3 Lifestyle Changes You Won’t Have Thought Of But Should

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Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut. We don’t mean to. We may be actively swimming against the tide. But it can grab hold of us and keep us in negative surroundings. We can all find ourselves in a situation where we need to consider our lifestyles and how we feel. But, as well as exercising more and eating the right things, what else can you do to overhaul your lifestyle?

Here are some of the lifestyle changes you won’t have thought about but should. They are all things that are so easy to change, but not the first things you may think about when embarking on improving your life.

Really read and hear what we have to say on these changes and think about the best way you can incorporate them into your life and specific situation that you may be in. We are all in different places, with different viewpoints, different jobs and different lifestyles, but this post should have something to help everyone, no matter where you may be in your life right now.  

1. Is your financial position holding you back?

People can often find that the biggest lifestyle change they want to make can actually be more practical than personal and it has much to do with your financial situation. Are you struggling to pay the bills? Have you got yourself into debt? Take a look at your whole situation from the amount that leaves your account, the amount you pay out for debt and even the amount of money you may spend on clothes or food.

Debt, for example, can actually be resolved if you place your attention on it. You could consolidate your debts into one loan, or consider whether it is better to settle debt or pay in full. Food shopping is another one that you can change, and that could be simply by meal planning and changing where you shop. It may sound strange, but taking control of this area will have a knock on effect in other areas of your lifestyle.

Meal planning

Meal planning to bring the food shopping bill down may encourage you to cook from scratch and eat healthily and in a more fun way. You can easily save money by shopping at more budget supermarkets, especially if you start buying a lot more plant based foods, which tend to be cheaper and are obviously more healthier.

For instance, you can buy a can of chickpeas or kidney beans as your protein source for under 50p (way cheaper still if you buy them dry and prepare your own). Meat is around 6X more expensive on average and no good for our bodies to boot.

Fresh veggies are way cheaper when you buy local and in season. Many street markets sell whole bags of fruits and veggies for virtually nothing at the end of the day. Shopping at the right times can save you £££. Money that can be left in your bank account or saved for a rainy day.

Check out our budget Aldi shopping list where you will also find some fantastic recipe examples of dishes to make from what you buy.

2. Start small and think big

We can be guilty of jumping into things feet first without looking at all the possibilities. This can happen with a new diet and fitness regime, the type that many people jump had first into as a New Year’s resolution. Such resolutions are usually so grandiose that the reality is, nobody, even those with the strongest wills, can generally fulfill them.

This kind of thing is seen again and again in gyms across the country. They will be packed during the month of January, then come February they are back to usual capacity. All those people with too high a hopes for themselves have taken on more than they can fit into their lives or more than they can handle.   

Most lifestyle changes are considered to have something to do with fitness and diet. But, if you start off with a huge goal, for example running a marathon or losing a significant amount of weight, then the whole journey can feel overwhelming and too much. Therefore, you may be giving up at the first hurdle when the going gets tough.

Have an end goal

The best advice is to start small but think big. Have you got an end goal? Then that’s your big thing. Having that is important as this is what you are aiming to achieve, but the next step will help you achieve it.

You also need to take time to recharge and understand that as much as you want things to change, you also need to go at your own pace. Take time out to exercise, enjoy your hobbies, or head to a spa like Banya No.1 – Chiswick to totally relax the mind and body.

You need to start making small changes and targets to get where you need to be. More importantly, you need to be ENJOYING yourself in the process if you have any hopes of seeing things through to the end. Do exercises you enjoy, eat the healthy foods you enjoy and take time to meditate and relax daily. These can help to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.  

In fact, everybody should be taking at least one whole hour me time per day, regardless of how busy your life is. You must become selfish enough to align yourself with wellness if you are to be any use to anyone else anyway.  

Think about your surroundings

A lifestyle change isn’t just about you. It is about everything to do with your life. It’s your surroundings and the home you live in. Is anything in your house getting you down? Is it affecting your mood? It may sound strange but things like clutter can really start to affect your mindset and how you do things.

For example, if you have an untidy home, then this can give you an untidy mind. So maybe your lifestyle change is going to be focused around organization and minimalism. You don’t need to go to extremes, but it can really help you to clear your mind and in turn, help you to prioritize other aspects of your life.

A tidy environment changes everything about how you think, feel and conduct your life. Trust us, you will get so much MORE done than you could ever realise when you take time to tidy your surroundings, add a few beautiful flowers or plants and other uplifting objects or possessions that always give you a boost.


Trying out the 3 lifestyle changes on this list will help you become a better version of yourself in 2024 and beyond. Dig deep and get started. Ultimately, everything here can only serve to enhance your life, health and wellbeing and from there, all things are possible.

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