What are Vitamin E Benefits? Highest 16 Food Sources

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Vitamin E is an essential, fat soluble antioxidant. It plays a role in preventing damage done to the body by the free radicals we are all exposed to every day.

It therefore acts as a powerful anti aging vitamin in the fight against a toxic modern life, and it’s VITAL we meet our daily quota to stay healthy.

But what are vitamin E benefits other than this, and what are the highest food sources?

What is Vitamin E for?

The powerful antioxidant vitamin E plays a role in the proper functioning of systems of the body. This includes the immune system, organs, and general processes of the brain, thus making it an essential nutrient for everybody.

This is why a good supply of vitamin E is crucial, and this cannot be emphasised enough.

However, vitamin E is only needed in supplement form if your supply from your diet is low. OR if you are recommended them by a professional for other reasons.

Here is a list of the highest food sources (which is the safest and best way to obtain it). You should be eating at least 2-3 portions of those on this list daily to cover your needs.

Top 16 Highest Food Sources of Vitamin E

  1. Almonds
  2. Avocados
  3. Hazelnuts
  4. Pine Nuts
  5. Pecans
  6. Pistachios
  7. Green leafy veggies (preferably raw or very lightly cooked).
  8. Red Peppers
  9. Butternut Squash
  10. Olives and olive oil
  11. Mango
  12. Apricots
  13. Cranberries
  14. Wheatgerm oil
  15. Blackberries/currants
  16. Sunflower seeds and oil

Vitamin E Benefits


anti aging skin

Free radicals are unpaired electrons that steal electrons from your healthy cells, thus destroying them in the process. The less healthy cells you have, the more susceptible you will become to disease.

Vitamin E has certain isomers which have a powerful ability to reduce the free radical damage and inflammation that can be the precursor to many diseases.

It is just one of many antioxidant rich foods that can help repair damaged cells and delay aging on a cellular level. Adding them into your daily diet may make a difference to your health and help delay aging.

Ensure you obtain a good array of antioxidants!

A lot of antioxidants and other nutrients work well together as a team, which is why it’s a good idea to ensure a complete array of them all.

For compete skin care nutrients, you should also be adding lots of collagen promoting foods to your diet along with vitamin E rich foods. This will really give your skin an anti aging boost from two different angles, both antioxidant AND collagen rebuilding.


Vitamin E (used both topically and internally) strengthens capillary walls and helps to improve moisture and elasticity. It also reduces inflammation of the skin, which results in a more youthful glowing complexion.

Skin protection

The antioxidant properties in vitamin E can also help neutralise damage caused by sunlight and smoking. This will ultimately help greatly to protect the skin against cancer.

Skin cancer is very common in those who live in sunny climates. Or, those who just love the sun and go out in it often without high SPF protection. If you are one of these people then you will need to be extra vigilant with your vitamin E intake.

Another benefit of vitamin E is its ability to help with the healing process of acne, eczema, scars and wrinkles to help keep skin looking smooth and flawless. It works its magic for this particular purpose when taken both in supplementation form and as an oil applied topically to the skin itself.


Vitamin E oil for face

If you buy your vitamin E oil in a capsule, then you can break one open (or stick a pin in it) and squeeze out the oil onto your fingers. Then just apply straight onto your face as a very intensive, night time moisturiser.

Or, apply around your eyes to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and lower the visibility of black circles and bags.

Hair and scalp

You can also use vitamin E oil as an intensive scalp and hair moisturiser in the same way, by splitting open the capsule. It’s best to add it to a small amount of carrier oil (sesame or coconut would be good), so it goes further.

Just apply to scalp or hair, leave for 30 minutes and wash.


blue eyes

Along with that carrot a day, you also need adequate levels of Vitamin E to keep your eyes healthy.

But, vitamin E needs to be consumed along with a diet that also contains vitamin A, Zinc and Beta Carotene (which is highest in carrots).

All of these nutrients work together to keep your precious peepers in good health. They also decrease the risks of macular degeneration – a common cause of blindness.

You will get many of the nutrients you need for eyes with a plant based diet. This type of diet will also contain lots of vitamin E foods within it naturally.



Vitamin E plays a crucial part in keeping your hormonal system balanced. This means less PMS and its side effects to deal with, such as bloating, IBS, irritability, anxiety and depression to name just a few.

