Easy Plant Based for BUSY People - Your Ultimate 28 Day Starter Kit


Whether you're new to the plant based diet or a well-seasoned expert, this 28 day, easy plant based digital program is for you.


Would you like to add some exciting new recipes and flavors into your repertoire? Or get a better understanding of what a plant-based diet consists of? Either way, this 4-week, dietitian-approved meal plan will set you on the right track and help you become a PLANT BASED CHEF in your own kitchen .


Learn new skills, a healthy way of living, impress your friends, and change your old and tired eating patterns for life with our inexpensive starter kit. 





Going Plant Based Has Never Been So Easy!
The plant based business is booming right now. Supermarkets, restaurants and fast food joints are starting to get their acts together more than ever bef
ore, and this means YOU are well-equipped to stay on track no matter what situation you may find yourself in. So, why not bite the bullet and begin your plant based diet today for both your health and our beautiful planet?  


Make 2021 the year YOU join millions of others who have already taken the leap and are reaping the rewards of more vibrant health than ever!


With all of the help available these days, you can easily commit to this amazing lifestyle that can help to boost your health and vitality for the long term and not just a quick fix.


The positive physiological benefits of this plan (and the plant based diet in general) will help you rewire the neural pathways in your brain. Scientific evidence has shown that we can regulate our emotions, reactions, and thoughts by literally rewiring those all-important neural pathways that have such an impact on our daily lives.


What Are The Benefits Of A Plant Based Lifestyle?
Are you feeling frazzled? Zapped? Low on energy? Does your skin break out and your mind fog over at the most embarrassing times? All of these can be symptoms of a diet lacking in the high level of nutrients that can be found on a 100% plant based diet.


The plant based diet can for sure help to create a healthy body and mind and is suitable for almost everyone. There are not many people who won't thrive on a plant based diet, unless they have severe allergies, intolerances or some other medical condition that prohibits plant based foods, but this is rare.


Become A Healthier Version Of YOU!


You will become a much healthier version of yourself when you start to incorporate more delicious plant foods into your diet, and that's exactly how this easy, dietitian approved meal plan can help you, both today and for the rest of your life. 


Our team of experts have many years of combined experience in the nutrition and fitness field to put together this 4 week meal plan that will help detoxify and reboot your system, thus giving you all the energy you need to live your busy life WITHOUT the hassle of most controlled diet plans.


And, There's Even MORE Benefits To A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet...


Changing your diet to whole plant foods can have so many benefits to the individual that we can't possibly describe them here. Some will be unique to you depending on your current state of health.

However, here are the benefits most commonly reported by individuals who have decided to make the change:-



Clearer skin


Boosted Immunity


Less brain fog


More energy


More confidence


 Clearer thinking and more clarity


Weight loss




Higher fitness levels


Fewer aches and pains in general (especially after exercise)


A happier outlook on life in general


 A better stress coping mechanism



“The three irrefutable facts about health and foods are these: Vegetables, beans, seeds, fruits, and nuts are good for you. Excessive amounts of meat or animal products cause disease. Eliminating refined carbohydrates will aid in sustainable weight loss and overall health.”
― Joel Fuhrman


Start Your Journey To Plant Based Health With Our 28 Day Starter Kit For Only



How To Use Your 28 Day Plan For Weight Loss

Get In Shape With Plants!



Many people who transition to the whole foods plant base diet will find that their excess weight drops off naturally. Once you are eating 'whole' plant foods as the main source of your fuel, your body will find its balance. That's why so many people report weight losses after turning to this healthy lifestyle.


I found that after I had transitioned fully to a whole foods plant based diet, I naturally lost the 30lbs of excess weight I had been carrying for years. This was WITHOUT having to worry about calories constantly, just simply eating whole plant foods. It was amazing how quickly my body found balance with my weight. The plant based diet has changed my life and I shall never go back to my old ways.

- Alice Jones, London


For weight loss specifically, you will need to be sure you are eating a mostly whole foods plant based diet, which means no excess oils or refined sugars. The plan is naturally very low in both of these, but there are options for you to take this plan to the level of weight loss you desire.


You will find easy to follow instructions within the program about how many foods from the 'Healthy Snack Book' you should be eating per day depending on your current weight, lifestyle, exercise regime and body goals.


How Plant Based Affects Your Fitness


Did you know that many athletes and people into fitness are now realising that the whole foods plant based diet is boosting their performance in competition?


It's true! Arnold Shwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Micheal Copenhaver, Brendan Brazier, Torre Washington are only a handful of the many athletes to testify that they have excelled in their sport eating a plant based diet.


Being vegan doesn't make you a stronger, better athlete, but it allows you to make yourself a stronger, better athlete.

-Brenden Brazier, former professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion


You don't have to be an athlete for this to hold true. You can feel the benefits of higher fitness levels from the plant based diet from whatever level of fitness you are currently at, especially so if you make an effort to do some kind of physical exercise whilst on the plan like we recommend.


What You Can Expect From Your 4 Week Plan
  • A full 4-weeks of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A weekly shopping list so you can get everything you need stocked for your week ahead
  • Easy recipes and instructions that can be followed by anybody
  • Family-friendly meals that everyone will enjoy, not just you!
  • A greater understanding of food and plant-based macronutrients
  • How to put a nutritionally complete meal together out of store cupboard ingredients
  • Fully registered dietitian approved meal plans that you can rest assured will keep you and your family happy and healthy
  • 100% healthy recipes you can amend to suit your lifestyle, i.e. gluten-free, oil-free, low calorie for weight loss, and higher protein for fitness and muscle building
  • Use of portion control and your choice of snack foods to tailor the menu to your needs.
As an added bonus to help you get RESULTS...


