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Hi all,

My name is Stefanie, and I am here to tell you my story of how I used exercise, nutrition, and the plant based diet to transform my life and health to a level where I just feel… well, pretty awesome really!

My passion for physical fitness and health started over 20 years ago, way back in a time when I was suffering from severe depression and felt I had nowhere to turn. These things where not spoken of so freely back then and as there was still a stigma attached to mental illness I suffered in silence for many years. It was at this time that I discovered the power of nutrition, which literally changed everything for me and had such a profound effect that I decided then and there I was going to study everything I could on the subject in order to help others.

As well as reading and studying swathes of information from nutritional articles, studies, and any other relevant information I could source, I have also studied Advanced Sports Nutrition, Clinical Weight loss, and Nutritional Therapy and am registered with the Health Sciences Academy. But most importantly of all, I have lived and breathed the healthful lifestyle myself for over 20 years, trying and testing what works and what doesn’t, and taking my health to new heights in the process. I am now at a place where I feel a deep desire to help others see that such a transformation of their health is totally within reach for them too.


The Healthful Plant Based Diet!

fruits and vegetables

I have worked and practiced as a Nutritional Therapist and Sports Nutritional Advisor, and have had great results from working with clients both looking to lose weight, and to boost their performance with their training and workouts. I have also advised people on how to make the change to a plant based diet easily, safely, and with the knowledge of how to put a nutritionally complete plant based meals together

I have been completely plant based myself for over 2 years, and the difference it has made to my life and health has inspired me to create zestforever as a place for beginners, and even old hands at this lifestyle to come and learn more about its benefits and to be sure they are doing it correctly and healthily. There is so much ‘junk’ information out there, so I always I endeavour to bring you up to date SCIENCE BASED advice that works.

With love, light, and zestforever!

Stefanie Taylor


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