How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast – Top 8 Essential Tips

Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

Are you plagued with cellulite on your bottom and thighs, and maybe even in some more of the more unusual places on your body? So many of us suffer from these unsightly orange peel texture lumps and bumps – even the most healthiest and fittest among us, and it can ruin your confidence and self esteem and make beach holidays a nightmare.

In this post I will show you how to get rid of cellulite fast with these 8 essential tips. If you apply these tried and tested effective methods consistently then you will soon see a reduction, if not complete disappearance, of the cellulite on your thighs, legs, bottom, and anywhere else it may be plaguing you with its unwanted presence.

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women, and to a lesser extent men and is something we would all just love to know the cure for and see the back of for good. While there’s no ‘instant fix’ (though blasting it with a cold shower head can give you a temporary reduction) you will see more long term and lasting effects from following the methods in this post then pretty quickly, especially if you apply all of them.

Your cellulite busting action plan:-

I have devised a plan of action for you that’s been tried and tested on myself and with pretty good results. With these methods you’ll also get the other jolly useful side effects of flawless, glowing skin, a healthier slimmer body, and MUCH more energy. So there’s really nothing not to like huh!

What is Cellulite?

cellulite on buttocks

Cellulite is basically just harmless deposits of fat that have pushed their way through the connective tissue beneath the skin, leaving unsightly lumps that mainly affect thighs, legs and bottom; but sometimes any area of the body.

Getting rid of cellulite for good may involve hitting it from a few different angles, and as with most things worth doing in life will take a little effort on your part. Cellulite can be a stubborn beast that doesn’t just plague the overweight; even the slim can be affected as it often has its root in genetics, the taking of certain medications, or simply an under par detoxification system.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast – Top 8 Essential Tips


Many different hormones can play a role in the production of cellulite, but age is also a risk factor. This is because the reduction of estrogen in the approach to menopause decreases the flow of blood to the connective tissue under the skin, and this blood flow reduction encourages the formation of cellulite.

Eating estrogenic foods such as soya beans, green peas, flax seeds, legumes, and alfalfa sprouts may be of some help if this is the reason.


water in glass

Staying fully hydrated is very important when it comes to cellulite; so this means lots of pure filtered water and herbal teas. Keeping hydrated is not only essential for every system in your body, but it will also plump up the skin (in a good way) all over your body and therefore making cellulite much less visible.

Proper hydration will also make fine lines and wrinkles on your face seem much less visible too, almost like a much cheaper version of BOTOX! This really works, if you drink plenty of filtered water you will notice a huge difference in your skin within hours, and more so over time if you keep it up.


raw vegetables

You probably already knew I was going to say it, but your diet plays such a massive role in cellulite prevention that it just can’t be skipped. Cutting down on dairy would be helpful as it is full of hormones, and as we already have a ton our own hormones to deal with taking on more for your body to deal with can promote cellulite on your legs and bottom.

Eating a highly alkaline plant based diet will do wonders, not only for cellulite and detoxification, but also for every other aspect of your health.

Eating an unhealthy diet full of saturated fats, sugar, and salt will absolutely NOT do you any favours in the cellulite department either. Instead you should try to add as many as possible of these top cellulite busting foods every day as these will help eliminate cellulite for good:-

  • Chilli’s and cayenne; or anything that is hot!
  • If you eat animal products then oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, trout; or if you can’t eat fish then try omega 3 supplements, OR if you are plant based or vegan then you ca get your omega 3’s from sources such as flax oil or seeds, chia seeds, hemp oil or seeds, and walnuts.
  • Sunflower Seeds.
  • Fruits – mainly blueberries, oranges, watermelon, grapefruit, bananas, apricots, apples, and lemons
  • Vegetables – mainly asparagus, broccoli, garlic, beansprouts, cucumber, celery, fennel, beetroot, and cabbage
  • Wholegrains, such as wholegrain bread, pasta, spelt, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, and rye.
  • Cacao (yes I mean chocolate, but the dark stuff with over 70% cacao solids so there is not too much added sugar). 
  • Green, Nettle, and Dandelion teas.
  • Extra virgin olive and coconut oils.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother). ‘ACV and weight loss benefits’.

blueberry smoothie

It would also help you immensely to incorporate some of these fantastic fat burning foods into your diet. Their high fiber and nutrient content will help to flush those toxins straight out of your system in no time and are easily incorporated into your everyday diet as they fit in with most meal plans.

Not only will you start to shed your unsightly cellulite, but they will also boost your metabolism and help you to lose excess fat which in itself will mean less cellulite.


