Cinnamon And Weight Loss – 8 Cinnamon Health Benefits


Cinnamon And Weight Loss - 7 Cinnamon Health Benefits

Adding some spice into your life may be just what the doctor ordered, and cinnamon and weight loss go hand in hand. This delicious, aromatic bark from the genus cinnamomom tree has a key weight loss feature in its ability to stop those unruly SUGAR cravings, and will also help keep blood sugar stable. Both of which are key elements to fighting fat – and more specifically, dangerous belly fat.


Different Types of Cinnamon:

Before we start it is essential for you to understand some little known facts about cinnamon. There are actually 2 different types, Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon, and although they both taste similar, they are very different in terms of health benefits.


ceylon cinnamon is the best
Ceylon Cinnamon

For Health Reasons, It is VERY IMPORTANT You Know the below Information About Cinnamon Before You Buy it!!!

Ceylon cinnamon is the more expensive kind but has more superior health benefits, it also has a flaky bark (see pic). But most people who buy pre-ground cinnamon from the supermarket will more than likely be consuming the cassia type. Cassia often comes from China, is 10 times cheaper than ceylon, and is actually BAD for you if you eat it regularly – I will explain why in a bit.

Most cinnamon labels do not disclose which type of cinnamon they use as it all comes under the umbrella term of cinnamon, but pretty much ALL pre-ground super market cinnamon will be this cheaper variety.


Side Effects of Cassia Cinnamon:

cassia cinnamon is fake
Cassia Cinnamon

The problem with cassia cinnamon is this: although it does share some of the health properties of Ceylon, it is 1200 times higher in a substance called caumarin. This compound is dangerous when ingested regularly (especially if you are going to start using cinnamon every day) as it can cause serious health problems, including liver and kidney damage.

Luckily, most people don’t use cinnamon in high enough amounts for this to be an issue, and it is often just used as an occasional spice in bakery. But if you are going to be using it regularly you should buy the flaky variety of cinnamon bark, NOT the hard curls (see pic), and grind it yourself. This really is the only way to know that you’re getting the real deal.



1. WEIGHT LOSSCinnamon burns fat

Cinnamon can help with weight loss – and I’m talking belly fat loss specifically. This is because of the effect it has on blood glucose. When we a eat carbohydrates of any kind, which includes all things sweet, flours, grains, starchy vegetables, pulses and fruit, insulin is naturally released from the pancreas to mop those sugars up pushing them into cells to either be used for energy OR stored as fat.


Sugar Addiction:

As most of us are ‘hooked‘ on sugar and high GI carbohydrates, we are often on a sugar train of eating high GI foods, having an insulin response, and then (if those sugars are not used for energy ,which mostly they’re not) having those sugars stored as FAT.

Cinnamon can decrease the amount of glucose entering the blood after a meal by interfering with digestive enzymes, which in turn slows the breaking down of carbohydrates in the digestive system and therefore lowering a meals GI… cool huh? 


Low GI Eating:low GI eating helps you burn fat

Cinnamon is a great addition to a weight loss program, however, you should also be eating a low GI diet for not only better blood sugar control, but also because this type of diet not only contains lots of high antioxidant, anti aging super foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses, but also lots of fiber to keep the digestive tract in tip top condition.

For more easy to understand ‘how to’ information on how to make these changes and start clearing the junk out of your life (and more importantly your precious body) please check out these further posts.

’10 East Steps To Clean Eating’

‘Low GI Foods List’

‘Foods To Burn Fat Fast’


A Slower Release of Sugars Means Less Hunger Pangs:

Now to the crux of the matter – the slower those sugars are released into the bloodstream, then slower and more sustained release of energy you will get. This will not only stop you craving more sugar or carby foods again so quickly, but will also make you feel fuller for longer. And that’s the point – stable blood sugar stops the  cravings that make you gain weight!



Insulin is a hormone that is released by the pancreas to clear and transport sugars (carbohydrates) from the blood and into cells. The problem now is many people are becoming insulin resistant due to this hormones overuse in high sugar diets.

Insulin resistance is one of the main hallmarks of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Cinnamon is so powerful that it can actually reduces insulin resistance dramatically: it does this by helping insulin to function properly to lower blood sugar levels.


3. ANTI DIABETESCinnamon is Anti Diabetic and lowers a meals GI

As well as its powerful effects on insulin cinnamon also lowers blood sugar in other ways:-

  • Decreasing the amount of glucose to hit the bloodstream after you have eaten a meal.
  • The insulin mimmicing compound that cinnamon contains helps to vastly improve the uptake of glucose into cells, a good thing because insulin is a vital part of keeping blood sugar stable.

