Cinnamon And Weight Loss – 8 Cinnamon Health Benefits


Cinnamon And Weight Loss - 7 Cinnamon Health Benefits

Adding some spice into your life may be just what the doctor ordered, and cinnamon and weight loss go hand in hand. This delicious, aromatic bark from the genus cinnamomom tree has a key weight loss feature in its ability to stop those unruly SUGAR cravings, and will also help keep blood sugar stable. Both of which are key elements to fighting fat – and more specifically, dangerous belly fat.


Different Types of Cinnamon:

Before we start it is essential for you to understand some little known facts about cinnamon. There are actually 2 different types, Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon, and although they both taste similar, they are very different in terms of health benefits.


ceylon cinnamon is the best
Ceylon Cinnamon

For Health Reasons, It is VERY IMPORTANT You Know the below Information About Cinnamon Before You Buy it!!!

Ceylon cinnamon is the more expensive kind but has more superior health benefits, it also has a flaky bark (see pic). But most people who buy pre-ground cinnamon from the supermarket will more than likely be consuming the cassia type. Cassia often comes from China, is 10 times cheaper than ceylon, and is actually BAD for you if you eat it regularly – I will explain why in a bit.

Most cinnamon labels do not disclose which type of cinnamon they use as it all comes under the umbrella term of cinnamon, but pretty much ALL pre-ground super market cinnamon will be this cheaper variety.


Side Effects of Cassia Cinnamon:

cassia cinnamon is fake
Cassia Cinnamon

The problem with cassia cinnamon is this: although it does share some of the health properties of Ceylon, it is 1200 times higher in a substance called caumarin. This compound is dangerous when ingested regularly (especially if you are going to start using cinnamon every day) as it can cause serious health problems, including liver and kidney damage.

Luckily, most people don’t use cinnamon in high enough amounts for this to be an issue, and it is often just used as an occasional spice in bakery. But if you are going to be using it regularly you should buy the flaky variety of cinnamon bark, NOT the hard curls (see pic), and grind it yourself. This really is the only way to know that you’re getting the real deal.



1. WEIGHT LOSSCinnamon burns fat

Cinnamon can help with weight loss – and I’m talking belly fat loss specifically. This is because of the effect it has on blood glucose. When we a eat carbohydrates of any kind, which includes all things sweet, flours, grains, starchy vegetables, pulses and fruit, insulin is naturally released from the pancreas to mop those sugars up pushing them into cells to either be used for energy OR stored as fat.


Sugar Addiction:

As most of us are ‘hooked‘ on sugar and high GI carbohydrates, we are often on a sugar train of eating high GI foods, having an insulin response, and then (if those sugars are not used for energy ,which mostly they’re not) having those sugars stored as FAT.

Cinnamon can decrease the amount of glucose entering the blood after a meal by interfering with digestive enzymes, which in turn slows the breaking down of carbohydrates in the digestive system and therefore lowering a meals GI… cool huh? 


Low GI Eating:low GI eating helps you burn fat

Cinnamon is a great addition to a weight loss program, however, you should also be eating a low GI diet for not only better blood sugar control, but also because this type of diet not only contains lots of high antioxidant, anti aging super foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses, but also lots of fiber to keep the digestive tract in tip top condition.

For more easy to understand ‘how to’ information on how to make these changes and start clearing the junk out of your life (and more importantly your precious body) please check out these further posts.

’10 East Steps To Clean Eating’

‘Low GI Foods List’

‘Foods To Burn Fat Fast’


A Slower Release of Sugars Means Less Hunger Pangs:

Now to the crux of the matter – the slower those sugars are released into the bloodstream, then slower and more sustained release of energy you will get. This will not only stop you craving more sugar or carby foods again so quickly, but will also make you feel fuller for longer. And that’s the point – stable blood sugar stops the  cravings that make you gain weight!



Insulin is a hormone that is released by the pancreas to clear and transport sugars (carbohydrates) from the blood and into cells. The problem now is many people are becoming insulin resistant due to this hormones overuse in high sugar diets.

Insulin resistance is one of the main hallmarks of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Cinnamon is so powerful that it can actually reduces insulin resistance dramatically: it does this by helping insulin to function properly to lower blood sugar levels.


3. ANTI DIABETESCinnamon is Anti Diabetic and lowers a meals GI

As well as its powerful effects on insulin cinnamon also lowers blood sugar in other ways:-

  • Decreasing the amount of glucose to hit the bloodstream after you have eaten a meal.
  • The insulin mimmicing compound that cinnamon contains helps to vastly improve the uptake of glucose into cells, a good thing because insulin is a vital part of keeping blood sugar stable.

Numerous studies have been conducted that now confirm cinnamon most certainly has anti diabetic properties, and at doeses of 0.5-2 teaspoons a day can lower blood sugar levels by 10-29%.



All of the above benefits lead into the amazing benefit of anti aging too. A low GI diet and better blood sugar control will keep you looking young, and that’s an absolute FACT! All these sugar highs and lows actually accelerate the aging process, not just on the outside, but on the inside too.

A low GI diet and blood sugar control will keep chronic inflammation to a minimum, which in turn will lower your chances of many diseases and illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s and some cancer’s. Given the fact that cinnamon in itself is a powerful anti inflammatory, adding it to a low GI diet will only enhance this effect.


5.  ANTIOXIDANTSantioxidants slow down the aging process

Cinnamon is higher in antioxidants than any other herb or spice. Antioxidants are an absolutely essential part of our diet because  they mop up the free radical damage caused in our bodies by toxins.  These toxins come from many sources, such as food, environment, sun exposure, alcohol or nicotine. In fact we are being bombarded from ALL angles by toxins every day, and many of which we have no control over such as traffic pollution and aeroplane fuel.

