L-Glutamine Benefits


L-Glutamine Benefits - Power and Strength

L-Glutamine is another one of those buzzwords in the body building and fitness industry, and seems to be highly acclaimed for its ability strip fat and build lean muscle. In this post we will take a deeper look at L-Glutamine benefits and side effects, so you can decide for yourself this supplement is right for you.



L-Glutamine is an amino acid needed in the body for the biosynthesis of proteins. It is the most abundant amino acid in our bloodstream and more than 61% of our skeletal muscle is made up of it 90% of our body’s L-Glutamine is synthesised in our skeletal muscle.

However, there can be a problem sometimes with glutamine synthesis in certain individuals such as in the sick or premature babies, making it much herder for these individuals to produce their own. In such cases L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid.


WHEN WOULD I NEED TO SUPPLEMENT?l- glutamine helps build muscles

Glutamine is crucial in our bodies, it is essential for providing fuel to our cells in order to make other amino acids and to produce glucose. It is especially needed in times of stress, both physical and mental, when it will be burnt up very quickly. This is one of the reasons why L-Glutamine is so popular in the fitness industry where people in training are putting constant stress on their muscles and immune system.

When intensely training, levels of glutamine are vastly depleted, which decreases overall strength, stamina and recovery time. In fact, after an intense session it can take up to 6 days for levels to return to what they should be.


L- Glutamine for Muscle Repair and Growth

Studies show that glutamine supplementation can improve the metabolism of protein so it can not only be used for muscle repair and growth, but also minimise breakdown in the first place. Helping to prevent the breakdown of muscle is another reason why L-Glutamine is so popular with those in an intense training program, or lifting heavy weights.



L-Glutamine is definitely up there as a fat burner because it helps counteract the storage of fat to regulate weight, and also reduces cravings for sugar and alcohol. During intense exercise it helps with the process of outing fat without losing vital muscle mass, which is very easily done when exercising and is often a side effect of weight loss.

All this can be negated with a few simple strategies and a proper eating plan which will make sure you are getting all the amino acids you need from your diet, as well as supplementation if needed.

L-Carnitine is another amino acid I have been looking into recently, and it also has an impressive profile for fat burning during exercise, among many other benefits. This is often used alongside L-Glutamine for even more enhanced fat burning/muscle building effects. 

Please read here my post ‘Building Muscle Whilst burning Fat’ for many more ways to achieve the body you desire. There are so many ways in which to achieve this, and L-Glutamine supplements are just a small part of the story.


EXERCISE AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEMweight lifting will build muscle and burn fat

An intense workout (especially body building) depletes your stores of Glutamine, and as Glutamine plays such an important role in the immune system this can leave you more sucseptable to catching bugs and other illnesses. Who’s noticed getting sick after they know they have overdone it in the gym or running? I know I have! Pushing your body too far can really have a knock on effect on the immune system, and so it is vital to keep it strong.

This in itself could be a good reason to use L-Glutamine, especially if you do like to push yourself during training, which of course, is something that we need to do in order to get stronger, fitter and leaner. It is just a good idea not to take this too far if you want to keep your immune system strong.


Other Uses For L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is also used in the medical world for many other reasons, one being as a protection for the immune system in patients undergoing cancer treatment such as radiotherapy. It is also used after bone marrow transplants and bowel surgery to improve recovery, prevent infection, and increase well-being.


L-GLUTAMINE AND MENTAL DISORDERSl-glutamine can ease mental problems as it can boost the neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA

L-Glutamine can also be used in the treatment of various mental illnesses and disorders, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and ADHD. It has it has a stabilising effect, and unlike many other medications is able to cross the blood brain barrier. This means it may stimulate GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages through the nervous system and brain, and changing the messages may result in relief from some of these disorders.

Although more research needs to be done in this field, as with many natural mood disorder treatments, sometimes it can be a case of trial and error to find what works for you.



Another very popular use for L-Glutamine is for healing cells in the lining of the gut that may have been damaged by LGS (leaky gut syndrome). LGS can often be a side effect of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The inflammation that goes with this disorder can often damage the intestinal lining. Experts are not sure whether IBS causes LGS or vice versa as it is a field that still needs much research, and there is no real cure as of yet, not medically at least.


