What is Resveratrol in? The Highest Food Sources

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You have likely heard of resveratrol for its use in anti aging and beauty products, but what is resvertrol in food wise?

In this post, we will go into the highest food sources that contain this anti aging compound. We’ll also see if the science backs up the claims of its anti aging abilities.

Anti aging compounds (such as resveratrol) are also anti aging for the whole body. This is a side effect that many people don’t even think twice about. But, in terms of health, anti aging on the inside is SO much more important than the outside. It’s all the better when we can do both at once right? 

Resveratrol is anti aging because it is so high in the antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight the free radical cell damage that causes overall body and brain aging.

The more antioxidant rich foods you can get into your diet, the slower you will age, both on the inside and the outside. This means ultimately less risk of age related diseases.

Resveratrol  supplements for anti aging

woman with good skin

Resveratrol comes in a much higher dose in the form of supplementation. It acts like an antioxidant that may help towards inhibiting the aging process, especially when it’s taken alongside a  whole food plant based diet that contains the natural food sources of resveratrol. Plus an array of colourful and antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

It’s important to understand that for best results, ALL anti aging foods (or supplements for that matter) need to be taken alongside a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle in general.

Any supplement should just act as that final boost to push your health to the next level and shouldn’t be relied upon solely to do all the work.

Does Resveratrol Really Work?

Harvard Medical School researchers have now confirmed that the resveratrol compound found in red grapes does indeed provide anti aging benefits.

The study shows that antioxidant rich resveratrol directly activates a protein in the body that leads to health and longevity.

It has also been discovered in the same research that more potent drugs with pharmaceutical compounds not unlike resveratrol, may have the potential for preventing and treating age related diseases.

A potential ‘major player’ in anti aging

This evidences suggests that resveratrol could potentially be a major player for anti aging. But, would require proper supplementation at much higher doses than cannot be found in foods alone.

This is because, once metabolised by the liver, only small amounts of resveratrol actually get into the bloodstream where they can be of use. Therefore, it goes without saying you should always buy good quality resveratrol to be sure you are getting it in its most bio available and organic form.

If you are thinking of using resveratrol supplements for medical reasons, then always consult with your doctor first in case of any contraindications with other drugs.

Highest Food Sources of Resveratrol

glass of red wine

As well as supplementation, eat these tasty foods too:-

  1. Dark berries
  2. Red grapes
  3. Peanuts
  4. Red wine

Eating these will help boost the anti aging effects of the resveratrol supplement. Fruits and vegetables are rich in many other anti aging antioxidants that will work in harmony together to enhance the overall effect.

There are not many foods that contain this compound, hence the reason most people prefer to supplement.

Also, whilst one glass of red wine may be healthy and have some great benefits, any more than that could be damaging. Alcohol is a toxin after all; and too many toxins lead to cell damage and ultimately accelerated aging!

The Best Resveratrol Supplements

There are a lot of resveratrol supplements on the market these days, so be sure to always go for quality over quantity.

Always read the labels carefully before use. Bio-availability and absorbability into the body is something to also be mindful of too, otherwise you’ll just pee it out.

Here I have found a brand called Puredia that are leading the way in bio-available products.

Their resveratrol supplements contain concentrated trans-resveratrol from the root of the Japanese knotweed combined with black grape skin to give a potent, broad spectrum product.

Time Health Resveratrol – Natural Trans-Resveritrol Antioxidant Protection

Click Image to Take a Closer Look at this Product
  • Time Released 180 Capsules
  • Helps support cardiovascular function
  • 3 Month Supply
  • Absolutely NO filler, binders or additives
  • Split dosage for proven maximum absorption
  • Manufactured in the UK from raw materials

Possible side effects

  • Healthy people usually tolerate resveratrol well. But, here aren’t actually any conclusive dosage amounts so, always read manufacturers labels carefully.
  • Can increase bleeding and bruising when taken alongside anti clotting drugs.
  • Do not use alongside blood pressure, anxiety, or immunosuppressant drugs.
  • If you are on any drugs, it is wise to check with your doctor before use.

To Conclude – Your Natural Anti Aging Plan:

  • Eat resveratrol rich foods such as peanuts, black grapes and red wine (obviously in moderation) often.
  • Check out these other anti aging products and see which could benefit you.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week and get a sweat up. Toxins are released when you sweat – toxins that would otherwise accelerate the aging process in your body.
  • Cut out refined sugars as much as possible. They mess with blood sugar and cause insulin spikes, which also accelerate the aging process. 
  • Add lots of antioxidant rich foods to your diet, such as brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat a low GI, whole food diet to keep blood sugar under control. This will help stop those high insulin spies that fasten up aging on both the inside and out.
  • Fill your cupboards from the foods on this whole food grocery list, then bin all the junk.

If you do all of the above on a regular basis, you will soon be looking youthful and sprightly with plenty of energy to live a full life.

Please feel free to ask any questions, or leave any comments about anti aging in the thread below as I would love to hear from you. 