Hormonal balance is also crucial in keeping weight under control, which in itself  affects hormones.

Vitamin E can play a role in breaking this vicious circle of weight and hormones when taken in the higher doses of a temporary supplementation, rather than just through food alone.


The antioxidant abilities of vitamin E oil for hair can help decrease the damage done by environmental factors. It will also keep the scalp moist, preventing it from becoming flaky and dry, making it great for dandruff too.

This result is seen best when taking vitamin E in supplementation. Also, from applying the oil directly to the scalp and hair (only a few drops is needed).


woman running

As Vitamin E increases your energy by promoting good blood circulation, supplementation can improve your endurance while exercising. Its antioxidant properties will also help reduce the oxidative stress on your muscles, meaning quicker repairing and healing time after a workout.

Physical exercise is a crucial addition to anti aging and the prevention of so many diseases in itself, along with a healthy diet plan and other lifestyle changes.


As you can see, Vitamin E really is a vital part of a healthy diet. If you’re not eating good amounts of the above vitamin E rich foods, then you won’t need to consider supplementation.

Do not supplement long term unless advised to do so by a health care practitioner or doctor.

DO try to obtain what you need from diet and the eating of at least 3 portions daily of the foods on the above list.

ALWAYS buy good quality Vitamin E supplements if you are required to use them and have been cleared by your doctor to do so.

Bad quality supplements may be bulked out with fillers and other chemical nasties that have no place in your body. Or, they may be in a synthetic form which renders their bio-availability in the body questionable.

Warnings and side effects of using vitamin E supplements internally

You should consult with your doctor before using supplements for internal use. There can be certain side effects, which include:-

  • Interference with certain medications, including chemotherapy.
  • Negative side effects if you take too much. Therefore it’s crucial to follow dosage instructions carefully and from your medical professional.

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16 thoughts on “What are Vitamin E Benefits? Highest 16 Food Sources”

  1. Great post full of wonderful information. What surprised me the most is that vitamin E can benefit the vision. I guess you learn new things everyday. I personally use vitamin E oil on my skin and my hair. I also use it to help prolong the shelf life of many of my homemade products. It is a wonderful oil.

    1. Hi there and thanks for reading, I’m glad you found the information useful. Yes, Vitamin E is amazing, I take it every day now I know it has all these benefits. Especially the anti aging and antioxidant values it has. What’s not to like!

      It’s interesting to hear about it prolonging the shelf life of your homemade products, maybe this is the reason why it helps prolong our lives as well. Just a thought.

  2. This is a really refreshing site seeing the slices of lemon at the top was a great stimulant making me want to read through the rest. You have provided some very valuable information and you have presented it in a concise and clear format. I can see I will have to begin taking more vitamin E. Do you think we get sufficient from the foods you have listed or should we also take it in capsule form?
    I had no idea it had so many benefits so thank you for this information.

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for reading and I am glad you found my post interesting. In regards to your question, I think it is always good to supplements as well as eat the foods as many times these days the food we eats nutrients are often damaged by storage and processing. If we were to pick something and eat it instantly like nature intended then we would get a lot more out of it.

      Also, supplementation of certain nutrients as we get older is much more important as the body becomes less efficient at extracting, absorbing and utilising nutrients. And as Vitamin E has such powerful ant aging benefits, especially for the brain and helping stave of dementia and alzheimers it is definitely worth taking a good quality supplement. I have got my mum and dad on them as they are at that age where I know they need to do everything they can to stay healthy.

      I also highly recommend turmeric supplements along with the vitamin E as again they help stave off many diseases and illnesses. If you go to my website blog roll you will find a post about turmeric that you may find helpful. I have done my best to thoroughly research everything for the the latest information and research. Hope this helps, and please let me know or leave a comment if you have any more questions as I love to help. Thanks

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    I have hormonal imbalances, I didn’t know vitamin E could help with that. I’ll make sure to incorporate vitamin E in my skin regimen.

    I eat fairly healthy, but would you recommend adding a vitamin E supplement? If so which one? There are so many out there, in different forms. Some are in pill form, others liquid? Does it matter when it comes to the absorption?

    Great and informative post!