Free radicals are basically unpaired electrons that steal electrons from our own cells, thus causing damage to our DNA. This damage then causes aging and disease, but eating high levels of antioxidant rich foods will help negate this damage and slow down the aging process.



Now the biggest killer of our time, heart disease is something we all simply must take preventative measures towards, and this is where cinnamon could be a great supplement. A recent study concluded that a dose of just 120 milligrams a day can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and trigylcerides, and increase good HDL cholesterol.


7. ANTI CANCERcinnamon can help destroy cancer cells

Cinnamon’s effect on cancer cells and tumor growth has so far only been studied in animals, but was found to be toxic to cancer cells and to cause cancer cell death.

A separate study on mice with colon cancer showed cinnamon had the ability to activate detoxifying enzymes in the colon, therefore having a protective effect against further growth. These amazing results were also supported in test tube experiments, where it was seen in human colon cells to activate a protective antioxidant response.



Cinnamon is a powerful anti fungal, anti microbial and anti bacterial, and is great in the treatment of fungal infections such as in candida overgrowth. It can also inhibit certain bacteria like salmonella and listeria from growing.

It is often used as a digestive aid to help eliminate gas and bloating, and also alleviates IBS symptoms.


HOW TO USE CINNAMONadd cinnamon to any meal

Cinnamon is a very versatile spice: after you have sourced out your real ceylon cinnamon’ sticks (don’t forget, these are the FLAKY bark variety, not the hard tubes), you can grind them up in either a coffee grinder or pestel and mortar and add to pretty much anything you fancy.

Freshly ground cinnamon tastes just fabulous and smells super fresh. You can bake with it, sprinkle it on your cereal, or add to deserts, yogurt’s or hot drinks such as herbal tea’s or your bedtime milk.

Go crazy with it and try new things, just be sure to get at least a teaspoon into your diet every day to reap all these awesome benefits.


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What Is An Apple Cider Vinegar Diet? – ACV and weight Loss

What Is An Apple Cider Vinegar Diet? - ACV and weight Loss

We’re always looking for easy tricks and cheats to help burn off the pounds with minimum effort right? Well the apple cider vinegar diet is exactly that – it’s easy to do, cheap, and takes absolute minimum effort – just what we’re all looking for.

Apple cider vinegar has actually been around for centuries, and been used for quite literally all manner of things from killing viruses to a shine tonic for hair. There’s no doubt it’s versatile, and recent studies are proving some great facts about apple cider vinegar (ACV) mainly in regards to it’s weight loss properties.



Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing cider apples and squeezing out the liquid, after which bacteria and yeast are added to the juice, triggering the fermentation process. It is this fermentation process that turns the sugars from the apple juice into alcohol. After this there is a secondary fermentation process where an acetic acid-forming bacterium will convert that alcohol into vinegar.

This is a process that can be done in your own home with just a few ingredients (if you’re inclined to making homemade things), OR as apple cider vinegar is relatively cheap to buy it may be a good idea to purchase a bottle and try it out first.


How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Weight Loss?

This is the $64,0000 question…well in short, apple cider vinegar may work on different levels as a weight loss aid, and can very easily be added into your diet with a little knowledge and know how. Let’s take a look at how some of the latest research and evidence adds up.


It is the compound acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar that is said to have these weight loss benefits. A study on mice from Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry found that apple cider vinegar suppresses body fat mass and increases energy expenditure, therefore resulting in weight loss.

A similar study involving 155 obese patients discovered that over 12 weeks, those in the group that consumed 15-30 ml (1-2 tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar had lower body weight, lower body fat, and fewer inches on their waist than those who didn’t. This was without making any other changes to their lifestyle or diet.



Apple cider vinegar reduces a meals GI

And yet another study found that in a 12-week period the participants taking between 12-30 ml (1-2 tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar before a high carbohydrate meal had feelings of satiety, and this led to an overall reduction of 200-275 calorie intake over the rest of the day.

You can imagine how this adds up over the weeks and months. In fact, those taking a 15ml dosage 1xdaily before a high GI meal lost 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) over the 12-week period, and those taking a double dose of 30ml 1xdaily before a high GI meal lost 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg).

This is awesome news, and definitely warrants giving apple cider vinegar a shot to see if it works for you. Try it with your main or highest GI meal of the day, for best results ideally your highest GI meal should be at breakfast or lunch which is when you need the energy for the day ahead.

You will also want the effects of satiety to help you eat less food for the rest of the day. Have higher protein meals in the evening when your body needs less energy.

Satisfaction and fullness were the two key points of the study, as these are the two most important components to long term weight loss. Nothing is worse than eating a paltry “diet” meal and still feeling hungry afterwards. No sir, we do NOT like that! This not only hinders our weight loss efforts making us more likely to ‘cave’ at the mere whiff of a cream horn, and also makes our lives miserable. Balance in everything is always the key!



So, anything that we can add into our every day diets that may give us an extra edge is well worth the effort. You may not lose huge amounts of weight on apple cider vinegar alone in the short term, but look at the long term benefits. You could also just use it for weight maintainence. Every little helps.



Lowering a meals GI really is the cornerstone to losing weight, and belly fat specifically. GI (glycemic index) is the rate in which a foods sugar hits the bloodstream, the higher the GI the quicker the sugars are released (high GI foods are considered fast sugars) and this is bad in terms of weight loss and health in general.


Excess Sugar is Stored as Fat

cake is a high sugar treat

When sugar is released quickly into the blood like it is with high GI foods, this prompts the body have a rapid and huge insulin response in order to clear those sugars out of the bloodstream. This sugar is then sent into the liver and muscles where it is metabolised and either used for energy or stored as FAT.

The problem is, these ‘fast’ sugars don’t all get used up for energy (unless you’re about to run a marathon or do something that involves vast amounts of energy) and so they are stored as fat. And worse still they are stored as the dangerous abdominal fat that is much more of a health risk in terms of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

This is where having the GI of your meal lessened by apple cider vinegar may be of benefit not only in terms of weight loss, but also for the general health benefits of keeping blood sugar stable.