Numerous studies have been conducted that now confirm cinnamon most certainly has anti diabetic properties, and at doeses of 0.5-2 teaspoons a day can lower blood sugar levels by 10-29%.



All of the above benefits lead into the amazing benefit of anti aging too. A low GI diet and better blood sugar control will keep you looking young, and that’s an absolute FACT! All these sugar highs and lows actually accelerate the aging process, not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

A low GI diet and blood sugar control will keep chronic inflammation to a minimum, which in turn will lower your chances of many diseases and illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s and some cancer’s. Given the fact that cinnamon in itself is a powerful anti inflammatory, adding it to a low GI diet will only enhance this effect.


5.  ANTIOXIDANTSantioxidants slow down the aging process

Cinnamon is higher in antioxidants than any other herb or spice. Antioxidants are an absolutely essential part of our diet because  they mop up the free radical damage caused in our bodies by toxins.  These toxins come from many sources, such as food, environment, sun exposure, alcohol or nicotine. In fact we are being bombarded from ALL angles by toxins every day, and many of which we have no control over such as traffic pollution and aeroplane fuel.

Free radicals are basically unpaired electrons that steal electrons from our own cells, thus causing damage to our DNA. This damage then causes aging and disease, but eating high levels of antioxidant rich foods will help negate this damage and slow down the aging process.



Now the biggest killer of our time, heart disease is something we all simply must take preventative measures towards, and this is where cinnamon could be a great supplement. A recent study concluded that a dose of just 120 milligrams a day can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and trigylcerides, and increase good HDL cholesterol.


7. ANTI CANCERcinnamon can help destroy cancer cells

Cinnamon’s effect on cancer cells and tumor growth has so far only been studied in animals, but was found to be toxic to cancer cells and to cause cancer cell death.

A separate study on mice with colon cancer showed cinnamon had the ability to activate detoxifying enzymes in the colon, therefore having a protective effect against further growth. These amazing results were also supported in test tube experiments, where it was seen in human colon cells to activate a protective antioxidant response.



Cinnamon is a powerful anti fungal, anti microbial and anti bacterial, and is great in the treatment of fungal infections such as in candida overgrowth. It can also inhibit certain bacteria like salmonella and listeria from growing.

It is often used as a digestive aid to help eliminate gas and bloating, and also alleviates IBS symptoms.


HOW TO USE CINNAMONadd cinnamon to any meal

Cinnamon is a very versatile spice: after you have sourced out your real ceylon cinnamon’ sticks (don’t forget, these are the FLAKY bark variety, not the hard tubes), you can grind them up in either a coffee grinder or pestel and mortar and add to pretty much anything you fancy.

Freshly ground cinnamon tastes just fabulous and smells super fresh. You can bake with it, sprinkle it on your cereal, or add to deserts, yogurt’s or hot drinks such as herbal tea’s or your bedtime milk.

Go crazy with it and try new things, just be sure to get at least a teaspoon into your diet every day to reap all these awesome benefits.


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Turmeric Benefits and Side Effects – Homemade Turmeric Paste



Turmeric Benefits and Side Effects - Homemade Turmeric Paste

I never stop hearing fantastic things about the benefits of the anti inflammatory spice turmeric lately, it seems the world has gone crazy for it – and for good reason, as it’s protection against so many illnesses and diseases is starting to become mind blowingly apparent.

In this post I will go into more depth of turmeric benefits and side effects, and also give you a recipe for the tasty and healing homemade turmeric paste that I eat every day and which can be enjoyed by all the family.



Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family known as Zingiberaceae, and is native to India and South East Asia where it is eaten every day, and used in many dishes. It is also used traditionally in Chinese and Indian medicine as a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory. Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many illnesses and diseases and turmeric is the most effective anti inflammatory, natural supplement known.

In the Herbal Apothecary where I work I have noticed lately (and even more so in the last few months) that people are buying up more turmeric than ever, be it in the form of supplement capsules, teas, sprays, tinctures or powder. It is all hugely popular, and we can barely keep up with demand.


Turmeric Powder, Capsules and Fresh


This has led me to have a greater understanding of the powers of turmeric, through this first hand personal customer feedback. I often hear stories from customers who simply cannot live without turmeric, especially in the fight against inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and Alzeimer’s.

I recently heard a testimony from a man who told me he was crippled with arthritis a couple of years ago, and at the time was on a cocktail of drugs from the doc, which as usual had a list of side effects as long as both of your arms. Anyway, long story short, this guy had  started making this ‘turmeric paste‘ he called it, and he told me that it helped his condition so much that he no longer takes any medications and has no pain or inflammation anymore.