    1. Hi there and thanks for reading and enjoying my article. Yes, vitamin E is amazing and I too suffered with hormonal imbalances which is one of the reasons I started studying nutrition. I am in a much better place now due to completely overhauling my diet and doing weight bearing exercise (this alone made such a difference as weight bearing exercise like gym work, circuit training, power walking  release good feeling hormones and regulate the whole hormonal system). I also mostly eat a plant based diet so I’m not getting excess animal hormones in my system which can mess things up as well.

      As for the Vitamin E supplements, I would say if you have a specific problem then yes you will need more than the average person, so I would probably eat a good amount if Vitamin E rich foods like those on the list and take a supplement as well for a while to see how this works.   I think the best supplements will be the ones from trusted, natural and organic brands such as Solgar, (which are the ones I sell on my site), Nature’s Plus, Natures Own, Higher Nature. Though I am not sure if they all sell vitamin E. Also, I have recently read new research that says when it comes to Vitamin E supplements it is crucial that you take them with or just after a meal that contains some fat as Vit E needs fat and other nutrients from food for absorption.

      Hope this helps and please let me know if you would like any more help.

  4. This is a great post and everyone should know about it Vitamin E oil Benefits. I have to appreciate you not only for the content but also your way of presenting your content which engaging and interesting. All the very best for your success.

    1. Hi Sajeeth, thanks for your comment, I really appreciate what you say, and yes Vitamin E oil is a fantastic antioxidant that everybody needs, so make sure you go along and buy some, or at the least make sure you are incorporating it as much as possible into your diet through your food.

  5. It’s amazing to me how the same vitamin can show up in so many different presentations of food. I knew avocados were vitamin E rich and so I just try to eat them all the time. curious about why you recommend that specific supplement for vitamin e? I know there are a lot out there and was wondering what makes that one better. thanks for the info!

    1. Hi Penelope yes vitamin E is very important for health so you definitely have to make sure you’re eating it every day. I picked that specific vitamin E (providing the link hasn’t been changed like can happen with Amazon onelink) because it has to be taken along with other nutrients/fats and it is naturally sourced and not synthetic like so many supplements are. This makes it’s bioavailability and absorption higher.

      It is also important to know (as it may not indicate on the packaging) that vitamin E only really works when taken with it after foods, due to the fact it needs other nutrients for absorption. Hope this helps.

  6. Thanks Sarah, yes I eat vitamin E rich foods every day, especially now I am a vegan as I believe it is even more important to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need then. It is a powerful antioxidant and works well alongside other antioxidants such as vitamin C and selenium.

  7. I just bought some vitamin e oil in the oil form. I take steroids for a medical condition. They cause me to have super thin skin and my little dogs can just barely run there claws on my arm causing immediate bleeding under the skin which is so ugly. I did some research, and decided that this was my best route. I can tell you that the healing process is accelerated quite a bit. They used to take 2 to 3 weeks to go away, and now with regular use they are gone in a week. The bottle I bought is tiny, and I am about ready for some more. Is there any brand that might be better than another?

    1. Wow, that’s interesting that you have seen first hand how beneficial vitamin E oil is for skin repair! My advice would be to also be sure you are eating lots of those lovely vitamin E rich foods from the list in the post, as getting it in its organic form straight from the food source would also be a good idea and an extra reassurance.

      I think when it comes to which brand to buy I would always say go for all natural brands that DON’T use artificial fillers or preservatives, and preferably organic. Brands I love are Solgar, Nature’s Plus, G&G, Viridian, and Lambert’s. I am not sure if all of these are available in the US, but most of them probably are.

  8. You know, I’ve read some information in the past about Vitamin E, but it never laid out the information to compel me to take additional, this is great. As I get older and push my body a little more physically, I know the endurance would be a great benefit of adding more to my diet. I do take a regular vitamin, but I just looked and it’s Vitamin E is fairly low. Thank for the post, I always love your articles.

    1. Hi Brian, yes vitamin E is even more vital as we age as our bodies become less able to absorb nutrients like it can when we are younger. And, if you do lots of physical exercise then you will probably need a bit more than the average person.

      Often vitamin E is lacking in a multivitamin, as are a lot of other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, omega 3 and vitamin C. These nutrients are bulky and don’t usually come in high doses in minute amounts such as a multivitamin pill. There’s just not enough space!

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