How To Take Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss purposes:

Firstly, there are many ways you can add apple cider vinegar to your diet as it is pretty versatile and can easily be added to your meals in various ways. If you want to actually lose weight like the participants in the study, then I suggest you do what they did and have 15-30 ml in water with a squeeze of lemon and maybe a little raw honey to taste before your highest carb meal of the day.

Or you could take 15 ml twice a day, one before breakfast and one before lunch if this fits in better with your life style. Either way you should take up to 30 ml a day, but no more than that in case of stomach issues.



hot honey and lemon cider vinegar drink

If you are just going for weight maintenance  then you could just try adding apple cider vinegar to your every day diet in other ways such as:

  • In a salad dressing
  • In a hot drink with lemon, honey, cinnamon sticks, sliced fresh ginger and cloves (great for colds but also a tasty drink just for a cold winters day).

Other Ways of Weight Management

Do not rely on apple cider vinegar alone. Boost your fat burning efforts even more by incorporating these other fat burning foods into your diet. Altogether they will all have a cumulative effect, making it easy for you to stay trim without having to bat an eyelid – all you need to do is to make sure you do add them into your diet as much as possible!





Apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity and can significantly lower blood sugar levels and insulin response, AND when 2 tablespoons are taken before bed can reduce your fasting blood sugars by 4%, making this vinegar useful for diabetics, pre diabetics and EVERYBODY in general. We can all benefit from stable blood sugar – indeed it is vital if we are to avoid many potential health issues in the long term, and let’s not forget, stable blood sugar helps keep us slim!

Important Note: You may need to consult your doctor before using apple cider vinegar if you are on other blood sugar lowering medications.



The substance acetic acid which is the compound in apple cider vinegar, can kill pathogens including bacteria and prevent them from multiplying to harmful levels – although not all of these uses have been tested scientifically as of yet. Apple cider vinegar has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of wound healing, disinfecting, treating fungal infections, warts, lice and ear infections.


3. LOWERS CHOLESTEROLApple cider vinegar is good for the cardiovascular system

The biggest killer of our time is now cardiovascular disease, and both heart disease and stroke come under this term. Some studies in rats have so far shown that apple cider vinegar may help negate some of the risk factors that are precursers to cardiovascular disease. This is because ACV may help lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure, and also protect LDL particles from becoming oxidised (oxidation is a crucial step in the heart disease process).

It must be noted here that these studies have only so far been trialed in rats, and more research is needed before anything is confirmed. But as apple cider vinegar has so many other benefits with no nasty side effects you have nothing to lose by trying it.



Raw, unpasturised apple cider vinegar like other fermented foods, acts as a probiotic for the gut and contains trace minerals, pectin, beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Keeping the gut in balance by eating lots of probiotic and prebiotic foods keeps the immune system strong, weight under control, balances hormones, AND can even treat depression and anxiety. Yes, everything starts in our gut so it is crucial we keep it ticking over nicely.


Important Note:  As with most things in life, you really must source out good quality if you want to reap the most benefits. When it comes to apple cider vinegar you really should purchase Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘MOTHER‘. I know this may sound strange but this term means ‘unfiltered’, ‘unrefined’ and ‘unpasturised’. The ‘Mother’ is the colony of beneficial bacteria that is similar to a Kombucha ‘SCOBY‘. This is what helps make the vinegar through its secondary fermentation process.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds to find this as most apple cider vinegar’s already contain the ‘Mother’, and this will be labelled on the packaging as such.


Extra Weight Loss Tips:

For long term weight loss and management I believe it is far better to make a number of different weight control tactics a habit. Don’t rely on any one thing as there is so much more you can do to get your body in to its best shape ever. For more information you may want to check out ‘15 Plant Based Weight Loss Superstars’ and Burn Stomach Fat Fast’.





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Healthy Foods to Lose Weight – 15 Plant Based Superstars!

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight - 15 Plant Based Superstars!


Switching to a plant based way of eating often in itself makes the loss of those extra inches inevitable. For a start, plant based eating means cutting out huge swathes of the fast foods and junk foods that can keep us looking bloated, listless and depressed. Here I have devised a list of healthy foods to lose weight, and they are the 15 Plant Based Superstars!

Incorporating the foods on this list into your diet as much as possible will not only leave less room for the junk, but their high nutrient and fiber content will help keep you full and satiated, and away from the biscuit tin or whatever your weakness may be.


WHY HIGH GI FOODS ARE BADsweets are High GI and mess with blood sugar

Another important factor of the foods on this list is that they are all low GI (glycemic index). GI is the rate in which the sugars in our food are released into the bloodstream, the higher the GI the faster the release – which is bad in most circumstances as this sugar spike signals insulin to be released from the pancreas.

All of this happens in order to clear those sugars out of the blood as soon as possible, but guess what? Those sugars if not burnt off are then stored straight into fat cells which just keep  expanding and expanding, and so we put on weight.


A Low GI Diet is the Healthiest!

This is why a low Glycemic diet is crucial not only for weight loss, but also to slash your chances of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases. It is important to note that not all sugars are bad, especially when they are in their natural state, as a whole piece of fruit. This is because there will also be lots of fibers and nutrients present which will allow that foods sugars to be released more slowly.

So without further ado let’s get into the top 15 foods that will not only help bring many changes to your life, but will also help you to understand the powerful effect’s food can have on your health and well-being.

Remember that all foods, especially fats, require portion control and should be REPLACING other unhealthy fats or foods and not added as an extra on top. Use them as swaps instead.