Other Issues Caused by leaky Gut;L-glutamine can help heal a leaky gut

Having a leaky gut can cause so many issues in the body and is fast becoming a leading chronic health issue. Some of the problems caused are – auto immune diseases, skin problems, allergies, asthma, autism, arthritis, SIRS and type 1 diabetes.

Symptoms of leaky gut include inflammatory diseases, food sensitivities, auto immune diseases, malabsorbption of key nutrients such as Vitamin B12, magnesium and other enzymes, and mood disorders, including autism. This is a long list and I haven’t gone into much detail here as it requires much more in depth study, but it seems that leaky gut syndrome may be a root cause of many problems and certainly requires deeper investigation.


Healing A Leaky Gut:

While L-Glutamine may help to repair a leaky gut, this is only a small part of the healing process and there are other steps that involve the cutting out of certain foods. These include foods such as sugar, grains, non organic animal products and alcohol, and also adding in healing foods such as live enzymes and probiotic foods.

It is after this that you would begin the repair process, and this is where L-Glutamane would come in with its abilities to heal and repair. After which the next step would be to repopulate the guts good bacteria with a course of good quality probiotics. All this is a process that needs to be done either under the supervision of a professional or with proper understanding of it.



  • Helps protein synthesis
  • Helps strip fat and promotes lean muscle growth
  • Is a great immune booster
  • May help with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety
  • May help combat insomnia
  • Has many medical uses (of which I would suggest you consult your doctor about before use)



As with all supplements, they are NOT all created equal. Some are filled with preservatives, chemicals, fillers and many more nasties, and if it is something you need to take long term then just think of how detrimental it would be to keep filling your body with rubbish. Many of these will have names that are unrecognisable, so many times you don’t really know what you are putting in your body or the potential side effects of this added junk.

Always buy from reputable companies and brands. Here I have sourced out what I think is good quality L-Glutamine

Trusted Brand – Amazon: SOLGAR 500mg L- GLUTAMINE CAPSULES


Possible Side Effects:

It is important to always read labels. Side effects are pretty rare and usually only occur when too much is taken, and generally mild, but may include stomach aches and cramps, nausea, vomiting, mild skin rash, dizziness, itching and headache. If these occur then you should stop taking the supplement and consult your doctor who may suggest a different dosage, or to stop completely.



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L-Carnitine Benefits and Side Effects



L-Carnitine Benefits and Side Effects

You have probably only heard about L-Carnitine if you are in the health and fitness industry, where it is most widely used and talked about for its performance enhancing and fat burning qualities. But let’s take a look at the science behind the hype and see if this really is a supplement worth its salt. In this post we will take a look at L-Carnintine benefits and side effects to see if it is suitable for you and your needs.


So What Exactly is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is a ‘vitamin type’ non essential amino acid related to the B-Vitamin family, and is used in the body for transporting dietary fat into the mitrochondria. These are organelles that act a bit like a digestive system, taking nutrients from the blood, breaking them down and creating energy.

L-Carnitine is produced in the liver and kidneys by the other amino acids methionine and lysine, and once produced is then stored in the muscles, heart, brain and sperm.



L-Carnitine is mostly found in animal products, and especially red meat (56-162mg per serving), but also found in much lower levels in sorces such as poultry, fish and seafood (3-7mg) and dairy products (3-8mg).


What About Vegan Diets? methionine and lysine are abundant in black beans

L-Carnitine can be found in plant sources such as tempeh, avocados and peanuts, but not at very high levels, but he good news is, L-Carnitine deficiency is rare, even in strict vegans.

We can produce our own L-Carnitine in our liver and kidneys form the other amino acids methionine and lysine, all of which are abundant in other plant foods such as nuts, seeds, lentils, wholegrains, tempeh, quinoa, seitan, black beans and soya milk.

This is the reason L-Carnitine deficiancy is rare as we have plenty of opportunity to make our own from the methionine and lysine we consume from other sources. Deficiency is usually only found in those who have kidney and liver function problems and therefore cannot produce their own adequate supply.