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12 thoughts on “What is Resveratrol in? The Highest Food Sources”

  1. Very interesting post! I have never heard of Resveratrol, and it’s interesting that it’s in berries, grapes, and peanuts. I will definitely try to incorporate those things into my diet now. It’s great that it has the health benefits it does, and helps to reduce diseases. How much of the foods you listed would you recommend on a daily basis to start seeing an increase in energy and overall well being?

    1. Hi there, thanks for reading my post and I’m glad you found it interesting. I would say that to start having more energy and feeling better you should aim to eat (along with the resveratrol rich foods) at least 5-7 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Make sure you always eat an array of colours to get the full spectrum of phytonutrients and antioxidants. And eat as much green leafy veg as you can for iron,  which will also boost energy levels.

      It would also help to cut down on refined sugars as these will sap your energy. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any more questions and I would be happy to help. Thanks

  2. I’m feeling a lot better about my ‘odd glass of red wine’ after reading that! Do you recommend using a supplement daily as well as eating resveratrol-rich foods? I am wary of taking too many supplements as I’ve heard sometimes they can interact with each other in strange ways. What do you think?

    1. Hi Shirley, yes I understand your concerns about taking too many supplements. I cannot answer your question without knowing what other supplements you are already taking, then I would be able to tell you wether any of them would interact and if I think you would even need them. 

      I’m 42 and I take quite a lot of supplements, eat lots of healthy foods and exercise and I think I have the balance right as I feel good. I may think of taking resveratrol more after menopause when the aging process really starts to kick in (unfair I know). And I think that is the key, if you feel good and have enough energy to do all the things you want to do then you must be doing something right. However, if you feel under par then could be a sign of deficiency. It’s such a vast area, but if you want to let me know what you are already taking and if you are feeling healthy then I may be able to advice you further.


  3. I think it’s just natural for us women to want to look younger than our age that’s why we tend try every product to help us achieve the look that we want.

    This is where antioxidants come in. Although I always knew that berries and grapes are great sources of antioxidants, I just don’t know exactly what kind they are. So thank you for this article, it’s very helpful indeed. We need to reminded constantly to take care of our health not just so we can look younger but also to stay away from illnesses and diseases. You’re absolutely right, it’s not enough to just take in antioxidants, we also need to eat a healthy diet.

    By the way, does Resveratrol come in tablet or liquid form that we can buy over the counter?

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for reading!

      Yes you are right us ladies like to keep young looking, I think it just makes us feel good to know we look good and vice versa. in answer to your question I have only ever seen resveratrol in tablet and powder form. If you are going to buy it just make sure like with anything you go for a trusted brand and preferably organic. And always do supplements alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Boring I know, but it really does make all the difference to how well your body responds to them. Believe me, iv’e been trying and testing everything like this my whole life. haha.

      Please let me know if you need any more help or have any more questions with anything to do with health as I love to help make people feel better. Thanks

  4. Just finished reading your article, What is Resveratrol in?

    I knew that dark berries contained some anti aging properties, but I never really knew what it was about them that gave them that property..

    I also knew that dark berries and fruits were great for helping memory, so I guess that would now make more sense when tied to anti aging.

    I am a bit weary when it comes to taking supplements, as not all are created equal.
    What is your favorite brand? Who do you trust when it comes to supplements?

    1. Hi Brendon and thanks for reading. Yes dark berries are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients so are fantastic for health. I always believe it’s better to try and get as many nutrients as possible from good quality foods rather than rely too much on supplements but sometimes with the poor quality if the earth and other factors we can’t always get what we need. That’s where supplements can be useful, especially if you are feeling a bit under par. There are a few brands that I trust such as Nature’s Aid, Natures Own, Higher Nature and Solgar as these are non synthetic and derived organically from foods. There are many more brands you can trust, they usually are the ones that specify they are organic. Generally they are more expensive but at least you know that they are actually going to be useful in your body and broken down properly rather than just being peed out. Hope this helps and do let me know if you have any more questions about health and nutrition and I would be happy to answer.

  5. I’ve definitely heard of this compound before, as the “good” thing in wine. I had NO idea that it also appeared in peanuts, that’s fascinating! I guess because of how it’s broken down, it makes sense to get it from a supplement…but I’m not gonna stop drinking my “healthy” red wine bwahahahaha!

    1. Hi Penelope, yes you can get it in peanuts, another thing I love, especially with a glass of red wine! Isn’t it great we can do these things and stay young in the process. Any excuse hey? LOL

  6. This is such a nice and informative post about resveratrol. Great information, it is no doubt very good for us to use as you have mentioned that it is beneficial because of its anti aging effects, and it also increase longevity. What I know as well is it fights against disease caused by bacteria as well, along with other health benefits. As grapes are richer in it, it is also a good ideas to have it as supplements.

    1. Yes, definitely a good one for anti aging. Luckily my 3 favorite things all contain resveratrol – peanut butter, red wine and grapes! Lucky hey? I can quite easily have those things every day and just get younger in the process ha ha. But if you can’t eat it then it’s worth trying out the supplements.

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