High Protein, Low Carb Snacks

10 High Protein, Low Carb Snacks Recipes – ALL Plant Based!

By Stefanie Taylor / June 30, 2019

Often high protein diets (especially those designed for weight loss) require you to eat copious amounts of animal products with little fruits, vegetables or legumes for fiber and nutrients. The […]

What is a Complete Amino Acid Profile on a Plant Based Diet?

What is a Complete Amino Acid Profile on a Plant Based Diet?

By Stefanie Taylor / April 4, 2019

This post has been reviewed by our registered dietitian Celine Maetti If you’re asking the question “what is a complete amino acid profile on a plant based diet?” then this […]

13 Best Plant Based Protein Powders of 2022

13 Best Plant Based Protein Powders of 2022

By Stefanie Taylor / May 31, 2018

Making the healthful change to a more plant based lifestyle is one of the greatest things you can do for your health and well-being. But, when starting out, you may […]

What is Hemp Protein

What is Hemp Protein? A Superior Muscle Building Food

By Stefanie Taylor / December 7, 2017

What is hemp protein? Hemp is a superior muscle building food that is fast gaining popularity in the health and fitness industry as a plant based protein superstar. In this […]

Highest protein foods list

Highest Plant Based Protein Foods List To Meet Your Quota

By Stefanie Taylor / June 21, 2017

The plant based is taking off in a BIG way right now, and for very good reason. Many athletes, body builders, and just the general health conscious are now turning […]

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