The Science Behind L-Carnitine

Commonly used in the fitness industry for its ability to stimulate the release of growth hormone and help reduce body fat, L-Carnitine transports fatty acids into cells where they can be oxidised and used for fuel. This cellular reaction happens both when you are at rest, and during exercise itself. It is, however, most effective when engaging in very intense exercise.

Without this amino acid, it is very hard for fats to be burned as fuel – which is ultimately what most exercisers and body builders are trying to achieve.



 1. FAT BURNINGl-carnitine helps to burn belly fat

A study from the University of Nottingham confirmed that when the athletes in their trial consumed 2g of L-Cartinine along with 80g of high G.I. carbohydrate both as soon as they wake up and before food, then again 4 hours later for 24 weeks, they burned 55% less glycogen from muscles whilst at the same time, increasing ability to burn fat by 55%.

This means L-Carnitine is a supplement that could actually help the body to burn fat more efficiently. And as it also has the ability to help your body burn less glycogen, this means you will have more stamina to train for longer – hence you will burn more fat and build more muscle.



The athletes on the trial, although eating an extra 640 calories of high G.I. carbs,  gained no extra body fat whilst supplementing the L.Carnitine, while the group eating the extra carbohydrates without the supplement put on more than 5lbs in weight of fat.

This is not to advocate a high G.I. diet, as this was used as an example in the trial to prove how effective L.Carnitine is at burning fat. Unless you really are working out like a true athlete then I would recommend sticking with a lower G.I. diet.



The subjects on the same trial supplementing the L-Carnitine were also able to go a whopping 25% longer due to the fact that fat was being burned for fuel first, rather than muscle glycogen, therefore staving off fatigue. And the reason why you will be able to train for longer periods before tiring.



L.Carnitine has been shown to significantly reduce damage done to the muscles during exercise, when taken at doses of 1-2 grams per day. It also decreases the muscle soreness you can feel for days after a hard workout, which can lead to you missing sessions, or not putting your all in when you need to due to pain.

L.Carnitine will aslo give you that edge during your training sessions by increasing blood flow, and delivering more nutrients to the muscles when you need it most.



Yes, you heard me right! L.Carnitine boosts brain cells and helps to keep the brain young. Its powerful antioxidant effects slow down the aging process and help keep the brain and heart young. Slowing down the aging process does not just mean on the outside, but on the inside too, as it will also lower your risk of age related degenerative diseases such as alzheimer’s and heart disease.



Another great side effect of L.Carnitine is higher testosterone, which will boost muscle growth and strength. It’s all due to the fact that L.Carnitine increases androgen receptors and boosts hormonal response to exercise. Don’t worry you can still take this supplement if you are a woman without worrying about turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the effects will be subtle and toned.


DOSAGE AND WHEN TO TAKE:use l-carnitine with other fat burning foods like green tea

Depending on your weight, size and fitness regime, you should take between 500 and 3,000 mg per day (that’s equivalent to 0.5-3 grams). The best time to take L.Carnitine is with a meal that contains both carbohydrates and protein. This applies to some of the other forms available, such as Propionyl-L-Carnitine and L-Carnintine L- Tartrate.

On the other hand, the form of L.Carnitine called Acetyl-L-Carnitine is more readily absorbed by the muscles, brain and intestines when taken alone without food. This type of L.Carnitine can be taken along with other healthy fat burners such as green tea, to boost effects.

You should incorporate lots of fat burning plant foods into your diet ALONG with any supplements for the best results and the FASTEST way to your great body. Please check out this list of ‘Fat Burning Superstars’.


WHICH FORM OF L-CARNITINE TO TAKE L-carnitine can cross the blood brain barrier

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (the most common type used in the fitness industry) is more readily absorbed by the muscles, brain and intestines, and should be taken alone without food as it is are able to cross the blood-brain barrier for the synthesis of acetylcholine, which is one of the brains primary neurotransmitters.

It is also good for the support of the cardiovascular and nervous system, and for memory and brain power. This form of Carnitine also helps burn fat for fuel just like regular L.Carnitine – but is actually primarily used for the other effects.