1. COCONUT OILCoconut Oil is a Healthy Fat

Yes this may be a fat, but it’s a unique fat in the respect that its combination of fatty acids can have a powerful effect on your metabolism to help you BURN FAT. And for extra good measure coconut oil helps you burn stomach fat specifically, which is the most dangerous kind that must be kept to a minimum to protect long term health.

Those of us who are predisposed to carry fat around our middle have a much greater risk of diabetes, heart attack, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnoea and premature death. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, this belly fat also entwines itself around internal organs causing no end of damage and stopping those vital organs from functioning properly.

Adding coconut oil instead of your usual fats to food, is the easiest way to get this healthy fat into your diet. It’s great in stir-fry’s, cakes, and roasted vegetables, and because of its high smoking point it is also safe for frying at high heat as it doesn’t go rancid or become a trans fat like many other fats do.


2. AVOCADOAvocados are low GI


Another fat, but a good one! Avocados are one of natures super foods, and a plant based diet staple. I eat at least half of one of these creamy and delicious fruits every day.

Avocados are so satiating that not only do they fill you up, but it’s proven they can keep blood sugars stable for hours. This means you won’t be thinking about OR craving the nasty white stuff – and by that I mean SUGAR, or any other refined carbohydrate for that matter.

Avocados contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, plus fiber and lots of heart healthy monounsaturated fats. It is also another fat that, like coconut oil,  has been proven to help reduce belly fat specifically due to its unique fats and low GI rating.

For more information on this super food please read my post about ‘avocado and weight loss‘.



The high content of omega 3’s in hemp seeds have been shown to be anti obesity – which makes them a great fat burning food. Omega 3’s also help regulate hormones, mood, sleep cycles and stress.

Add these seeds to your morning cereal or simply eat them alone as a snack any time of day, they are delicious.

Hemp seeds are also amazing for your hair and help it to grow thick and fast, they are especially good for weak and brittle hair that is prone to falling out. I’ve tried this one for myself and it works a treat, you do however need to eat 2 tablespoons a day for this to be really noticeable, so therefore you need to add them to your daily calorie intake.



Pumpkin Seeds are a Healthy Fat

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, a vital component of the immune system. But they are also great for weight loss due to their high amounts of protein, fiber and many other nutrients. And they help reduce overall body fat by keeping blood sugar low and reducing insulin resistance, which is vital for weight loss.


Sleep and Weight Loss

Another great little nugget of information about the pumpkin seed is it is high in tryptophan, so they can also aid you in getting a good nights sleep, which brings me on to my next big fat burning tip.

Getting enough sleep is CRUCIAL for weight loss because being adequately rested suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin. When you are tired your body releases too much of this hormone in an attempt to give you more instant energy, and that is when you will find you crave the worst types of refined carbohydrate and sugary foods.



Raw unsalted almonds are a highly convenient snack that can either be carried about easily in your bag, left in your glove box compartment, or in the office at work. They are immediately filling and satiating, low carb, and full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants – all of the ingredients for a great fat burning food.

Also, about 15% of the calories in nuts aren’t even absorbed so you can afford to have a couple extra!



Walnuts are High in Omega 3's

Walnuts – another super food, and for so many reasons. Firstly they are jam packed with ALA (alpha linolenic acid), which is a heart healthy and fat burning omega 3 fat. This fat also helps reduce your risk of diabetes, boosts brain power, and contains powerful anti cancer antioxidants.

The healthy fats in walnuts also boost metabolism which will help keep your body an awesome fat burning machine. Remember that 90% of walnuts antioxidants lie in their skins, so always eat them with their skins on and as fresh as possible. Read more here on theamazing benefits of walnutsand prepare to have your mind blown.



Quinoa is a magnificent high protein and high fiber seed that is often used to replace grains such as pasta and rice. And this is what makes it so fantastic because you are getting all the satiety of a grain but all the nutrients, protein and healthy fats of a seed, and all for much less calories.

Quinoa is full of essential amino acids, magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamin B12, which are all essential for energy and therefore weight loss. Having a B Vitamin deficiency will mean your body cannot utilise nutrients efficiently, which will actually hinder your weight loss efforts. So it is very important to make sure you get adequate amounts.

The high fiber, high protein, low GI and low calorie content of this super little seed make it the perfect filling weigh loss food.


8. CACAOHigh Cacao Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate??? Well did you know you can have this luscious treat and not hinder your weight loss efforts? Just be sure to have the dark stuff with ideally 70% cacao solids minimum to gain all the benefits of cacao’s high magnesium, anti aging antioxidants, and fat burning effects.

Chocolate contains a chemical that releases feelings of euphoria which is why it can be so addictive, but these chemicals also help release stress and keep you relaxed, both of which will curb emotional eating problems. Do not over indulge in high cacao chocolate though as it can have a stimulating effect and is probably best avoided close to bedtime.



An oldie but a goodie, grapefruit’s abilities to burn fat have been known since the eighties. Who remembers the grapefruit diet? But there is good scientific evidence in the grapefruit’s fat burning abilities, it reduces insulin resistance and helps to decrease levels of sugar in the bloodstream – and most importantly it actually contains a chemical that stops the body from storing fat.

In fact, studies have shown that half a grapefruit before a meal helps people to lose between 1-4 lbs of weight per week, and this was shown to happen WITHOUT changing the diet in any other way. Now this is just mind blowing information that definitely warrants a testing of the theory, or at least adding grapefruit to your diet as much as possible to help keep weight down.



blueberries are great for weigh loss

Berries are low calorie and packed full of anti aging phytonutrients and antioxidants, all of which help protect our cells from free radical damage.


Berries Help You Lose Belly Fat Specifically!

Raspberries and blueberries are particularly good for weight loss as they boost your metabolism –  plus they are also preventative against that dangerous visceral fat that entwines itself around inner organs and predisposed us to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Add berries, especially frozen ones, to smoothies, breakfast cereals or porridge, or just eat as a snack anytime of day. A handful of raspberries or strawberries eaten if you are peckish before bed, gives a nice slow release of energy throughout the night, and will help keep you waking from night time hunger pangs. They are super low calorie and filling.