This is another biggy to consider on your cellulite busting mission. Having strong muscles and definition will go a long way to hiding those lumpy, bumpy areas. Squats for example, are a great exercise for reducing the appearance of cellulite on the bottom and thigh area, but ANY exercise is good as it will get your lymphatic drainage system working, thus flushing out toxins and reducing cellulite.


Dry skin brushing is a highly effective way of boosting lymph drainage, which in turn will release stored up toxins and help break down cellulite. It also buffs off dead and dry skin cells, tightens skin, promotes cell renewal, and boosts circulation giving you an all round glow.

How to do it:-

dry skin brushing

Invest in a good body brush with natural firm bristles and use it every day, right before you get in the shower ideally. Start at your feet and brush in firm, upward and swift strokes towards your heart then continue to do the rest of your body, always stroking towards the heart (this is the best way for circulation).

Make sure the room (or you) aren’t steamy or wet, as the idea is for you and the brush to both be completely dry otherwise it will stick to your skin and you wont get the same effect.


thigh massage

The best oil by far for cellulite, both orally (for its fat burning qualities) and externally, is the good old inexpensive coconut oil. You can either use it alone, or as a carrier oil with other anti cellulite essential oils such as cinnamon, cypress, grapefruit, and lemon.

Melt the oil between your hands and massage vigorously into cellulited areas focusing especially on the backs of legs and buttocks; and because sometimes this effect can be temporary it needs to be done on a long term basis for long term effects. This strategy would work even better if you could lay down and have it done by somebody else!


This scrub is cheap, easy to make, and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE alongside the massage. You simple need to mix 1/4 cup of coffee grounds (the caffeine in coffee is great for cellulite), 3 tbsp of white or brown sugar, and 2-3 tbsp of melted but not too hot coconut oil.

Mix this together to form a paste, then apply to troubled ares during a shower. (Stand away from the water; you don’t want it wash straight off as it needs to be massaged in for a couple of minutes).


ring donut

Another angle to hit cellulite is through helping your overburdened detoxification system to do its job properly by adding in certain detoxification foods into your diet. Sometimes cellulite is a matter of your body not being able to eliminate toxins efficiently, this means they can often be stored for safe keeping in your fat cells.

Poor toxin elimination is also a major root cause of obesity, as junk foods such as sugar, trans fats, colours, artificial sugars, and preservatives are all toxic to the body and when eaten in large quantities can cause toxic over load. This in turn causes fat cells to swell larger and larger and replicate to accommodate the onslaught, in turn leading to cellulite.


spirulina and chlorophyl

The most detoxifying foods on the planet are green superfood powders which are mainly derived of algae’s such as chlorella, spirulina, moringa, wheatgrass, and barley grass. This list is not exhaustive as there are any more, but these are the more popular ones available.

These awesome superfoods are super concentrated in nutrients and chlorophyl which literally help to drag toxins out of cells and dispel them from the body. You can only imagine how this could potentially affect cellulite. Not only that but green superfood powders have SO many more benefits that it would blow your mind, here are just a few:-

  • DETOXIFICATION – Green superfoods help to detoxify your system of toxins, especially heavy metals which we breath in every day through air that is filled with exhaust fumes, heavy industry, and if you live in the country you may be exposed to pesticedes and fertilisers in the air too. All of these toxins are not natural to the body and are hard for it to eliminate, therefore they get stored in fat cells, but can also eventually make their way into the brain where they may contribute to mental illness and cognitive decline.
  • LOWERING OF BLOOD PRESSURE – Powerful green powders can also help to lower high blood pressure when eaten with a diet that is very low in saturated/trans fats.
  • ANTI INFLAMMATORY – These green powders are HIGHLY alkaline, and an alkaline body will keep the chronic inflammation that can lead to disease to a minimum.
  • BOOST IMMUNITY – The high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals in green superfoods will help keep your immune system strong, AND also help you to fight off infections and even some diseases even when you are already affected.
  • MORE ENERGY – You will feel a zing of energy within 20 minutes of taking a good quality superfood – I kid you not! Great for a boost in the morning for the day ahead, or that mid afternoon slump. I take this stuff at work around 3pm and it gives me exactly what I need to power through the rest of the day, and do a workout afterwards too. Never take them at night, or after around 6pm as they are stimulating and will keep you awake; it takes around 4-5 hours for the mildly stimulating effects to leave your system which is quicker than caffeine which is around 8 hours.
  • DEEPER SLEEP – I don’t know how or why this works, but now I take green superfood every day I just sleep better. I guess its a combination of all of the other benefits that promote better rest, I’m guessing the lowering of chronic low grade inflammation is the main reason.
  • CAN LOWER HIGH CHOLESTEROL – The high amount of antioxidants and phytochemicals in these fantastic green powders can help regulate hormones, cells, and nerves – all of which play a role in cholesterol.
  • BEAUTIFUL GLOWING SKIN – The intense hit of antioxidants and nutrients of green super powders are highly anti aging and will help to mop up free radical damage in the body, meaning much clearer and more beautiful skin for you. This works quickly; sometimes after a big shot of superfood you can see your skin glowing and your eyes sparkling within the hour, or as long as it takes to get into your cells.