This form, which is another popular form in the fitness world, supports weight loss, and boosts the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel by mobilising fat from storage to be burnt as energy. This form should be taken with a high protein and carbohydrate meal (preferably after a workout).  It is worth noting that there are other, primarily brain boosting forms of Carnitine such as Propionyl-L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that should also be taken with food.



The short answer to this is yes you can, but as explained previously they should be taken at different times as,  but you can certainly take both for extra fat burning power. You don’t necessarily need to though, you could just go with the Acetyl-L-Carnitine which will give you the best of both worlds. Take this first thing before breakfast to boost brain power and cognitive function for the day, plus reap the fat burning benefits as well.

On a side note, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is sometimes marketed as N-Acetyl Carnitine (abreviation NAC), but these are both exactly the same thing but with different names.


 Possible Side Effects:

If the dosage is correct for you, and kept within the recommendations, then there are very few side effects to L-Carnitine supplementation, making this a mostly safe and popular supplement.

Side effects when they do occur, include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea, but this only usually happens when taken at too high a dosage. More serious side effects can include elevated heart rate, high blood pressure and fever, in which case the supplements should be stopped immediately and medical advice sought.


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L-Arginine Benefits and Side Effects

L Arginine Benefits and Side Effects

L-arginine is most commonly known and used in the fitness industry for its ability to stimulate the release of growth hormone, hence its use in the body building world for enhancing stamina, strength and performance. In this post we will discuss in more detail L-Arginine benefits and side effects so you can work out whether this could be a supplement that is right for you.


What Exactly is L-Arginine?

L-arginine is an amino acid used by the body in the biosynthesis of proteins, and is found naturally in dairy products, red meat, fish, poultry and eggs. It is converted in the body to nitric oxide – a chemical that opens blood vessels wider, which in turn improves the flow of blood around the body.

It is a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning that it is not always essential, except maybe in times of illness and stress, such as the stress put on the body due to hard training or lifting weights. This will cause catabolic stress and injury, therefore the body requirements for L-arginine will be higher.

It has many other uses as well as just stimulating growth hormone, so let’s dive right in and take a look!





One of the most powerful effects of L-arginine is its ability to boost immune function and fight the inflammation that causes diseases in the first place. Out of control chronic inflammation is the root cause of almost every disease and illness of our tmes, therefore reducing it as much as possible is literally one of the BEST things we can do for our health.

Its antioxidant mechanisms help it to scavenge free radicals in the body, and these free radicals accelerate telomere aging And with the shortening of telomeres comes faster aging, and increased susceptibility to age related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, alzeimer’s, demetia and heart disease. Not a pretty story I know.



as we age our telomeres get shorter

Combining Supplements:

Supplementing L-arginine with a combination of vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids and you have an effective all round anti aging superstar. And if taken along with regular exercise (vital for heart health and to keep muscle mass up), especially as we age, then the hormonal changes that occur whilst supplementing L-arginine along with a regular training program will help build a more powerful, youthful and toned body.

L-arginine ALSO helps improve collagen synthesis in the skin – something that declines with age, and unfortunately for those who wish to stay youthful, makes skin thinner and less plump.

If you really want to slow the aging process further, then here is a helpful list of the 10 Ultimate Anti Aging supplements’Here you will find lots of useful information about slowing down the aging process, and helping the body to regenerate a more youthful glow and appearance NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE.


2. BOOSTS PERFORMANCE WHILST EXERCISINGl-arginine boosts exercise performance

As L-arginine improves the flow of blood so it is more easily able to transport nutrients and oxygen to muscle and joint tissues. This will have the effect of giving you less pain, both during and AFTER exercise of any kind (BUT, especially weight bearing exercise where muscles are more easily torn).

The main reason L-arginine is so commonly used in the body building and fitness industry is because of its ability to naturally increase the production of HGH ( human growth hormone), and other amino acids such as L-glutamate, L Proline and creatine.

L-arginine improves insulin sensitivity, making its part in metabolic health important for the building of lean muscle, fighting joint inflammation and pain; repairing injured tissue, and for soothing the central nervous system.


How Much Do I Need To Feel the Benefits?

The most powerful muscle building effects from L-arginine come when combined with exercise, especially weight bearing, gym, circuit training and boxing. Doses of 5-9 grams per day will increase resting growth levels by a minimum of 100%, and when exercising by up to 500%.



