause inflammation in the body). We all know now that chronic inflammation is the root cause of so many illnesses and diseases.

      I can actually say first hand that I believe this to be true due to the fact that in the last year since I have eaten plant based I have not been sick once, even though I work in a job where I am around sick people a lot I never catch anything. I put this totally down to not having the inflammation in my body that I had previously as a meat and dairy eater.

  7. Hi Stefanie,

    This is a very informative post on plant protein. I especially like the green superfoods as a workout supplement because of their diverse benefits.

    They not only build muscle tissue and give you that extra energy, but they also prevent several life threatening ailments. They also promote a sense of well being.

    • Hi Oska, yes hemp is just amazing for so many things as we are now discovering, and it’s superior protein is another one of those things to add on to the list. I use hemp protein a lot but I prefer to mix it into a blend with something like brown rice or pea rather than have just hemp alone This gives it a better rounded amino acid profile and also makes it taste better, plus gives it a better texture.

      You are right about the sense of well-being you get from eating plant based. I have never felt so good, slept so well, or indeed looked so good as I do now I am mostly vegan.

  8. Must say Stefanie, another fantastic article. Every time I come to your website to learn more about taking care of myself you always deliver. I never heard of hemp powder as a way to get the protein you need, and you shared all the benefits that go along with it too. I am definitely going to give this a try. I also was surprised when you said our body’s don’t produce the protein we need. I believe many can benefit from your articles and will continue to share them.
    Thank you so much and look forward to your next one,

    • Hi David, well I’m glad you are enjoying my posts. I like to educate on plant based eating as I believe it is one of the best ways for people to help protect themselves against so many diseases. Along with keeping fit of course!

      Our bodies can only produce protein after we have eaten protein (which contains amino acids); it’s the amino acid’s in the protein we eat that are then used to build muscle etc. But we do make some amino acid’s, just not all, which is why some of them are called essential amino acid’s and some not… it’s a bit complicated ha ha. But it is however, vital that we get enough of these essential amino acid’s to stay healthy. Hemp protein has a good profile of these, hence why it is a popular one in the plant based nutrition industry.

  9. This is a very interesting post.I am just wondering is the hemp protein made from the hemp cannabis plant, or from another? For 2 years I have a lot of wild hemp plants growing here.

    • Hi Robin, yes the hemp protein is made from the hemp plant but not the same part of the plant that is used as a drug. Hemp is now being used for loads of things including the CBD oil, but none of it gets you high. It’s interesting you have lots of hem plants growing wild. What part of the world do you live in?

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