Oh, what a great, filling and easy snack these are! They can be a life saver in hunger emergencies, as their fiber and low GI sugars can really help keep you going until your next meal.

Banana’s not only actually help to speed up your metabolism (music to our ears), but also help to build lean muscle, making them the perfect food for those in training. In fact, this is the reason why they are so popular in the fitness world due to the fact  they pack so many nutritional punches. Please find out more little known banana facts here



broccoli is a weight loss superfood

Love it or hate it you should get used to adding broccoli to your diet as much as humanly possible, and here’s why. It is one of the highest protein vegetables that is also high in fiber that will help fill you up nicely, and all for only a very small amount of calories. You really get a nutritional bang for your buck here!

Another good point is broccoli actually contains a specific phytonutrient that enables you to burn fat at a faster rate due to its ability to stimulate fat cells.

I just lightly steam mine and have it as a side with almost every main meal – or stir fry with some coconut oil, chili, tamari sauce, and lemon. Delish!



Cinnamon helps keep blood sugar under control

Fragrant and delicious, cinnamon is just so versatile it can be sprinkled onto breakfasts, desserts, into smoothies, cakes, or added to hot drinks. It is one of the best foods to control blood sugar and insulin quantities, which is why it is so good for diabetics.


Lowers GI of Meals!

As you now know, keeping blood sugar under control is the number one way to stay slim and keep weight under control. And amazingly, cinnamon, when added to food can lower a meals GI by a huge 18-29%, AND it also speeds up metabolism, helps keep sugar cravings under control, lowers bad cholesterol and helps to burn belly fat.

These qualities are only found in real cinnamon, so be careful as there is a lot of fake stuff on the market. Always buy from a reputable organic brand. It is good to buy the actual cinnamon bark and grind it yourself, it tastes super fresh this way and you know exactly what you’re getting. The bark should be of the flaky variety not the hard tubes as that stuff just isn’t real cinnamon.

Learn more about the importance of making sure you purchase the right kind of cinnamon in my post ‘Cinnamon and Fat Loss’.



Protein powders really deserve a place on this list, as not only is protein low GI, but it also helps build lean muscle mass (which in itself burns fat) and it is filling to boot – leaving us less room for consuming high GI carbohydrates.

There are many different plant protein powders on the market including peahemp, rice, soy, pumpkin, quinoa, sunflower and potato.

I have taken to having a high protein/very low carb shake for breakfast, as it helps to keep the body in fat burning anabolic mode for as long as possible after sleep. I also like to add half an avocado to this for healthy fats, and to help fill me up for hours. It really works.


15. GREEN SUPER FOOD POWDERHigh Antioxidant smoothie

Green super foods such as chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass and barley grass are one of the best kept diet secrets I know of. The reason being, they are loaded with concentrated minerals, vitamins and antioxidants all of which detoxify the system. Toxins are held in fat cells that keep on swelling the more we keep bombarding ourselves with junk foods and other toxins – some of which are obviously out of our control, like those in the water system, air pollution, plastics, and pesticides.


Green powder – A Powerful Detoxifyer

In fact, we live in a toxic world and these toxins are contributing to making us fat. Super food green powders are powerful detoxifiers that will help kick start the process of cleaning out your system.

One of the best super food powders I have found is Dr. Schulzes super food powder. It has a mix of specially dried green superfoods, such as spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and barley grass, plus other super foods, fruits and vegetables. This fantastic supplement also contains high levels of B- Vitamins for energy and central nervous system support .

This green beauty actually gives you a hit of energy within 20 minutes, and I swear you can see you skin and eyes glowing for hours afterwards. I often take it before a night out, or when I need to look my best and need to glow – it really works a treat!



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Burn Belly fat Fast – 3 Quick and Easy Steps


Burn Belly fat Fast - 3 Quick and Easy Steps

If you would like to burn belly fat fast then there are 3 quick and easy steps you should put into action right away if you want to see results.

Let’s face it, having excess belly fat is not only bad for health reasons but also can make us feel really uncomfortable, not just in our clothes but in ourselves and that’s a whole lot worse. 

Feeling bloated is something we all suffer with from time to time – sometimes it’s simply just the short term effects of over indulgence, maybe over Christmas or a holiday. But bloating is different to actual belly fat because it is normally just temporary water retention or gas, and so this is much easy to dispel than actual fat.

Either way you want rid of this bloatedness or belly fat as soon as humanly possible, and would love to see yourself with a toned flat stomach right? While I cannot promise miracles there are some simple strategies you can use, both short and long term, to help blast unsightly fat into kingdom come. So without further ado, let’s get stuck right in.


STARVATION DIETS:Starvation diets don't work

Firstly, and I know you may not want to hear this, but it WILL require you put in some kind of effort as I never have, and never will advocate those dangerous diets where you eat half a grapefruit a day or some other extremely low calorie and dangerous program.

When you go in for these kinds of extreme diets any weight you may lose will be mostly fluid, and also quite alarmingly, your body will be triggered into starvation mode where fearing it is living in times of scarcity will decide to hold on to that fat more tightly. Yikes right? Exactly what you don’t want!

These diets ONLY work in the very short term, or rather they appear to work, but as soon as you start eating again you will pile it all (and often more) back on. This kind of starvation diet will mess up your blood sugar and your metabolism, which will only serve to make you fatter in the long term.



For long term weight loss you will need to start doing things a bit differently, such as learning to make little tweaks and changes for good. Learning new and better ways of doing things creates new neural pathways in the brain, and ones which will serve you better than the old pathways.


Creating Healthy Habits

Creating these new neural pathways by doing and learning new things will also help you to create new healthy habits. I know it all sounds boring and like way too much hard work, but this really is the only way to get that body that you desire.

