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best nice-cream recipe ever

Delicious, High Protein Nice-Cream

Perfect for a hot summers day. Child friendly.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 450 kcal


  • High speed blender


  • 100 ml Plant milk almond, soy and oat are good (You will find that some brands of these milks don't work as well as others and you may have to experiment. We have found the Alpro Almond gives the very best texture out of all the others)
  • 1 Frozen very ripe, chopped banana (use as soon as you get it out of the freezer, don't leave it on the side) (Always chop your banana into about 12 slices before freezing. You can chop into a plastic container. You will find that the riper the banana, the better the texture and sweetness of the finished product.)
  • 1 scoop or portion Flavoured protein powder Picking a good quality protein powder with no bulking agents will ensure the best nice-cream that won't have a floury taste. Good flavours are strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla.
  • 5-6 Ice-cubes
  • Frozen fruits optional (If you are using a fruity flavoured protein powder, then you may wish to add extra strawberries, raspberries or blueberries in place of some of the ice-cubes. This will give you an extra portion of fruit and also enhance the flavour.)
  • Dash Water You may need a dash of water to get a good spin going on your blender.
  • Toppings
  • Dark chocolate chopped (70% and above cacao solids is a low sugar amount to keep this nice-cream as healthy as possible.)
  • Coconut Desiccated, flaked or fresh
  • Pumpkin or sunflower seeds For omega fats
  • Chia seeds For fiber and healthy fats
  • Walnuts chopped (For antioxidants and omega 3 fats)
  • Fresh chopped fruits optional
  • Dried fruits optional
  • Superfood powders optional (Turmeric, acai, camu camu, cacao, maca and beetroot powder are among some of the nutritious superfoods you can add into your high protein nice-cream. Acai, camu camu and beetroot will go well in a berry flavoured bowl, turmeric will go with banana or mango, and cacao and maca will go with chocolate, peanut butter and caramel. )


  • Prepare your toppings first as you will need to serve you nice-cream immediately. Chop your chocolate and nuts into a chunky sprinkle. You can leave seeds whole.
  • Add you plant milk to your high speed blender first. This stops your protein powder from clogging and sticking to the bottom.
  • Next add your frozen banana chunks, protein powder, frozen fruits (if using), ice-cubes and about 1/2 an inch more of water. You may want to add this slowly to get the texture of your nice-cream just right. Too much fluids and you will just end up with a tasty shake,but not an ice-cream. So, take care with this part.
  • Now whizz your nice-cream up on full blast for a count of 30 seconds. Only count this 30 seconds once you have a proper spin going and not before. 30 seconds is the ultimate amount of times it takes to get your nice-cream as smooth as is possible.Make sure you stop half way through to scrape the sides down and to make sure there are no air pockets in your smoothie. You need to be able to see all the ingredients being sucked down in a swirl from the top.If your nice-cream wont blend, you may need to add a little more fluids and bang it down so that the frozen pieces drop down. Sometimes chunky fruit ad ice-cubes can get stuck in the blender funnel.
  • The secret to getting this nice-cream's texture perfect is the perfect amount of fluid. So, add slowly if you're unsure.



Serve your nice-cream in a flat bowl so you can sprinkle your toppings on in a nice pattern.
Serve immediately! This nice-cream does not keep, not even in the freezer. It will crystalise. Always eat straight away
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