Male Fertility:l-arginine boosts male fertility

L-arginine helps blood circulation and the replication of cells, helping to improve sperm production and motility. Some studies show that combined with other anti inflammatory’s and antioxidants, L-arginine supplements can significantly improve up to 92% of male infertility cases.

This proves even more true for highly stressed men, as stress lowers L-arginine in the sperm production paths, and supplementation has also been proven to work more effectively when combined with L-glutamate and Yohimbine Hydrochloride.


Female Fertility:

L-arginine can also be beneficial in the treatment of female infertility as it actually increases the circulation to the genital tissue in both sexes. Research suggests that L-arginine and NAC together may help to naturally balance hormones, playing a role in helping to alleviate imbalances of estrogen, and PCOS.



Not only does L-arginine supplementation support cardiovascular and kidney health, but it also regulates the immune system by positively affecting immune responses and inflammation. I found during research, many studies to support these findings, especially when supplemented along with omega 3 fatty acids and other antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C.



L srginine lowers blood pressure


As a popular supplement recommended by cardiologists, L-arginine improves heart health by lowering inflammation, boosting the health of blood vessels and the health of the whole cardiovascular system, lowers high blood pressure and improves stamina.

And for those at high risk of heart disease, then supplementation of L-arginine may act as a powerful and preventative measure against stroke and heart attack.



L-arginine is already made in adequate amounts by the body in somebody who eats a healthy diet, and therefore no supplementation is required. However, in those partaking in high amounts of physical activity, and looking to cut fat and build muscle, then this could be a helpful supplement in that process and may give you the extra edge you need.

I must reiterate again, that I can only find evidence of L-arginine’s usefulness when used either for medical reasons OR in combination with physical exercise, as the body has a higher demand for amino acids due to rebuilding torn muscle tissue. In most other cases you should simply get enough from your diet alone.



2-3 grams up to 3 times daily is the adequate amount that has been studied in trials, but ALWAYS buy from reputable companies and always read labels carefully. Do not exceed recommended doses.

Good quality supplements – Amazon L Arginine Capsules


L-arginine is safe for most people when taken in capsules, powder, administered in a shot, or applied to the skin in appropriate doses.

In clinical settings, L-arginine has been trialed safely with only minor side effects, and has been proven to be beneficial in those who need it for medical reasons (in which case consult with your doctor first), or those who are doing a lot of physical activity and are looking to get into shape, cut fat and build muscle.

Possible side effects may include: Bloating, diarrhea, gout, allergies, inflammation of airways, asthma may worsen, may interact with medications that lower blood pressure.


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Chromium Picolinate Benefits

Chromium Picolinate Benefits



Chromium Picolinate is a mineral commonly used to help control diabetes and aid weight loss by helping keep blood sugar levels stable. As very small amounts are needed by the body, and are vital for health, it is known as an essential trace element. In this post we will look at chromium Picolinate benefits to see if this is a supplement right for you.


What is it Good For?

Chromium Picolinate can be used in the treatment of a whole host of illnesses and diseases, including pre-diabetes, type 1 and 2 diabetes, depression and certain other mental illnesses, PCOS, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and some eating disorders.

Here, I am essentially going to focus on the main reason Chromium Picolinate is used as a supplement in the thriving health and fitness industry where it is used to boost weight loss and anti aging, and increase energy levels.


WEIGHT LOSSHormones can cause sugar cravings and throw blood sugar out of whack

So here’s the deal, who doesn’t have blood sugar dips and troughs every now and then? And one of the main culprits is the hormonal changes that occur during the female monthly cycle, where that sugar demon is released and we start craving with abandon refined carbohydrates and sugary treats.

The good news is we really can’t help it, these cravings are real due to dips in the hormone serotonin, which happens during the premenstrual hormone fluctuations. This has the side effect of making us crave carbohydrates, which are the building blocks of serotonin.


Punishing Ourselves Only Makes Matters Worse!

So really we shouldn’t punish ourselves too much by feeling out of control, guilty and even more depressed, but instead find other ways to deal with this problem at its root cause which is where chromium picolinate may be really helpful.