He also gives it to his 95 year old father who is still as nimble as a flea and sharp as a tack…at 95! He puts it also, down to the turmeric!

I’m not saying for a minute you should stop taking all medications and start taking turmeric to cure all your ills, that wouldn’t be my place or responsibility. I’m simply telling you what I know, and what I’ve been told in the feedback I get in my job.


Turmeric Paste Recipe:

Obviously, I got the recipe for this amazing turmeric paste from the gentleman, which contains along with the turmeric, all the components needed for maximum absorption: such as black pepper and fats – plus other ingredients that work well alongside it like ginger and lemon.

I went home that evening made this paste for myself, and I’ve got to say it tasted yummy, but I did need to sweeten it with a natural sugar free sweetener (I used Xylitol).

This leads me onto another success story as I then took a jar of it up to my parents and told them to eat 2-3 teaspoons a day – being as they are of an age now where they will start becoming more susceptible to illness I though this would be great for them…and it was!



It happens my mum had this chesty cough that she just couldn’t shift for the last 3 months, and she’d tried everything from cough medicines to antibiotics, plus she was on turmeric capsules already. When I gave her the turmeric paste I wasn’t even thinking that it would do anything for her cough, but she phoned me only a couple of days later and told me that her cough had completely gone, she couldn’t believe it had disappeared so fast and said she knew 100% it was down to the turmeric.

I can only presume after hearing this that the powerful anti inflammatory properties of this turmeric paste had worked their magic. I was elated, and this is the catalyst for this post so should share these findings with others.




Dried Turmeric Root

I believe from my research  that turmeric needs to be taken with other components for maximum absorption – which is why this remedy worked so well for my mum. The particular capsules she was already taking were just turmeric powder alone and so it seems didn’t have the power to shift her chesty cough. But when she took the paste, at higher doses, AND mixed with all the other anti inflammatory components it worked like an absolute charm.


A True Super Food!

Along with the benefits I’ve already discussed, turmeric also has a long list of others. More and more studies offering proof and evidence of turmeric’s super food power are emerging every day.

You will notice that sometimes I use the word curcumin, which is actually the extracted active compound of turmeric, and can only be found in large doses in tablet or capsule form. Actual turmeric powder contains only about 2% curcumin by weight.

In some cases, where disease has already taken hold, a high dose curcumin supplement may be needed, but this should be taken alongside the other compounds mentioned above to aid absorption. Many supplements don’t provide these all in one so you have to shop about for good quality.



There are different schools of though about high dose curcumin extract. Yes, numerous studies show it to be effective and it absolutely is, but look at my example above of the man who already had terrible arthritis and healed himself through the paste. This would have only had a fraction of the curcumin in it as opposed to a high strength curcumin extract supplement. This still worked for him, and maybe better,  who knows. But some experts believe that the body reacts much better to eating the ‘whole food’, as it is more natural than high does extracts. 



Their is also a notion about the ‘absorbability‘ of fractured foods such as high dose extracted compound supplements – but you should definitely test this for yourself, and this doesn’t apply to ALL supplements. Don’t forget the fact that their are cultures who eat natural turmeric in their diet every day who do not suffer diseases on the huge scale that we do, and they mostly don’t use supplements.

For preventative purposes, I would take the time to prepare the paste as it is a proper ‘food‘ with substance. And if taken before meals will help satiate you and prevent you from over eating, which also makes it great for weight control. A teaspoon a day (one before each meal ideally) would be a good amount for prevention purposes, but for helping with ailments that are already there you may need more (up to a dessert spoon before each meal), until symptoms have subsided.




ANTI INFLAMMATORYAlzheimer's Disease

  • Long term and chronic inflammation can become a major problem, and is now believed to play a role in pretty much every western chronic disease. This includes alzheimer’s, dementia, cancers, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and many other degenerative conditions.
  • Chronic inflammation can also cause hair loss which can be very distressing, especially for women. Please visit this page ‘Inflammation and Hair Loss’ for tips and advice on how to grow your lovely locks back.
  • The curcumins in turmeric have a powerful anti inflammatory effect and have been proven to match the effectiveness of some anti inflammatory drugs, all without the rotten side effects.



  • Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant (one of the most powerful there is), and it’s these antioxidants that protect our bodies from the aging that is down to DNA damaging free radicals. These free radicals cause oxidative damage throughout the body, but antioxidants neutralise them before they can do damage, thus making them an anti aging superstar. And above all that, curcumin also helps boost your body’s own natural antioxidant enzymes, giving a double whammy of protection.


