Contributers & Reviewers

ZestForever wouldn’t be possible without the amazing experts behind the scenes making sure all the information you are given is correct and of the highest quality. The goal of this website is to help you achieve great health using trusted, science based techniques in the realm of fitness and plant based eating, along with dietitian approved meal plans, tips and guides.


Celine Maetti – Dietitian

Celine reviews the diet and fitness plans on this website and is a registered dietitian/nutritionist with 5 years experience in the food industry. She has a dietitian diploma and also a Masters Degree in Chemistry with a major in chemical and pollutant analysis in the environment and food industry.

She worked for more than 10 years in many laboratories in the chemical analysis department from private industry in New Caledonia, Australia, France to public laboratories in France and New Caledonia.

Celine also also travels all around the world to study nutrition through different cultures to better understand our health problems and to help people find a happier more balanced life.


Natasha bronham evans

Natasha Bromham Evans

Natasha co-runs our popular Facebook Plant-based Diet & Fitness for Busy People Group being a qualified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach. Adopting a plant-based lifestyle in 2019 (which her husband and two Sons do not follow) she understands the juggling act and challenges parents face in everyday life to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

 Natasha has turned her passion of fitness along with her fascination with the power of the mind and its untapped potential to help motivate, inspire and empower people to find the pleasurable side of exercise. Known as the ‘mindset PT’ she teaches exercise execution to ensure good form, to elicit the mind/muscle connection from her clients to help reduce the risk of injury along with helping build a resilient mindset, to enable them to achieve their fitness goals but also to help build confidence and self-esteem to succeed in their bigger life goals.

 She hosts The Planted Mindset Podcast recording solo episodes along with inviting guests on the show to talk on the topics of fitness, mindset and nutrition.

 Her qualifications also include being a Level 2 Certified Gym Instructor, Certified Penalty Box Fit Trainer, UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) along with CPDs in Women’s Fitness, The Alexander Technique and Fitness Nutrition.


laura fuller

Laura Fuller – Nurse and Certified Nutritionist

Laura is a Registered Nurse with 42 years of experience in many avenues of nursing to include: medical/surgical, obstetrics, and home health/hospice. She recently retired from Emergency Room Nursing.

She also has her CMSRN Board Certification for Medical/Surgical Nurses.

Laura has continued her career and education and is now an ISSA Certified Nutritionist. She is quickly becoming an expert in DNA genome interpretations and will soon have her ISSA DNA-Based Fitness Coach Certification.

Laura enjoys helping others and offers her services to Zestforever as a second line consultation for plant-based nutrition and fitness health.

If you want to link the DNA genome interpretations here is the website