This in turn will start to change your current belief system (one that obviously isn’t working for you) about yourself and food. But to kick start this process you need a plan, one where you start seeing results fast but also in a healthy way.

If you follow these tips and strategies immediately, you can get a flatter stomach within days, and then you can just keep going from there. The extra fiber, antioxidants and petrochemicals will help to clear out your system quickly, especially if you are unused to them.  



getting ripped

Here are my 3 healthy steps that should not take up too much of your time, and they cost minimal cash. If you are strict with these 3 steps then you should see a noticable change in your appearance, not to mention your confidence, within 4 weeks – and you will start seeing a flatter stomach within days – which I know is what you wanted to hear.


No Calorie Counting!

This diet is simple as it requires no calorie counting and you will not go hungry, but you should stop eating before you feel too full (which puts the digestive system under huge strain). When you start eating these quality, high fiber, healthy fat, low sugar and nutrient dense foods your body will tell you when it has had enough and you should listen. This is very important!


Inevitable Slip Up’s

You will get a feel for things as you go, but don’t beat yourself up if you have a slip up, just forget about it and move on instantly. DO NOT make the mistake of waiting until the next day or week to start your diet plan again, if you do you will never break this unhealthy cycle and this will be the kiss of death to your slim body plans.

In fact it was only when I finally, after many years of diet failure, learnt the simple rule of moving on from a slip up instantly, that I started to have a breakthrough in my weight loss so this really is my NUMBER 1 TIP!



I have deliberately not added any animal products onto this list for some simple reasons, 1. This is a plant based website, and 2. I personally had my best results on a plant based diet due to the anti inflammatory effects of plant foods. So I suggest to get the most out of the next 4 weeks you treat it like a much needed detox to give your system a break.

If you feel this would be too much for you, then of course feel free to use lean meats and dairy as your sources of protein, but I cannot guarantee the same results.

In this time you will also learn to cook and eat new foods, which in turn will start changing your taste buds and help ensure that you don’t slide back into old habits. 



Cutting out sugar


I know this is an obvious one, but it is SUGAR not fat that is making you fat, and by sugar I mean all refined carbohydrates including white bread, rice, pasta and flours.

These foods are JUNK, they are clogging up your system and being stored as fat. Cutting these foods out really isn’t as hard as it sounds as next up I will be giving you replacements that should not only keep you satisfied, but help you break the sugar cycle that’s keeping you from losing weight.

This diet works by keeping your blood sugar stable and is full of low GIycemic foods that will help to acheive this. Keeping blood sugar stable will stop you from laying down fat stores, and also slash your risks of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and many more diseases, so to say this part is super is important is an under statement.

If you find sugar hard to quit then this post will be a fantastic help to you as it contains all the tips I used to overcome my own sugar addiction ‘Quitting Sugar in 6 Easy Steps.


Here are the foods you need to stop eating for the next 4 weeks (ideally for good if you want long term results):

  • Confectionery – including cakes, chocolate, biscuits, sweets or anything containing refined sugar, glucose, sucrose, fructose, honey, or other syrups.
  • White rice
  • White flour
  • White Bread
  • Sugar in general
  • Fruit juices
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Fast junk food



Healthy fruits and vegetables

  • Whole fruits and vegetables…in ABUNDANCE, and eat them as raw  or lightly cooked as possible for their live nutrients and fat burning enzymes.
  • Avocados – if you eat an avocado a day you will keep your blood sugar stable, feel full, and severely reduce cravings for sugar and high carb foods. If you don’t like avocados then whizz them up in a smoothie with a ripe banana and cocoa powder – it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake, honestly. Find out more here on other ‘amazing reasons to eat avocado’
  • Healthy fats (very much in moderation when trying to lose weight) – these include extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, walnut and flax seed oils.
  • Nuts and seeds (again, in moderation, no more than 30g per day) – such as Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.
  • Protein – such as legumes, tofu, soy beans, nuts, seeds and protein powders. Protein needs to make up a big part of your diet as it will fill you up and help reduce cravings; it will also help to keep you from losing fat instead of muscle. See here for a full list of plant based proteins.
  • Specific fat burning foods – These include cinnamon, broccoli, berries, grapefruit, and  super food powder



Hula hooping burns belly fat

Hula hooping -This is another crucial step , and you don’t need to join a gym or even leave your own home if you do this one crazily effective exercise for about 20 – 30 minutes a day. AND you can do it anywhere that you have about a square meter of room. In front of the T.V. is fine as it will help the time pass faster and alleviate boredom.

You really need to purchase an adult sized weighted hula hoop as it will help you tone up more quickly – don’t forget hula hooping is great for getting abs whether you are a male or female.   



Hula hooping burns belly fat faster than any other exercise I have tried as it really gives your abs a fantastic workout, and burns about 600-800 calories an hour. You can feel this exercise literally shaping and toning you and that feels FANTASTIC. It is definitely my go to belly fat burner.

For a more in depth review of how I sculpted my stomach flatter than its ever been with a weighted hula hoop please visit my page ‘Best Belly Fat Burner’.

Hula hooping may take some getting used to, and it may even take you a while to be able to keep the hoop up, but as with everything you just need to practice and you will master it pretty quickly.

If for some reason you really don’t take to it, or just don’t want to hula hoop, then to get the flat stomach you desire you must do some form of exercise, preferably weight bearing and as frequently as possible if you want to see results in 4 weeks.



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Burn Belly Fat Fast – Do These 10 Easy Things Every Day

If you have that stubborn type of belly fat that just won’t shift no matter what you throw at it, then chances are you may need to shake things up a bit. To burn belly fat fast you’re  going to have you do things a little differently from your usual routine, and if you do these 10 easy things every day you will soon be looking beach buff.