BRAIN FUNCTIONHelps brain power

  • Curcumin boosts levels of a brain hormone called BDNF which is our brain function hormone, therefore  delaying or even reversing brain and age related diseases such as alzheimer’s and dementia. This means (although there are no official studies yet) that there is a more than likely chance that it can improve memory and learning – so it can actually makes you smarter!



  • As the biggest killer in the world, heart disease is something we all need to be aware of and already be taking preventative measures towards. Looking after ourselves in general by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise goes without saying, but there is more you can do like adding turmeric to your diet.
  • Several studies suggest that adding turmeric into the diet can help improve the endothelium function, (which is the heart blood vessel linings). Endothelial dysfunction means an inability to regulate blood pressure, clotting of the blood, and other factors that are all a major drivers of heart disease.



  • Multiple studies in laboratory’s show that curcumin can reduce the growth of tumors, the spreading of cancer, and contribute to overall cancer cell death. This study has yet to be tested properly on humans but is something that is looking promising for the future.
  • There is however, evidence of turmeric preventing cancer in the first place, especially for digestive system cancers – giving us yet another sound reason to incorporate it into out diet.



  • Alzheimers is the leading cause of dementia, and as of yet there is no good treatment available; therefore and especially in this case, prevention is definitely better than cure considering there isn’t one. Curcumin has been shown to cross the blood brain barrier where it is then able to do what it does best, and help protect the brain from inflammation and oxidative damage – both of which are precursers of alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive disorders.


ARTHRITISInflamed Joints and arthritis

  • Although there are several forms of arthritis, they are all based on inflammation of the joints. Turmeric is a potent anti inflammatory, and so it stands to reason that it would help ease this painful condition. In fact, in a study of patients suffering rheumatoid arthritis anti inflammatory drugs were found to be less effective than curcumin.



  • In a study of 60 patients, it was shown that curcumin lead to results similar to prozac and yet again, without the side effects. This is more than likely due to the fact that curcumin boosts BNDF levels which can help reverse some of the changes in the brain associated with depression.
  • There is also evidence that the neurotransmitter’s dopamine and serotonin are boosted by curcumin.



Turmeric powder or root when taken in its whole form such as the paste, should be experimented with to find gut tolerance. If you are new to turmeric you may find it gives you a slight upset stomach, or maybe diarrhea if you take to much. I advise to start with a little and build up.

Curcumin extract when taken in high doses is still considered very safe to use, but rare side effects may include headache, diarrhea, digestive problems, skin rash and in some cases can contribute to gallstones.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If you are going to make the turmeric powder paste you should be minful of where you source your turmeric, as many have lots of nasty fillers, chemicals and colourings. You MUST buy organic at all times to be sure you have pure, unadulterated turmeric.

If you are buying supplements of curcumin or turmeric in capsules, always buy from a trusted brand and make sure that it is in an absorbable form. I have sourced out a trustworthy brand for you if you decide you may need something easier to take and higher strength. 

Amazon: Turmeric capsules with black pepper

Turmeric is just one super food you can supplement your diet with, adding other chlorophyll rich super food powders to your diet will really enhance the others. My absolute all round favorite anti aging, anti inflammatory and detoxifying super food is Dr. Schulzes super food green powder. This stuff gives you a zing and a burst of energy within 20 minute s and makes your skin glow and your eyes sparkle!




INGREDIENTSTurmeric Paste Ingredients

2 tablespoons turmeric powder1 tablespoon ginger powder
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 tablespoons good quality extra virgin olive oil
grated rind and juice of 2 lemons (optional, but make it taste nice)
1 tablespoon of black pepper
Xylitol or another natural sweetener to taste (if you feel you need it)
About 50-100ml water

Put everything EXCEPT olive oil in a saucepan and heat until just below boiling. Take off heat immediately. Leave to cool right down before adding the olive oil (extra virgin olive oils benefit’s are destroyed by heating). Sometimes the liquid seems to curdle but take no notice of this as it still tastes the same.

Put into a glass jar and keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. The fat may separate so to avoid this you can stirbit a couple of times before it is fully chilled to disperse the fats.

Once cool store in the fridge and eat a teaspoon (or more if you already have problems) 2-3 times a day. You can add to warm water or smoothies if you prefer to make a drink out of it.

If you haven’t decided to add lemon into the recipe then the paste goes down nicely in a warm nut milk as a bedtime drink.

Taking a teaspoon of the paste before before meal is satiating and will stop you from eating too much – making it also good for weight control.


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