There is a solution to this: keeping blood sugar levels stable throughout the day by eating low G.I. foods little and often will go a long way to controlling sugar cravings. But this can be a problem for many of us (not just hormonal females) as our modern diet is littered with refined carbohydrates and other simple sugars. Combine this with not enough fiber and nutrients from fruits, vegetables and wholegrains and it can all end in a blood sugar disaster.

Read here for my list of fat burning foods that you can incorporate into your diet every day that will help to keep blood sugar stable and kick start that fat burning process.

According to new statistics as of 2015, the average person consumes around 32 teaspoons of sugar a day, mostly hidden in fast and processed foods. This is the main cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome – all of which in themselves create a whole new set of problems, make controlling sugar intake absolutely vital for long term health.



HIDDEN SUGARS IN FOODsugar is addictive and is hidden in many foods

Lets face it, sugar is everywhere and hidden in so many foods, even unlikely savory foods can contain high amounts of sugar and it has been called one of the most addictive substances on earth. The body was not designed to metabolise the huge amounts that we consume in our modern diets; in fact we can only safely metabolise around 7 teaspoons a day, any more and we could be storing up problems.


Sugar Addiction – A Plight of Modern Times

Most of us have some level of sugar addiction going on, and we are more than likely unaware of it, even those who claim they are ‘not a sweet toothed person’ and never eat cakes and deserts are probably, in reality, still consuming way over the recommended 7 teaspoons a day, often hidden in their so called savory foods.

In fact the average hamburger from a fast food joint could be loaded with over 2 teaspoons of sugar, and other processed foods such as fruit juices, breads, processed meats and most condiment sauces will all be packed with sugar.


Hidden Sugars in your Cupboards:

If  you open up your kitchen cupboard and properly checked out ingredients lists you would most likely find sugar hidden everywhere, and sugar is not always labelled as just ‘sugar‘. Their are in fact around 50 different chemical names and ‘types’ of sugar and many times they are totally unidentifiable. Stressful, yes, but if you still with a whole food and ‘Low GI Diet’ you will be steering clear of all these sugars naturally.


SUBSTITUTING SUGAR WITH GOOD QUALITY ‘REAL’ apples are low GI and are a whole foods FOOD

The solution to a diet too high in sugars  is to buy your food in its most whole, and as close to nature form as possible.

These include fruits, vegetables, wholegrain pastas, brown rice, granary breads, and wholegrain breakfast cereals (you may need to check sugar content with these), organic butters and plain yogurts (you can add your brown rice, date, maple syrup, or fruit for sweetness but only in moderation), pulses, lentils, good quality oils such as olive, coconut, flax, sunflower and sesame, plus raw unsalted nuts and seeds.

All of these contain only a minimum, if any, added sugars and will give you a full array of nutrients, protein, fiber and amino acids. For a full list of low GI, low sugar foods please this ‘Low GI Foods List’ that will show you exactly what you need to put on your shopping list for your low sugar diet.


What Happens to Sugars in the Body?

When you eat sugar or other refined carbohydrates such as refined flours and sugars, they are broken down rapidly by the body and absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a rapid and ‘fast’ blood sugar to rise. This signals insulin to be released to mop those sugars up and transport them into the liver and the muscles where they can be stored for energy.

The problem with this scenario is all this ‘energy‘ in most cases isn’t actually used. and so those excess sugars get stored as fat, and often, specifically, dangerous belly fat. This was a good thing when we were living in caves and didn’t know where our next meal as coming from, but it is not good to be having these reactions many times a day at every meal, and a low sugar diet will help negate this.

insulin resistance can lead to obesity


Insulin Resistance

This occurs when the body is bombarded on a continual basis with too much sugar; the cells eventually fail to respond to the insulin being pumped out and become insulin resistant. This leads to the body being unable to clear sugar from the bloodstream effectively which is VERY DANGEROUS, and leads to type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and a whole host of other potentially life threatening diseases.




Eat unrefined and low G.I. foods such as wholegrains, whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses, (and if you eat them, fish, eggs and meat), all of which release their sugars slowly into the bloodstream and help keep your blood sugars on an even keel and help to reduce over eating, and those dreaded sugar cravings.