Unfortunately, our clever little bodies get used to our normal strategies for trying to shift excess fat, and so seem to hold onto it more tightly than ever. How terribly unfair and frustrating: but don’t let this annoying quirk of nature to allow you to become despondent about getting that body you want.

No we shall no give in THAT easily, we shall fight back, and here’s how:



Less abdominal fat means a slimmer waist

It’s not actually all about the aesthetic benefits of less abdominal fat –  not by a long shot. Having excess timber around the middle is proven to be the worst kind of fat in terms of health, because this fat also makes its way around the internal organs (visceral fat) and causes all sorts of damage and problems.

On top of that, those who lay fat down around their middle are twice as likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes than those who lay fat down on their thigh’s and bottom.


Excess Belly Fat Causes Diseases:

It also causes more risk of sleep apnea, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, AND more scarily, you increase your risk of premature death in general.

So as you can see, it’s hugely important to make every effort you can to not only decrease excess belly fat, but to make long term changes that you can realistically stick to to safeguard your health well into old age.


Getting Rid of Fat For Good!

To help you give things a shake up I have devised a list of 10 simple strategies you can incorporate into your life every day, these will without a doubt give you that fat burning edge. Many of these are fat burning foods that really DO work, especially when combined together.

You will notice a lot of these strategies for burning abdominal fat involve around keeping your blood sugar levels balanced with low GIycemic foods. This is because it is the fluctuating sugar levels in our bloodstream that cause us to keep pumping out insulin, which then clears those toxic excess sugars from our blood. These sugars unless used for energy, mostly get pushed into fat cells – therefore expanding them (crikey!). And so you can see the correlation between sugar and fat.


How Much Sugar Can I Have a Day?

When you consider the average adult can only safely assimilate 7-9 teaspoons of sugar daily you can see how dangerous too much is. And I am talking ‘free‘ or ‘refined‘ sugars here, the likes of table sugar, honey, syrups, fruit juices, or any other type sugar that has been extracted from its and natural whole form.

This is why eating ‘whole fruits‘ in moderation doesn’t count because they still have all their fibers and nutrients in tact, and therefore your body has to do all the hard work of breaking them down, causing that ‘slow‘ and sustained release of energy we ate looking for.


Hit Fat From All Angles

It’s important to try and incorporate as many (if not all) of these steps as you possibly can into your life. I truly believe that when you hit the belly fat demon from all angles it WILL eventually give up the ghost!



1. AVOCADOSAvocados for fat loss

Yes, these are number one, and I know I go on about this excellent super food A LOT in my posts, but I promise you I have good reason. Avocados help you burn belly fat, plus they are low GI which causes satiety, AND they are brimming with heart healthy monounsaturated fats.

They truly cannot be praised enough for their importance, not just with burning belly fat, but also their huge health benefits when it comes to lowering your risks of disease such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Do yourself a huge favour and read more on the awesome benefits of avocados in my post ‘8 Amazing Avocado Facts’.

It is proven that eating a medium-sized avocado a day (I personally eat mine in the morning in my smoothie) will keep your blood sugar balanced all day, which will help you burn fat, and avocados burn belly fat SPECIFICALLY! This really does work – I find that if I skip my morning avocado I really do crave more sugar throughout the day.

Refined Sugars:

Eating refined sugars will give you a rapid insulin response which ultimately leads to those sugars being laid down as fat (unless you are about to do a workout and immediately burn them off, but even then there are much healthier ways to fuel a workout than with simple sugars).

And do not worry about an avocado being high in fat as eating healthy fats in moderation keeps blood sugars stable, feeds the brain, skin, hair, nails and keeps our heart healthy. It is refined carbohydrates and sugar that make us fat. FACT!


2. WHOLEGRAINSWholegrains and blood sugar

Talking of low GI foods brings me on to wholegrains in general, the likes of granary bread, rolled oats, brown rice/pasta, millet, buckwheat and quinoa. A low GI meal or snack, perfectly combined with protein and a little healthy fat, will not only keep your fuel on a ‘slow burn‘ for hours, but will also keep blood sugar stable and halt sugar cravings in their tracks.

Keeping blood sugar stable stops the body from constantly pumping out too much insulin, and is something you really must start doing for yourself every day if you really want to blast belly fat for good. It is not only the cornerstone of long term health, but can also act as a preventative measure against many diseases and illnesses. 



I’m not saying you should go overboard with fats, but coconut oil in moderation is a known fat burner, among many other benefits. (Please check out my post on all the other ridiculously great benefits of coconut oil here). You should try to replace your usual cooking oil with coconut oil and use it that way, rather than adding it as an extra fat.

Coconut oil tastes great with all sweet products, like cakes, puddings, and chocolate, but I also love it with most savory cooking – especially stir fry’s and curries, it really gives them a fantastic nutty taste. In my opinion the only things I have found coconut doesn’t go well with are potatoes and eggs, but you may want to test this for yourself as it could just be a matter of personal taste.



Cinnamon helps keep blood sugar under control

Adding cinnamon to your diet helps to keep your blood sugar under control, because cinnamon affects insulin quantities and also works on blood sugar levels directly.

Just make sure you buy the good quality flaky type ceylon cinnamon bark (see pic), and not the hard rolls which is the cassia cinnamon. This is the type you will nearly always get if you buy it pre-ground from the supermarket, and it is NOT the healthy one.


Buy Your Own Ceylon Cinnamon:

Usually, the only way to ensure you are getting the flaky bark ceylon cinnamon is to not buy it pre-ground, but buy the bark and grind it yourself. If you are going to start using cinnamon every day, which I highly suggest you do for weight loss purposes, then please read my post about the benefits of cinnamon so you can see the importance of it for so many other reasons beyond fat burning.

You will find when you experiment you can add it to many of your meals and hot drinks and actually make them tastier! I add cinnamon to my morning smoothie along with my avocado, or add to porridge, granola or cereal.