Join Our 55,000 Members Strong Facebook Community Group!

As part of our amazing package, we also offer ongoing support for you guys in our 50,000 member strong thriving Facebook Community Group. We welcome you to come join us to ask questions, connect with like-minded people, and generally help keep you focused on your plan.


You are under no obligation to join the group, of course; it's just a great place to expand your knowledge and find more delicious plant based recipes to keep you experimenting, learning, and adding to your plant based repertoire.




Who Can Benefit From This 28 Day Program?



Anyone who would like to have more energy and vitality in their life 


Anyone who would like to shed a few extra pounds


Anyone would like to learn life-long skills and discover new recipes


If you have considered changing to a plant based diet but don't know where to begin


If you are already vegan or vegetarian but would like to take your diet to the next level


If you are in a fitness plan and looking for meals to enhance your workouts and recovery


Buy Today And Grab 4 FREE Bonus Books!

(you will find these extremely useful going forward into your plant based life)








To succeed with your meal plan and transition, you will also need healthy snacks and an understanding of nutrition and plant based superfoods. These will help you moving forward, because knowledge is POWER when it comes to your health.


Never again will you need to go hungry or allow your body to be depleted of nutrition, not when you know the right foods to eat and how they affect your mood, weight, energy, and pretty much every system of your body.


Ever had a nice-cream bowl? Well, you're in for an absolute treat with some of the low-fat recipes in the snack book. You'll never want that sugary stuff again once you've sampled our to-die-for nice-cream bowls.


I have to say that since ding this amazing 28 day plan, I have since become addicted to the NICE-CREAM BOWLS!! Wow, if i'd have known getting healthy could taste this delicious I would have done it years ago. I know I'm going to be a firm fan of these for life. Thank you ZestForever for everything you have taught me in regards to the plant based diet. It's been 100% life-changing for me.

- Hana Barlow, London

It is our mission at ZestForever to make it easy and 100% affordable for people to turn to this healthy way of living. So in turn we can help the planet, the environment, others on their amazing journey to a healthier life, and also be a part of global change to a more sustainable world. Those are our first and foremost desires. The rest is just plant based gravy!
Change Your Life TODAY For Only $29
Approx (£22)





Our meal plan comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed promise. If you're not satisfied about the value of our product within 14 of purchase, then we'll give you your money back. We can't say fairer than that! We are very confident you will love what we have to offer.

Plant Based Diet & Meal Plan Reviews



“If only I'd come across this meal plan when I first attempted to go completely plant based and I probably wouldn't have failed. The recipes are easy and all my family enjoyed them, especially the delicious high protein granola, OMG delicious! - That's a staple in our house now. Even have the hubby on board now! Thanks so much ZestForever” — Matt & Lisa Davenport




The plant based diet has changed my life, that's the only way to describe it!

I have more energy that I have ever had (even in my 40's), my skin is always glowing and I can think with more clarity than ever. You don't realise just how bad you must have felt before, until suddenly you feel amazing. The plant based diet is booming lately and this plan is perfect to get anybody started. So many tasty and easy to prepare recipes that I will never get bored again! - Stefanie Louise Taylor



“When I began the plant based diet I had no clue where to start. This plan helped me immensely when it came to understanding plant based nutrition, and now I feel more energy than I have in years! I thoroughly recommend this book to anybody wanting to learn clean, healthy and totally delicious food."  
— Adrienne Soul

"I loved the simple but tasty recipes in this meal plan because they fitted in well with my work. I also loved the fact that there was no food waste because of the batch cooking and the fact that leftover dinner often made a tasty lunch too! This made the plan both cost and time effective. After 4 weeks, I also had more energy, better skin, and had lost about 10lbs too! — Sam Warr



Weight Loss Testimonial From A Plant Based Convert 



My name is Gilbert from Houston/SanAntonio Texas. About a year and half ago I decided to go through a transformation with my body and started the plant based diet. 


I never did eat veggies or fruits, and instead ate only meat, eggs, milk, fish, pork, potatoes, chips - your everyday Western American diet. Also, I loved Soul food, Mexican, Asian, Italian, you name it; plus drinking beers.
It finally caught up to me when I got to a whopping 500 lbs, which was my heaviest ever. Sick, back issues, knees, joints, heart, issues etc, I had to do something; I was constantly on meds for pain, pre diabetes, high blood pressure. My doctor told me flat out I give u 6 months to change your eating habit or your'e going to die. It was depressing news, so I had to do something drastic. Cut a long story short, I was introduced to WFPB and I jumped in with both feet.


Most people just take it one day at time; not me I wanted to live, I wanted to see my kids graduate school, walk again etc, and so it began. I noticed a difference in about 3 weeks; tops energy, i mean like I was just ready to move any time. I also noticed that the skin on my face was changing color and the weight started coming off. I noticed that I could see veins on my shin, feet, hands, it was crazy.


Six months later the doc did blood work and he seriously thought there was something wrong, but the results came back negative and I was no longer diabetic, no high blood pressure, no pain, it was all gone! He cut me off my meds and asked me whatever it is your'e doing, keep it up. I told him I’m doing plant based healthy lifestyle. I told him "Doc you see, food is thy medicine - the right foods that is".
Plants, beans, legumes, fruits, my body now craves these foods. If you feed your body the proper nutrition, it can heal itself; plus I have energy, mental clarity and focus like never before.

My skin is just like it was when I was a teen. I could go on and on about what plant based has done for me. It has extended my life, it’s lowering the risk factor of health issues, and I can live and breath again, there's definitely no turning back... peace! 

Ready to make the change to a more plant based life?

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