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Tired of...


Feeling bloated, sluggish, having dull skin and lacking energy? Or, are you trying to figure out what you can eat on a daily basis to keep healthy on your plant-based diet? Maybe you're not sure which foods you can mix & match to make a complete meal?


If this is you, then don't worry, we've got your back.


Try our ZestForever Meal Plans, designed to help you lose weight, become healthy and NEVER be hungry. Now, that's the power of filling, plant foods!

Why Choose ZestForever?

Save Time
& Money

You will save an enormous amount of time with our weekly, DIGITAL meal plans, due to batch cooking super easy recipes that are prepared in minimal time.


We also GUARANTEE to save you money on your weekly shopping bill.

Recipe Creator

You will be delighted to find fresh, new and always scrumptious meals every single week, along with talks on how Plant based Nutrition can help with so many modern day illnesses. 

Life Changing

Benefits of a plant-based diet may include more energy, fewer aches and pains, a better mood and a healthier body in general.


You will also lose any EXCESS WEIGHT eating whole plant foods.

'Real' Food

Our meal plans are nutritionally complete. You will not miss out on any key nutrients or macronutrients, ensuring you and your family optimal health.

GBP Prices are approximate.

Unsubscribe at any time if you don't like what we have to offer!

No obligations or contracts.

  • Weekly, Digital Meal Plans + Shopping Lists

  • FREE, Bonus Books for Extra Learning

  • Understand The 5 Pillars of Health

  • 7 Day, Raw Food Challenge

Extra Bonus Books

When you sign up for our risk-free meal plan, you will receive 4 FREE Bonus Books worth $59 to make your life easier going forward on your plant-based diet. These books are exclusive to new meal plan subscribers.

Plant Based Snack Ideas

Green Goddess Smoothies

Everyday, Fat Burning Foods

Budget Friendly Superfoods

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Save Time & Money

Are you a busy person who doesn’t have time to think about continually making new and exciting meals that will also help you lose fat and never be hungry?

Or, maybe you’ve got into the habit of making the same old recipes week in, week out, because you simply don’t know what else to cook?

We know that mealtimes can often leave you scratching your head over which dish you are going to come up with for you and your family to enjoy. That’s why we have you covered with our cost-effective meal plans that will set you back only a couple of dollars a week, but are guaranteed to save you cash in the long run.

Our meal plans will get your whole family healthy should you choose to get them on board.

woman eating carrot

Never worry over what to cook again...

Yes, you will only need to do one shop a week with our easy to source grocery list as they contain everything you need to buy for the week ahead.

Not having to worry what to cook for dinner leaves you with plenty of time to relax, enjoy yourself, and not have to continually think about food on a daily basis.


Your Plant-Based Recipe Creator

Our meal plans wouldn’t be the same without our Master Recipe Creator working behind the scenes to bring you tried and tested nutritionally complete dishes.

We are not kidding you when we say we get LOADS of compliments to the chef on a weekly basis due to Dr. Vincent Esposito and his talents in the kitchen.

You will be delighted to find fresh, new, and always scrumptious meals every single week.

This isn’t just a meal plan; it’s like a mini training course in plant-based nutrition. In a short space of time, you will understand how to put plant-based foods together fast, easy, and nutritionally complete.


Meet Dr Vincent Esposito, the creator of the healthy and delicious plant-based recipes on your Plant Based Revolution, Weekly Meal Plans.

“ZestForever's meal plans are 100% plant-based, full of whole foods with no junk, no gunk, just a nutritional bomb of goodness in every bite to keep you and your family healthy. And, with new and exciting recipes every week”


"I know nothing else in medicine that can come close to what a plant-based diet can do. In theory, if everyone were to adopt this, I really think we can cut health care costs by seventy to eighty percent. And it all comes from understanding nutrition, applying nutrition, and just watching the results."

T. Colin Campbell - Biochemist

What The Plant Based Experts Say About This Lifestyle

After many years of combined knowledge and studies, plant-based Doctors, Nutritionists and other experts such as Dr Joel Fuhrman, Professor T. Colin Campbell, John McDougall MD and Dr Vincent Esposito (the creator of your meal plans) consistently conclude the same possible benefits of the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.

These findings include:

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    Lower Risk of Disease in General

  • tick

    Stronger Immunity

  • tick

    Less Brain Fog & More Clarity

  • tick

    WEIGHT LOSS, More Energy & Higher Fitness Levels

  • tick

    Fewer Aches & Pains in General due to Less Chronic Inflammation

  • tick

    Clearer & Brighter Skin due to High Levels of Antioxidants

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    Better Stress Coping Mechanism

Customer Reviews


“If only I'd come across this meal plan when I first attempted to go completely plant based and I probably wouldn't have failed. The recipes are easy and all my family enjoyed them, especially the delicious high protein granola, OMG delicious! - That's a staple in our house now. Even have the hubby on board now! Thanks so much ZestForever.”

Matt & Lisa Davenport

"The plant-based diet has changed my life, that's the only way to describe it! I have more energy than I have ever had (even in my 40's), my skin is always glowing and I can think with more clarity than ever. You don't realise just how bad you must have felt before until suddenly you feel amazing. The plant-based diet is booming lately and this plan is perfect to get anybody started. So many tasty and easy to prepare recipes that I will never get bored again.

Did I say, I also lost over 20lbs in weight over the past few months with NO hunger!"

Stefanie Louise Taylor

“When I began the plant-based diet I had no clue where to start. This plan helped me immensely when it came to understanding plant-based nutrition, and now I feel more energy than I have inyears! I have found a continual, weekly weight loss too, which I will not complain about.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anybody wanting to learn clean, healthy, and totally delicious food."

Adrienne Soul

"I loved the simple but tasty recipes in this meal plan because they fitted in well with my work. I also loved the fact that there was no food waste because of the batch cooking and the fact that leftover dinner often made a tasty lunch too. This made the plan both cost and time-effective for me. After 4 weeks, I also had more energy, better skin, and along with my cycling routine I have lost almost 1 stone in weight too, which was an unexpected bonus!"

Sam Warr
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