You can also put a pinch in with your green tea, which just happens to be another fat burning food, so you can kind of see where I’m going with this – incorporating fat burning foods together to really enhance their effect works like an absolute charm.


5. GREEN SUPER FOOD POWDERGreen Super Food Powder for fat burning

This is one of my fave’s for the simple reason that it offers so much more than just fat burning. Good quality green super food contains enormous amounts of phytonutrients and antioxidants that hit the system quickly and will make you glow from the inside out.

Green super foods burn fat because they are detoxifying, and when the body starts detoxifying it boots all the rubbish out of your fat cells which makes them SHRINK. Alleluja!

Green super food powder can also offer protection against a whole array of illnesses and diseases on a deep cellular level, such as lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. It also helps prevent cell damage and detoxifies the body, making it a fantastic anti ager.

There are all sorts of green super food powders on the market such as wheatgrass, barleygrass, chlorella and spirulina – but always be sure to search for organic and good quality products as this will make a huge difference in what you are actually getting.


The best Super Food:

My absolute favorite that I could never go back from now we’ve found each other is Dr. Schulzes Green Super food blend. This is simply astounding in terms of how it makes you feel, and the noticible boost you get from it. I think the reason it works so well is because it is a blend of ALL the green super foods, and many other antioxidants – all of which well work in harmony with each other to make it much more powerful than any one thing on its own.



Grapefruit helps to burn fat

An oldie but a goodie, the old grapefruit for fat loss adage has been around since the eighties (who remembers the grapefruit diet?). But it so happens there is a lot of science behind how this works because grapefruit reduces insulin resistance, decreases blood sugar AND helps to stop the body from storing fat. Almost too good to be true, but the proof is in the research.


Try Adding Grapefruit Every Day!

Studies have shown that eating half a grapefruit before each meal up to 3 times a day can help you to lose between 2 to 3lbs a week, and this is supposedly without changing your diet in any other way. It may be too much to try and do this before every meal, but it is certainly worth having half a grapefruit with your breakfast like I do – and definitely before high fat meals.

Or go the whole way and eat half grapefruit before every meal to really test these findings for yourself. Every little helps, and it all goes towards keeping that belly fat down which is the aim here – finding small things you can do EVERY DAY for the long term.



Green tea is something I drink at least 2 cups of a day because it helps to raise metabolism, therefore helping you to burn fat more efficiently. Not only that, but green tea contains a myriad of antioxidants, including the polyphenol EGCG.

EGCG is only found in green tea leaves, and can also help control diabetes due to its effect on blood sugar. It’s also great for helping to keep the heart healthy, the brain functioning correctly, AND it also gives your physical performance a boost. I find green tea great for when I’m studying as it keeps me alert and helps my memory too.


8. BANANASBananas can help burn fat

Bananas can actually speed up your metabolism, AND give your body a helping hand in building lean muscle tissue. Having lots of lean muscle on your body is a fat burner initself, the reason being muscle burns over double the amount of calories even when resting than fat. Awesome!

They are also full of fiber and nutrients – all of which will help keep you full for longer, and at only 90-100 calories for a medium-sized banana they are a great little on the go snack. Check out all the other benefits of eating a banana a day, you will be surprised by all their other health benefits.



Talking of building up muscle mass leads me on to the next step on your belly fat blasting list. We all know the importance of exercise and you really should find ways to incorporate it into your life whenever you can. You don’t even need to spend hours in the gym or pounding the pavements (which is actually not good for your joints anyway) as recent research has shown that short blasts of 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a day can be as effective as some more hardcore forms of exercise.


Raising Your Heart Rate:Building muscle to burn fat

It is most important to make sure you get your heart rate up to a point where you are pretty breathless. This is actually quite an easy thing to do and can be done almost anywhere.

You could run up and down your stairs at home for 10 minutes which quickly does the job of getting you huffing and puffing, or you could do a blast on the skipping rope or exercise bike. If you’re an outdoorsy type you could do a power walk to work a couple of times a week, thus saving on transport fares.

There are literally a million ways you can incorporate exercise into your life no matter how busy you are. And to keep you in fat burning mode you need to keep that muscle mass up, because muscle BURNS MORE CALORIES than fat even when you are resting. Yes you heard that right, which is why this step is so important.



All hail sleep! Another fantastic fat burner. An average 150lb person burns around 63 calories an hour while sleeping – averaging about 500 calories in an eight-hour sleep. So that’s a free calorie burn! Not to mention the fact that you can’t eat whilst sleeping, meaning the more sleep you can get the less time you actually have to be thinking about, and eating, food.


Blood Sugar Control:Sleep aids blood sugar control

Another great reason to acquire more sleep is to keep blood sugar stable which will help to stop sugar cravings the next day. When we haven’t had enough restful sleep we often crave high carbohydrate and sugary foods. This can be a dieting disaster, because with willpower low as it is when we are tired, we often give in to these cravings and yet again setting ourselves on that spiraling sugar train.


Quality Sleep is Vital!

It is important to make sure you are getting good sound, and quality sleep to gain all these benefits. You may want to set an app on your phone, or better still invest in a decent fitness tracker which will help you on your health and fitness journey. It also has added cool features, such as reminders to exercise, heart rate monitoring and step counting.


Want to find out what the cheapest, and easily available super foods foods are? They are right in front of you every time you go into your local supermarket, you just need to know what to look for. Read my post The 10 Healthiest and Cheapest Superfoods’


Nutritional ConsultantThank you for reading and enjoying this article, I hope it has helped you and given you some tips on improving your life and health. As always, my aim is to bring you the latest information and unbiased research in the health and fitness industry. Please feel free to leave a comment or a question below as I would love to hear your thoughts and whether you have tried and tested these tips. Did thay work for you? I would love to know your results.

Stefanie Taylor

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