Discover our favorite healthy recipes suitable for a plant-based diet, including grain bowls, bean chillis, pasta dishes, satisfying salads, and more. Our dietitian-approved recipes will set you on the right track and help you become a plant-based chef in your own kitchen.

Simply start to incorporate our delicious plant-based recipes into your diet and see how easy it is to become a much healthier version of yourself.

black bean stew

West African Inspired Peanut & Black Bean Stew

By Stefanie Taylor / May 24, 2022

Recipe by: Dr. Vincent Esposito Ms, DC This absolutely delicious, West African inspired Peanut and Black Bean Stew is bursting with vibrant veggies and antioxidants from the wonderful spices that will […]


Healthy, Chocolate Covered Snickers Stuffed Dates

By Stefanie Taylor / May 16, 2022

If you miss the old school chocolate bars on your plant based diet, then we have a healthy version of an all time favourite for you. These healthy, chocolate covered, […]

Roasted Cauliflower and Turmeric Soup

Roasted Cauliflower & Turmeric Soup

By Stefanie Taylor / May 7, 2022

Recipe by: Dr. Vincent Esposito Ms, DC This roasted cauliflower and turmeric soup has it all. It’s a meal in itself due to the fact that we have added lots of […]

Homemade Hummus Sandwich With Rainbow Salad

Homemade, Hummus Sandwich With Rainbow Salad

By Stefanie Taylor / April 30, 2022

One thing you may find difficult on your plant based diet is what to eat in your sandwiches. It can be a real pain point for lots of people, as […]

Crispy Tofu Tacos

Crispy Tofu Tacos with Lime Crema & Crunchy Quinoa

By Stefanie Taylor / April 27, 2022

Recipe by: Dr. Vincent Esposito These crispy tofu tacos with a fresh and zesty, lime crema and crunchy quinoa are a real treat. Crammed full of nutritious veggies, omega fats and […]

raw dessert carrot cake with cashew cream frosting

Tasty, Raw Dessert Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting Recipe

By Stefanie Taylor / April 23, 2022

Spring is well and truly in the air, so it’s great to get some raw foods into your diet to make you feel lighter and fresher for Summer. One way […]

sweet potato burgers

Smokey Chickpea & Sweet Potato Burgers

By Stefanie Taylor / April 20, 2022

Recipe by: Dr. Vincent Esposito Here’s a delicious recipes that makes a perfect, family friendly main meal. These smokey sweet potato and chickpea burgers are super healthy, high protein and […]

lasagna soup

Vegan Lasagna Soup (Instant Pot or Hob)

By Stefanie Taylor / April 9, 2022

Recipe by: Dr. Vincent Esposito Ms, DC Who doesn’t LOVE lasagna? It’s perfect, Italian comfort food at its finest. What’s not to like? You’ve got carb rich pasta, herby tomato […]

Red Peanut-Vanilla Protein Balls

The Best, Red Peanut-Vanilla Protein Balls (Customisable)

By Stefanie Taylor / April 6, 2022

Protein balls/energy balls, or whatever you want to call them have always been a great way to have a healthy, yet filing snack on the go. They are also super […]

The BEST Homemade, Plant Based Veggie Pizza Recipe

The BEST Homemade, Plant Based Veggie Pizza Recipe

By Stefanie Taylor / April 2, 2022

If there is one comfort food you can miss on a plant based diet, then it’s got to be pizza, right? Pizza is just pure comfort food at its finest […]

leek and potato soup

High Protein, Creamy Potato & Leek Soup

By Stefanie Taylor / March 19, 2022

Recipe Creator – Recipe by – Dr. Vincent Esposito, Ms, DC You can’t beat a delicious and creamy, leek and potato soup, especially in the cold weather. Our plant based and […]

Falafel & Mediterranean Salad

Falafel & Mediterranean Salad (No Food Processor Required)

By Stefanie Taylor / March 2, 2022

Recipe by – Dr. Vincent Esposito, Ms, DC These delicious falafels with a fresh Mediterranean salad are simple to make and full of fragrant spices. You can make these with […]

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