An easy way to quickly assess the G.I. (which is the amount of sugar) in a food is to think of it like this – if something is in its whole form, example: a boiled potato in its skin – then this is going to have a much lower G.I. than potatoes that have had their fibrous skins removed and then mashed. Why? Because the mashing process in itself has broken the food down (a job that your mouth, stomach and intestines are supposed to do), meaning the sugars in the food have already been broken down before they even enter your body. This causes those sugars to be released very quickly into the bloodstream, rather than  more slowly and over a longer period through the digestion process.


THE FACTS ABOUT FRUIT JUICESorange juice is a refined sugar and causes a blood sugar spike


This same reasoning holds true for everything; fruit juice is higher G.I. than eating the whole fruit as its fiber has been taken out, and even if your juice contains the pulp it is still only marginally better as that pulp has also been broken down.

Also, it is easy to consume 10 oranges when it is in juice form but you could NEVER consume 10 whole oranges if you were to eat the whole fruit. This would be way to much fruit sugar (fructose) for your body to deal with in one hit, thus causing sugar spikes and fat to be laid down. So just think of how easy it is for this to happen when you drink fruit juices!

AND, refined flours, pastas, rice, and all sweet products will have the same effects on blood sugar. Whole food have their sugar released much more slowly, as they haven’t had their fibers broken down and nutrients processed out of them.  So in essence, it is the process of the body having to do the hard work of breaking down the food that makes it lower G.I. and giving you a steady release of sugar into the bloodstream, hence STOPPING those cravings.


This is Why NOT all Calories are Created Equal! 

Armed with this knowledge it is then easier to understand the concept of not all calories being created equal. Take the mashed potatoes versus the boiled in their skin potatoes – both have the same calories gram for gram, but their different cooking and processing methods means their sugars are released differently. The mash, being higher G.I., will cause the body to not only more readily lay down the sugars as fat, but also will ‘burn off‘ more quickly, causing hunger, and the consumption of too many calories.




Here’s Where Chromium Picolinate Come in:

Chromium picolinate supplements may be of help to you, especially if you are pre diabetic, have type 1 or 2 diabetes, have high blood sugar, high cholesterol, depression and other mental illnesses, metabolic syndrome or eating disorders, as it can help control your blood sugar AND your sugar cravings.

Recent studies suggests chromium picolinate has the abilities to augment insulin action, and therefore help control blood sugar better in those with glucose intollerances and insulin resistance. Slowing down the release of sugars into the blood is one of the major cornerstones of health, and will help with your weight loss and reducing overall body fat efforts.


chromium picolinate can help augment insulin action


Help With Those Dreaded Sugar Cravings

Chromium may also help those those who suffer severe sugar cravings. It was shown in one study over 8 weeks, that 600 micrograms of chromium daily significantly reduced carbohydrate cravings. The best results were seen in those with the greatest cravings.

The recommended daily intake is between 50-200 micrograms daily to maintain health, but higher doses of up to 1000 micrograms can be used with certain medical conditions, and depending on the other reasons you are using it. You may want to experiment to find what works for you, especially if you are using it to control sugar cravings. Chromium Picolinate should not be taken without breaks for more than 8 weeks at a time, and never more than instructed on the bottle. ALWAYS make sure, as with any supplements, that you buy from a reputable brand so you know you’re getting a good quality controlled product. 



You may be wondering how all this ties in with anti aging – well it’s quite simple, sugar is very aging just like the sunshine and smoking. Every time we have sugar spikes and troughs this accelerates the aging process and shortens our telomeres. Therefore the simple process of cutting down on sugar and adding more healthy foods will help keep you looking younger better than any cream or potion can.

Read here for more awesome ‘Anti Aging Supplements’.



It may not be safe for everyone to supplement with chromium picolinate. Always consult with your doctor before taking supplements if you have the following conditions-

  •  Kidney or liver disease
  •  Insulin dependent diabetes
  • Allergy to leather
  • Mental illness
  •  Thyroid disorder
  •  Certain steroid medications
  • Pregnancy

Recommended dose – Up to 1000 micrograms daily

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The Best Glucosamine Supplements


the best glucosamine supplements

Glucosamine Sulphate is a compound that occurs naturally in the fluid around our joints, and helps to build cartilage, ligaments and tendons. It is also found in shellfish shells which is the common extracted form that is often used in supplements.

