Discover our favorite healthy recipes suitable for a plant-based diet, including grain bowls, bean chillis, pasta dishes, satisfying salads, and more. Our dietitian-approved recipes will set you on the right track and help you become a plant-based chef in your own kitchen.

Simply start to incorporate our delicious plant-based recipes into your diet and see how easy it is to become a much healthier version of yourself.

Homemade, RAW, Refined Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipe

The Best Homemade, RAW, Refined Sugar-Free Chocolate Recipe

By Stefanie Taylor / February 17, 2023

We all LOVE to indulge in a little chocolate every now and then (maybe even a lot), but did you know you can make chocolate yourself at home, way HEALTHIER? […]

Homemade, RAW Power Granola With Protein Powder

Homemade, RAW Power Granola With Antioxidant Rich Superfoods

By Stefanie Taylor / January 29, 2023

Sometimes all you want is a bowl of crunchy granola with cold milk, right? Or, even on top of a delicious, homemade chocolate ice-cream. There’s something about the crunch, sweetness […]

RAW Vegan, Blueberry Cheesecake

RAW Vegan, Blueberry Cheesecake Made From Whole Foods

By Stefanie Taylor / January 18, 2023

If you would to get more RAW and delicious foods into your world, then why not try our amazing, raw vegan blueberry cheesecake made form whole foods? This outstanding cheesecake […]

2 Minute Ice-Cream Made In A Blender

Easy, 2 Minute Ice-Cream Made In A Blender – Sugar Free!

By Stefanie Taylor / December 12, 2022

Our easy, 2 minute ice-cream made in a blender is REFINED sugar-free and will blow you away with how delicious it is. When you begin a plant based diet you […]

Air-Fried Green Beans With Chestnuts

Air-Fried Green Beans With Chestnuts, Garlic & Lemon

By Stefanie Taylor / December 3, 2022

Most people love green beans and they are often a favourite with the kids too. They’re mild tasting, yet highly nutritious and high in protein, making them a great addition […]

5 Minute, Spiced, Raw Berry Jam With Chia Seeds

5 Minute, Spiced, Raw Berry Jam With Chia Seeds

By Stefanie Taylor / November 26, 2022

Everyone loves jam, right? This sticky, sweet treat goes with so many sweet and savoury dishes and can be made from many different fruits and even vegetables. However, one not […]

Simple French Toast 'Eggy Bread' Made With Chickpea Flour

Simple French Toast ‘Eggy Bread’ Made With Chickpea Flour

By Stefanie Taylor / November 8, 2022

One of everyone’s favourite staple meals you may miss on your plant based diet is eggy bread. There’s something so comforting about this delicious breakfast/brunch dish, but most new vegans […]

Homemade, Fat Burning Spice Mix For Weight Loss

Homemade, Fat Burning Spice Mix For Weight Loss (This Works)

By Stefanie Taylor / October 30, 2022

PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS POST FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT! There’s a reason why many Nationalities that use spices abundantly and have a low obesity prevalence and this spice use […]

Griddled & Charred, Chili-Lemon Vegetables

The Best, Griddled & Charred, Chili-Lemon Vegetables

By Stefanie Taylor / October 22, 2022

Do you love those char-grilled veggies from the BBQ? There’s something about that charred taste that makes vegetables easier to go down and utterly delicious. But, most of us cannot […]

Apple-Sultana Cake Tray Bake

Apple-Sultana Cake Tray Bake – Oil & Refined Sugar Free!

By Stefanie Taylor / October 15, 2022

Here at ZestForever, we try to recreate your favourite recipes as healthily as possible so you can enjoy them every day. We also like to create foods that you can […]

Oil free, Healthy Fruit Crumble

Oil free, Healthy Fruit Crumble with Oats (Customisable)

By Stefanie Taylor / September 28, 2022

As the Winter months draw ever closer, you may find yourself needing extra carbs to keep yourself warm and cosy. However, you don’t want those carbs to be of the […]

ground mince stew and buckwheat dumplings

Beefless, Ground Mince Stew with spelt & Buckwheat Dumplings

By Stefanie Taylor / September 13, 2022

Autumn is in the air, and comfort foods are well and truly in order. Comfort foods such as warm soups and scrumptious apple tray bakes. This beefless, ground mince stew […]

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