My name is Stefanie Taylor, and I have had a passion for physical and mental health and fitness for many years, in fact, way before it was fashionable. In this time I have studied everything I can, doing courses in Sports Nutrition, Clinical Weight loss and detoxification therapy, and have tried and tested every new fad, diet, superfood, supplement and fitness regime that I have come across.

With this site and the formation I supply at Zest Forever, I can share my knowledge and help others on their journey to full health and vitality.

This journey back to health all started for me about 25 years ago, at a time, which I can see with hindsight now, when I was in a pretty bad place. I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety that blighted my whole life and was the driving force behind so many other bad decisions I was making – I felt awful.

Back then there wasn’t the information about depression and nutrition like there is today and I suffered in silence for 7 long years. I wasn’t exercising or eating healthily and didn’t realise that this was only exacerbating my problems. Life was a living and sometimes terrifying nightmare that I couldn’t escape from and I was at my wits end.

Nobody ever knew what was happening as I could always hide it well. I didn’t want anybody to judge me or think I was crazy because I knew I wasn’t. The doctors prescribed anti depressants that didn’t even touch the sides of my depression, and so I though there was no help.

This intolerable situation forced my survival instincts to kick in and I searched everywhere I could to find some relief, which I one day about 7 years later, stumbled across in the form of an article on the connection between food, exercise and mental illness. I read about how depression could be relieved and even cured by eating the right foods and doing the right types of exercise.

Thinking I had nothing to lose I swapped my bad diet for low GI foods in the form of wholegrain bread, pasta and rice, good amounts of proteins, healthy omega 3 fats and lots of raw fruit and vegetables. I started taking high strength omega 3 fish oils along with a natural serotonin boosting supplements called 5HTPI and began a fitness regime of running in the sunlight (for vitamin D and a serotonin boost) and doing weights at the gym. With no exaggeration, I can say that within a couple of days I started to feel better than I had in the last 7 years. I was gobsmacked that such simple things had helped me.

Incrementally, every day I started to feel better and better, I was starting to see the light at the end of a dark long tunnel, and I was starting to get exited for my future after believing for so long that I didn’t have one. I still had bad days and some bouts of depression every now and then, but I felt stronger than before when they did happen. I knew that it would go again and it wasn’t so severe.

I knew deep down now that depression was an old enemy that I had grown to understand, and with my new found strength I knew how to control it. I also knew that I would never be pulled down by it again for long periods, not now I knew how to blast it out with food and exercise.

Depression is hard to describe to anybody who has never suffered it, I can only liken it to feeling like your soul has been damned forever and there is no escape. Yes, this may sound dramatic to you but this is honestly how it was. You may right now be painting a picture of me as being one of those deep reflective types full of inner demons, but if you knew me you would know that that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m always positive, easy going and happy – a nature that also greatly aided my recovery I’m sure.

The fitter and healthier my body became the better I felt, and the more exhilarated I became the more I wanted to help others who I knew must suffering as I was.

I know now many years on, that life is amazing, we are supposed to feel good, and we are supposed to achieve and have all the things we desire, and most of all ANYTHING is possible. This is the story of why and how health and fitness became my holy grail, and it has been my life’s journey to discover more and more about these subjects and to spread my knowledge to others. 

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate your time.

Stefanie Taylor


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