As you can see the benefits of superfood powders are many, and the reason why I love them so much and would never miss my daily dose. I have written a whole post on the different types of superfood powders available, and I personally believe the blends are the best as you get a combination of everything. Every product in this post are of the highest quality, best value for money, and highest reviewed superfoods; please check it out here.


If you have any other ideas for ridding cellulite then I would love to hear them. Please post below in the comments thread. Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast – Top 8 Essential Tips”

  1. Yes, I would like to get rid of cellulite fast. I have not found any one cure, pill, or lotion that really works. The only thing that has worked for me is diet and exercise. And yes, lots and lots of water. I do also do the brushing, and the jacuzzi jets are great for massaging those areas. I had heard of coffee and I am ready to try the mixture you have here with the coconut oil. Can’t hurt to try, that is for sure and I have heard that coffee does wonders.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for reading and enjoying the article. I have tried all of the things on the list and have found, like you, that the best things for cellulite are exercise, diet, body brushing and massage.  If you do a combination of all of these things on a regular basis then you are going to see results.

      I did however find the coffee scrub helped and is well worth a go.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for this interesting information! My big problem is that I don’t drink enough water or anything else. My mouth, eyes and skin are always dry. So I think I’m going to try to drink enough water and try those coconut oils internally and externally. I have never used coconut oil in the kitchen, but I will do it now if it can help.
    Mary Jo

    • Hi Mary Jo,

      Thanks for reading my post and I’m glad it was helpful to you.

      Yes you definitely need to drink more if your’e so dehydrated that your eyes and skin are dry then that is not great. If you don’t like water then you can flavour it with something like lemon juice or sugar free juice.

      Another fantastic alternative would be to drink coconut water as it is full of electrolytes which makes the fluid much more easily absorbed into your cells, therefore hydrating you more than water.

      This combined with the coconut oil should have you glowing in no time.

      Good luck and please feel free to ask if you have any more questions.


  3. Hi,
    The first thing i will say is wow look at that bum, i hate the fact that i have cellulite and would love to have a bottom like that again, like you say the menopause really doesnt help so im glad i have come across this as we all like to try and look after ourselves.
    I have used the coffee as a scrub on my face and it works wonders a bit messy but good.
    How long would it take to see a difference?.
    I am also going to try the dry skin brushing looks easy enough, how many times a week would you say i should do this?
    Thanks for this info.

    • Hi there Sharon,

      Thanks for reading and enjoying the post.

      Yes I know, cellulite can literally be a pain in the butt! But in answer to your question, I think if you applied all the principles (especially the dry skin brushing) every day you should start to see improvements at least, quite quickly.

      And definitely make sure you are eating a healthy diet incorporating as many as those anti cellulite foods as possible and also the fast fat burning foods (…which is in the link on the page). If you start making these things a habit then things will change for you, not only the cellulite problem but you will also gain great skin and oodles of energy.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help.

  4. A really informative post, thank you! I’m the mature side of 30 and my cellulite is much more obvious/worse than even a few years ago, and I’m no heavier! So age definitely plays a part. I religiously body brushed my thighs every night for about 3 years back in my early 20s when I didn’t have children so had more energy to do things like that! I found that hugely effective and it’s reminded me to start it up again! The 5 minutes of effort can make such a difference to how you feel about yourself!

    • Hi Alice,

      What a great comment!

      I know it gets worse as we get older but I think hormones play a part in that, especially after having babies. But yes it’s so true about the body brushing, it makes such a difference as does diet. I hope you get back into it again soon.



  5. More great information, and I think all of us women have some form of cellulite. I like the scrub I can do in the shower. I coincidentally ordered coconut oil today for my scalp. Now I can use it for the scrub as well. Definitely worth a try!

    • Yes you should definitely do a coconut oil scrub too. In fact, there are SO MANY uses for coconut oil that I did a whole post on it that you may well be interested in But when it comes to cellulite, diet and exercise also play a huge part – as do genetics. So make sure your’e eating clean healthy plant based foods.

      There are some that are specifically good for cellulite and I think I shall do a whole post on that in the future as it is such a big area with so much to cover. But good luck with your coconut oil.

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