Many people swear by the remarkable benefits of glucosamine supplementation, especially those with joint pains and those suffering with painful diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis.




The news we have all been waiting for! Glucosamine seems to be a potentially effective treatment for wrinkles, and when applied to the skin stimulates cell renewal. In facial moisturising creams it comes in the form of hyaluronic acid, which makes its way into the deeper skin layers and stimulates collagen production, in turn reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.


Big Wrinkle Reduction!glucosamine reduces wrinkles and delays the aging process

It is also worth noting that as glucosamine is a building block for hyaluronic acid which plumps out the skin. Orally taking glucosamine supplements, along with all the other benefits, was seen to reduce wrinkles by 34%, according to the ‘Journal of Dermatologic Treatment’.

Of course, using glucosamine both topically and orally is sure to amplify the effects, especially when taken along side other anti aging supplements. For a wonderful list of the best supplements to keep you young and beautiful please read my post ‘Best of the Anti Aging Supplements’.



What Causes Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is often caused by one or more of these 4 major things:-

  •  Joint Injury
  • Age
  • Being Overweight
  • Family History


Less inflammation is good for joints

The end of your bones are covered with a layer of cartilage which works as a shock absorber to stop bones rubbing together and doing damage. In osteoarthritis this cartilage breaks down causing bones to painfully rub together. Supplementing with between 500- 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate may help the body repair damage, rebuild new cartilage and lower inflammation.

You may need to experiment with the amount that works for you as we all absorb differently. I would start at the higher end of 1500mg and experiment with going lower after that. For me personally I definitely notice a difference in my creaky knees at 1500mg but when I go lower it seems to creep back again.


Want to Enhance the Effects?

Glucosamine effects are said to be enhanced when combined with Chondroitin Sulphate (chondroitin helps stop cartilage breaking down, and also helps to repair it therefore working in harmony with glucosamine) and these will often come together in the same supplement. Yet again, for me I find that they do work better together and the scientific evidence supports this.



Always make sure you source out good quaility trusted brand supplements and it will pay dividends. Bad quality and cheap supplements are rife, and often filled with fillers and other chemicals which are hard for the body to break down. Good supplements are organically sourced and have high bio availability, meaning that the body can more easily uptake the nutrient into your system – making it way more cost effective in the long run to go for quality over quantity.

  • Recommended dose – 1500mg per day
  • Trusted Brand Amazon – BlueBonnet Glucosamine/Chondroitin tablets


Other Great Ways to Reduce Inflammation Along With Your Glucosamine:

  1. Eat a highly Plant Based Diet, this will mean you are taking in lots of alkaline foods rather than acidic foods which keep your body in a high state of inflammation. Foods that contribute to inflammation include junk foods, sugar, trans fats, and most dairy products. An alkaline diet should be full of fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts and seeds.
  2. Take turmeric (if you can stomach it). You can buy turmeric supplements, or you can add it to your food which is my preferred method as I prefer to eat the ‘whole food’ where possible. Please read my post on the Amazing Powers of Turmeric where you will find a recipe on the most powerful and healing turmeric paste that I now have my whole family on. Turmeric is one spice that has now been PROVEN to work!
  3. Take green powder EVERYDAY. As in wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella or moringa as these are highly alkaline and will help to fight inflammation on a cellular level. Ideally take a blend or a mixture of these powerful detoxifiyers and see a difference, not only in your inflammation, and due to their high levels of antioxidants they are also anti aging and will help keep you young on the inside and out. For the best green super food powder blend please read my review on Dr. Schulze’s Superfood, it really is a life changer!



Taking glucosamine and chondroitin alongside the list above really will be your best defense against painful joints, inflammation and aging in general, BUT I highly recommend you do all of them to really hit it from all angles. You will also be lowering your chances of many other age related diseases and illnesses in the process.

Please feel free to ask any questions below, or better still if you have tried and tested any of the above and had good results I would love to hear from you.



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