Organic Acai Powder Benefits

Organic Acai Powder Benefits + Tasty Smoothie Bowl Recipe

By Stefanie Taylor / May 17, 2021

Have you discovered Acai yet? If not, you’re in for a fantastic treat! Not only is this Amazonian super fruit berry high in anti aging antioxidants, but it also makes […]

toxic world

How to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World – 7 Survival Tips

By Stefanie Taylor / June 12, 2019

The world is getting more and more polluted, and it seems we are being hit by this toxic assault from so many different angles it’s hard to know where to […]

16 Pomegranate Health Benefits

16 Pomegranate Health Benefits – An Antioxidant Superfood!

By Stefanie Taylor / April 29, 2018

Pomegranates are a delicious fruit whose seeds resemble little red jewels. They look and taste great when used in the cooking of exotic dishes, or sprinkled liberally onto salads. This […]

6 Health Benefits Of Dates - An Ultimate Training Food

6 Health Benefits Of Dates – An Ultimate Training Food

By Stefanie Taylor / March 14, 2018

If you’ve ever tried a Medjool date, then you will know just what a yummy, sticky and sweet treat they are. Along with being delicious, they are also unbelievably healthful. […]


Foods High In Antioxidants – Top 21 Anti Aging Foods

By Stefanie Taylor / February 7, 2018

Antioxidants keep you youthful and you need a plentiful supply of them to maintain not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. This list of plant based foods […]

What is Resveratrol in?

What is Resveratrol in? The Highest Food Sources

By Stefanie Taylor / October 8, 2017

You have likely heard of resveratrol for its use in anti aging and beauty products, but what is resvertrol in food wise? In this post, we will go into the […]

What are Vitamin E Oil Benefits?

What are Vitamin E Benefits? Highest 16 Food Sources

By Stefanie Taylor / October 3, 2017

Vitamin E is an essential, fat soluble antioxidant. It plays a role in preventing damage done to the body by the free radicals we are all exposed to every day. […]

What Is Turmeric Good For? - Top 9 Curcumin Benefits

What Is Turmeric Good For? – Top 9 Curcumin Benefits

By Stefanie Taylor / September 19, 2017

What is turmeric good for? As the buzzword of the moment, turmeric is being touted as the superfood spice that may potentially be helpful in the fight against all kinds […]

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